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March 11-20, 2012


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lucky Strike Restaurant is housed in an entertainment venue where music migrates through the moldings and the entry of this eatery is marked with garlands of peppers.

Chef You's fortitude at Cochon 555:

... inspired our visit to her restaurant:

... for some intestines ($11.00):

These plugs of pig plumbing were garlicky goodness tossed in a tumble of peppers.

Pig ears ($7.00):

... were slivered in a l'auditory lobes pierced with heat. Tsingtao herded these down the hatch.

Little pork ribs ($14.00):

... were tender, sweet swine sticks that were good, but fell short of the offal.

All of our chow was praise-worthy but there was a bit of a backup with the seating:

A mild mutiny took place with customers (who arrived ahead of us) complaining that there were a multitude of empty seats that diners weren't allowed to engage (in over an hour.) After a kerfuffle everyone got seated and sated, but we determined that it might be best to return during off hours...

Lucky Strike Restaurant

3862 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR




Monday, March 19, 2012

The light and crispy waffle cones at Lovely's fifty-fifty wound round their house made ice cream.

We both chose identical cones ($3.50 each) of salted caramel and malted milk ball:

... and were knocked out by the luscious licks of scorched sucrose and saline rolled with bashed balls of malted milk.

The not-too-fridgid level of frozenness made for fantastic lactic. Now that Alder is closed, this is our preferred Portland scoop stop.

Next visit we'll have to check out their wood-fired pizzas.

Lovely's Fifty-Fifty

4039 N. Mississippi
Portland, OR




Sunday, March 18, 2012


We were transported from Portland to Poland when we Warsaw the wondrous crowd at Grandpa's Café.

There was not a word of English spoken at the surrounding tables, but somehow the staff knew to address us in the local dialect.

This basement business is open only on Fridays and Sundays with purchasable pantry items in addition to table service.

They were sold out of stuffed cabbage so we went with a plate of potato pancakes ($5.00):

These fried frisbees were bordered by crisp crusts. Tubs of sour cream and apple sauce flanked these fine fritters. We flew through these spudtacular circles before digging into a plate of housemade pierogi ($6.00):

We got a duo of each filling and found our fave was the sauerkraut and mushroom. The potato and cheese and the meat morsels were good, but the textural tangle of cabbage with bits of 'shroom sent these to the head of the class.

This friendly foray flashed us back to our Polish trip without the jetlag. We'll grab some stuffed cabbage next time we polka past this pole of prime pancakes and pierogi.

Grandpa's Café
Polish Hall Building
3832 N. Interstate
Portland, OR




Saturday, March 17, 2012

McRamen ($8.00):

... mcterialized at KitchenCru as a mound of corned beef with shredded cabbage, carrots and fingerling potatoes over a tangle of noodles.

Chef Jeff McCarthy's St. Patrick's Day lunch:

... referenced David Chang's cuisine with an Irish eye.

A sheet of dried radicchio mimicked the nori that it shadowed in this corned beefed up bowl of broth. Pickled shitakes to add a pleasing punch and runny-yolked deep fried egg added richness to this pot of gilded goods.

The "Irish Car Bomb" ($4.00):

... had a chassis of Guinness brownie tanked up with a Bailey's mousse, caramel and Momofuku-inspired milk crumbs. This cocktaily tail to our soupy satisfaction made us sad that the next scheduled slurping session is in a least we can look forward to more KitchenCru bagels in a couple weeks when they have another loop loaf launch...

KitchenCru Culinary Prepspace

337 NW Broadway
Portland, OR




Friday, March 16, 2012

We bid a fond adieu (a fondue?) to our cheese subscription with a last round of wheelie wonderment.

This lactose letter was Italian with a saffron and black peppered Pecorino allo Zafferano, a Nebbiolo-musted Testun Beppino Occelli and an Il Grangola nudged by a nutty nuance.

Utterances of appreciation are echoed as we shave, grate and cut our way through this delectable delivery.

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills




Thursday, March 15, 2012

We wound our way back to the collection of carts downtown and after admiring their plumbing practices:

... we selected a non-garden variety venue - Wayang House Indonesian.

Hari-cart verts added vegetal crunch to spiced beef stew ($7.00) with rice:

The friendly couple who run this main and grain train made a satisfying, ran-dang good lunch with spicy eggplant planted over a boiled egg. We tumbled all of the elements together in the main compartment to mingle the spice and rice after chomping on the accompanying shrimp chips.

We'll have to tap into this Wayang station again to check out more of the hose-hydrated helpings.

Wayang House Indonesian

Alder and 10th Food Pod
Portland, OR




Wednesday, March 14, 2012

McCarthy's Toronto ($8.00):

... with Rye and Frenet Angostura'ed our interest as we unrinded at Aviary Bar (which bird feeds off of their restaurant will full menu availability.)

The Brix Layer ($9.00):

... was bookended with a cherry and cabernet graduated by specific gravity. Bourbon and cointreau provided the potency to this swell, striped sip.

Corks of bread-crumbed and fried oxtail ($9.00):

... were plugged with tomato jam to produce wag-worthy meat morsels.

Red curry sauced pumpkin tempura ($8.00):

... were crisply fried, greaseless gobs of carriage.

Smoked artichoke ($10.00):

... with coins of grapes and radishes was a heart-able helping with black quinoa-studded creme fraiche.

We were surprised that the bar was underpopulated:

... during our evening visit as we headed to the door holding our little packs of financiers for later (last visit they sent us off with cookies). We love Aviary's take on tucker and will return again soon.

Aviary Bar
1733 NE Alberta
Portland, OR




Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The escargots

... are not escar-to-gos at Eurotrash:

... where the proprietor instructed us to eat them a la carte (rather than receive a rubbery result from hitting the trail.)

Chorizo and chips ($8):

... were flaps of fried potatoes shuffled with slices of sausage and bound with curry aioli. This game food seemed like it needed a television to complete the circle, but we managed to chip through this meat and potato melange sans set.

Foie gras was off the menu until their artisan source fulfills a shipment. Charles (the driver of this pink vehicle) mentioned that his Sonoma foie supplier bought property in Oregon to duck and cover from the California ban.

Eurotrash corners the market on brash bundles of fetish food at this Downtown food pod.


10th and Washington
Portland, OR




Monday, March 12, 2012

Screen Cuisine

Bollywood Theatre
had a line at the concessions stand that stretched outside.

This new release stars Chez Panisse alum Troy MacLarty with a busy supporting caste and crew.

Street food and Indian flix were the plot points of this counter service canteen where we started with Britishy 'bibes of gin and tonic ($8.00) and Pimm's Cup ($7.00) made with ginger syrup:

Okra ($5.00):

... may not have gotten top billing, but this a-list actor took on the role (that was a departure from the snotty stepchild character.) Thin strips of crisp-fried pods delivered a perfect performance served with a PG raita.

We snapped up some Bhel Puri ($5.00):

... which crackled with puffed rice with bits of potato, onion and cilantro in a cool, chutnied salad.

The Vada Pav "poor man's burger" ($3.00):

... had a chickpea battered, fried, potato dumpling stunt doubling for the meat in a soft roll with a scattering of dried coconut chutney to add drama to this 'tarian tucker.

Aloo Tikki ($6.00):

... was set in a backdrop of chickpea stew where two pan fried potato patties exposed their relationship with green chutney.

Pork Vindaloo ($9.00):

... was a simple, hearty, braise of pig bound to a basmati and spiced up with red chilies, garlic and vinegar.

The queue to order moved slowly, but once we took a seat, the food flew in fast.

Their delectable depictions will have us coming back for more of this Hindipendent film center.

Bollywood Theatre
2039 NE Alberta
Portland, OR




Sunday, March 11, 2012

We've visited various versions of Cochon 555 and in keeping with this swine soiree, Portland's porky party parlayed heritage hogs into heaps of good eats at The Original.

Briney blobs:

... and cheesey chunks:

... chimed in the VIP session which morphed into mouthfuls of fabulous Fermin jambon:

Our visits to Beast, Woodsman Tavern, Paley's Place and The Country Cat heralded the skill of the porkticipants,

... but we haven't visited Lucky Strike Restaurant and were impressed by Chef Rita Jia You's:

... proficiency with pig. Her line up of skewers:

... "sausage party" and slurpably sensational ramen had us riveted. We will venture to her venue very soon.

There were loads of lusciousness like The Woodsman Tavern's Chef Barwinkowski's marvelous coppa di testa.

Beast's Chef Naomi Pomeroy plated some pleasing porcine while Vitaly Paley of Paley's Place trotted by with face and foot croquettes:

These morsels transformed a combination that was formerly a faux pas into an item that makes putting your foot (and mouth) in your mouth no longer a social blunder.

Big Table Farm's Laughing Pig Rosé had a dry sense of humor while hoppy Double Mountain India Red Ale washed down strips of bacon protruding from preserving jars.

The drinks were also ajar with Manhattans made in spill-proof glassware. We were delighted to see SF Alembic's Daniel Hyatt was the man behind the cherry and whisky screwiness.

Demonstrations of disassembly and vigorous voting had guests chewing the fat after chewing the fat.

Belly filled our bellies as we bounded back to the hutch recounting the crispy, spicy, fatty, sweet, salty, tangy and sour tastes of the pen-ultimate party.

Cochon 555

The Original

From our Bunrab email, Anne writes:

Thanks so much for posting your chocolate pudding recipe. I made it yesterday and had it for dessert last night. It was so good - we both loved it! I had no idea that making pudding was so easy and quick. Definitely on the permanent recipe rotation.

Do you have a recipe for butterscotch pudding? That was my favorite as a kid. Thanks again.



Gutenberg replies:

Dear Anne,

Glad you liked the pudding!

We don't have a kid butterscotch version, but check out this adult take on the recipe.










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