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March 21-31, 2012


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Saturday, March 31, 2012

KitchenCru was congested with consumers:

... during today's Bowery Bagels coming out party.

Their schmear tactics included a sen-sage-sional herb cream cheese with scallions and parsley slathered on a truffle salt bagel:

... that had a crackly crust of saline surfacing a chewy belly of loopy loafage.

A spread of kimchi coordinated with a miso ginger and sesame round:

... in an Asian equation that we were told required extra gluten due to miso's ability to minimize glutenous buttressing 'bilities.

Michael Madigan's Bowery Bagels will open across the street from KitchenCru in June. We look forward to more of their bready bumpers, house made pastrami and smoked salmon.

337 NW Broadway
Portland, OR




Friday, March 30, 2012

We planned another visit to Random Order:

... where the salted caramel apple wedge ($4.75):

... continued to conquer to 'tition with a flaky flounce of delicate dough creating derma to this doctor diminisher.

The Oregon Cherry ($4.75):

... was a nice pit stop, but didn't bowl us over like the pommes portion.

The highlight of our trip was watching a woman who was as devoted to her beauty regimen:

... as she was to her dessert.

Random Order

1800 NE Alberta
Portland, OR




Thursday, March 29, 2012

We bought pie at Bipartisan:

... where we gandered at the propaganda:

... during our show of support for our party of 2 system with wedges of apple:

... and marion berry ($3.25 each):

There was no gridlock as our joint session of crusty congress approved these fruitiony flaps. The pastry was less flaky and tender than we deemed politically correct, but they were still worthy of passage.

Bipartisan Cafe

7901 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The plated special ($9.00):

... at Las Primas:

... had a drumstick and thigh of juicy marinated chicken strung up with crispy shoestrings. These weren't the papas fritas that we are accustomed to when at a Peruvian restaurant, they were delicate spuddy spokes.

The tilapia sandwich ($8.50):

... was a nicely spiced, salsa'ed serving of fish filet. This likeable 'lapia was til-iscious.

A selection of salsas:

... amped up the street food based chow at this Lima leaning North Portland noshateria.

Las Primas
3971 N. Williams Ave.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We chanced the wait at Lovely's Fifty-fifty where a half hour holding pattern led to our wood-fired pies with some 2010 L'Ameillaud Cotes du Rhone.

Wild nettles wreathed a taleggio and pancetta pizza ($15.00):

... while black trumpet mushrooms ($17.00):

... played a pesto-rial tune over a circle of flame-licked fabulousness.

They make their inferno'ed discs had a heftier topping to dough ratio than many Neapolitans with a poofy perimeter, but these chewy-crusted wedges were delectable.

Lovely's Fifty-fifty

4039 N. Mississippi
Portland, OR




Monday, March 26, 2012

Free House's happy hour means a buck off everything from 4-5:30 every day, but their prices aren't exactly prohibitive at this pub with grub.

The Saratoga ($7.00):

... with whisky, dry vermouth, Strega and Van der Hum was a dimensional drink with an herby, citrusy side while a pint of Boneyard IPA ($4.00):

... hopped along well with our dogs.

An Olympic Provisions frank ($8.00):

... was a snappy tube scaled with pickles and served with house made ketchup. This fine K-9 hit the spot with a Brat ($8.00):

... with kraut and fried onions. This wurst case scenario was mustard up with seeds and Dijon that we also used for our fine, crispy fries ($4.00):

The barman, Ansel, kept the crowd happy with his swell solutions at this welcoming watering hole.

Free House
1325 NE Freemont
Portland, OR




Sunday, March 25, 2012

We stepped over to Box Social:

... where a balanced Old Fashioned ($9.00):

... went down well with a "nibbles plate" ($10.00):

... of Olympic Provisions salumi, Manchego, olives, and spiced almonds.

The Raines Law Room ($8.00):

... was rinsed with pernod and enriched with egg whites. This rye legislative branch of cardamaro had a judicious joining of Peychauds and whisky bitters.

A paninified tuna melt ($8.00):

... dotted with capers and melded with white Cheddar was 'mated with a tangy tomato soup. This comfort coupling was a nifty nosh in this new Northern drinking parlour.

Box Social

3971 N. Williams Ave.
Portland, OR




Saturday, March 24, 2012

The cardboard-flavored
vegan scones at Pearl Bakery can be eaten in the bag without any degradation to their taste, but this yeastablishment also offers items worthy of unwrapping.

We tucked into a Cheddar Danish ($3.50):

... with flaky flights of sun dried tomato-infused flour flaps. This savory, pizza-esque, pastry contrasted with a sweeter Gibassier ($3.00):

This Provencal, anise seeded, candied orange peeled dough dollop had the traditional piercings to this Christmasy, citrus cloud.

The kitchen staff obviously knows their doughmain, so it only stands to reason that Pearl Bakery's nary dairy goods are a gag.

Pearl Bakery

102 NW 9th Ave.
Portland, OR




Friday, March 23, 2012

We happened upon Happy Hour at Otto where $18.52 (their address number) gets you two appetizers and two drinks (barring a few of the premium wines by the glass.)

Zucchini fries:

... had a nice crisp tempura-esque crust (but we were a little oily for our tastes) while the sausage and sweet potato blintz was a pleasing pack of horse-radished tuber.


... was at the root of our "kilt lifter flip" sweetened with demerara and enriched by egg and ale.

The "SE Sling" was a hammock of rum, Carpano Antica, sweet vermouth, Aranciata and ginger syrup.

Both drinks verged on sweet, but were still good glugs with our grub.

We supplemented our happy hour snackage with a marinated quail ($10.00):

... that was 'flied and grilled. A nest of spinach and arugula was dotted with pistachios in an Asiago influenced bird salad.

Otto's friendly focus made us happy we spent our hour in this Hawthorne hangout.

Otto Restaurant

1852 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR




Thursday, March 22, 2012

A couple of Manhattans ($10.00 each):

... at the Driftwood Room drifted down fine.

The "bittersweet symphony" was embittered with Angostura and Peychauds to underscore a medley of Punt e Mes, Pelinkovac and sweet vermouth while the "Clint Eastwood" made our day with Bulleit bourbon, sweet vermouth and Regan's orange bitters.

The chow was standard sipping sustenance with a cheeseburger ($10.50):

... and soupy mac and cheese ($7.00):

... as basic belly ballast in this wood-be drifter den.

Driftwood Room

Hotel Deluxe
729 SW 15th Ave.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Le Happy's disco ball was spinning during our dessert of crepes.

The gorgonzola ($7.00):

... bleu away the apple element with an aggressive vein of violence. Walnuts added traction to this savory sheet with a hint of sweet.

The lemon curd ($6.00):

... had a nice pucker with a gingery kick in a dulcet duvet of citrusy tang.

This friendly, funky flapjack frontier delivered the cheerful chow the moniker mentioned.

Le Happy

1011 NW 16th Ave.
Portland, OR









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