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April 11-20, 2012


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Friday, April 20, 2012

We got a cherry and peach pie ($4.00 each):

... at Whiffies Fried Pies:

... where crusty crescents concealed molten middles that 'minded us of McDonalds rectangular rations.

Sweet, old fashioned fillings were fun, but ultimately not our thing. They did have a customer who ate 11 of their pies in one hour though so their is obviously a demand for these hand held helpings.

Whiffies Fried Pies
SE 12th & Hawthorne
Portland, OR




Thursday, April 19, 2012

We extinguished our mounting curiosity about a chicken wing chain called Fire on the Mountain:

... with our visit to this hen house for a dozen of their foul flappers ($10.95):

Part of this flight of fancy was our need to practice a couple wing-eating techniques...

...which went pretty well but we wished we had fewer drumettes to finesse our form.

We requested the "extra hot" sauce from their list of liquids and thought that it was way too mild until we got about half way through when the peppery potion percolated to a nice heat.

This fried food forum was filled with appendage appreciators hunkering down over tots and chicken.

Not sure we need to return but this place is a popular portal for Portland poultry.

Fire on the Mountain
1708 E Burnside
Portland, OR




Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Both the Copacetic and the Desolation IPAs were memorable at Amnesia brewing.

These hopped up brews ($4.00 each) washed down some grilled grub from their al fresco kitchen.

The cheeseburger ($9.00):

... lacked a lactose level:

... over a patty that was less seasoned than we prefer, while the hot sausage ($6.00):

... was more our thing with kraut cradling this snappy tube.

We enjoyed this hop headquarters which felt like being at a picnic:

... with swell suds and smoke.


Amnesia Brewing
832 N Beech St.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pyro Pizza is part of a food pod that is open 'til 3 a.m.

Our visit came considerably earlier for a pepperoni pizza ($8.00):

... that got leopard spots from their wood fired oven:

This mobile mangatorium peels out a good wheel of 'roni with tangy tomato sauce.

Even though they probably get a lot of sobriety-seekers as late night customers, their good ingredients keep their chow appeeling to the unimpaired as well.

Pyro Pizza
SE 12th & Hawthorne
Portland, OR




Monday, April 16, 2012

We enjoyed the chow at Bunk Sandwiches so we decided to check out Bunk Bar:

... where Harry Dean Stanton's Paris Texas character:

... watched over our whistle whetting with a swell Seelbach and vicious Vieux Carre.

These bright 'bibes brightened this dim den of turned up tunes.

The pulled pork sandwich ($8.00):

... was a poppy-seeded kaiser roll stuffed with slaw and swine. While good, it couldn't compete with their marvelous meatball sandwich.

They were out of debris gravy so we had to reduce our rubbish intake and went without on our cheese fries ($5.00):

...which were good, but would probably have been better trashed up a bit.

Bunk has bedded down in plural Portland properties.

They have different manners, but their bar-based business was a nice place to bunk for the night.

Bunk Bar

1028 SE Water Ave.
Portland, OR




Sunday, April 15, 2012

Arleta Library Bakery Cafe:

... may not be completely literal in their title, but they do bake some stellar sweet potato biscuits ($10.50):

These tender, tuber tufts were hot, flaky and crusty islands in a sausage gravy. Thin slices of pork loin girded this hefty helping of potato-perimetered, swine-sauced, carb cushions.

The beef hash ($10.50):

... hid under an omelet with cheese. Griddled smashed potatoes added spuddy support to this cattle prodded by slow cooking.

Stumptown coffee:

... kept us from going into a caloric coma as we enjoyed our linebacker-worthy meal in this fine and funky eating room with flea markety decor.

Arleta Library Bakery Cafe

5513 SE 72nd
Portland, OR




Saturday, April 14, 2012

There is no display case at Ruby Jewel, but this doesn't seem to diminish desserters desires at this small batch scoopatorium.

We both got crisp house made waffle cones ($1.00 supplement) for our small servings ($3.00 each):

The peanut butter dream with mini pb cups capped a cone with double chocolate while a dark scoop of cookies and cream salt atop a saliney caramel with salted dark chocolate.

Next time we'll have to check out their enticing ice cream sandwiches.

This chilly, chunky, churnage was very good but Lovely's Fifty Fifty still ranks as our top Portland cone-tender.

Ruby Jewel

3713 N Mississippi
Portland, OR




Friday, April 13, 2012

We lock onto Hot Lips pizza:

... as a default spot to fill up that last wedge of room on the way back to hutch from a soiree or supper.

A slice ($3.25) of reheated, thin crust Southwest:

... with cilantro pesto, corn, black beans and a 'fetti of feta kissed our hunger goodbye alongside a pepperoni portion:

This quick and peppy 'roni rest stop may not be fancy or artisanal, but their pucker tucker is a swell smack snack.

Hot Lips Pizza
721 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR




Thursday, April 12, 2012

We spied pie at Salt & Straw which is made by Pieku:

... a Portland purveyor versed in symmetrical wedges of disciplined desserts.

A heated slice of brown butter apple pie had a tender crust circling tasty tree fruit. It didn't knock Random Order's poetic pomme out of our top spot, but it was still a pleasing pastry pack.

We got our mode a la a house made waffle cone:

... filled with a scoop of chocolate brownie and vanilla:

Although the vanilla was good, it wasn't exactly shocking that some of their other offerings held more interest upon reflection.

Salt & Straw continues to churn out cheery chow. Its location steps away from Bollywood Theatre is particularly palatable.

Salt & Straw
2035 NE Alberta
Portland, OR




Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"You eat here because we let you":

... is the motto of Stepping Stone Cafe.

This saying may not be in lock step with the hospitality industry, but this independently-minded, funky, grub hub was still a friendly fortress when dealing with a particularly prickly customer within earshot.

We both got bacon, avocado and Swiss omelets ($9.50 each plus .50¢ biscuit and $1.75 fruit supplements):

... which were toughened by ova-cooking.

A crumbly drop biscuit was good, but I think we would have been better off with basic plate of overeasies and swine strips.

This footpath to food keeps busy with local lunchers lunging for morning and afternoon diner standards.

Stepping Stone Cafe
2390 NW Quimby St.
Portland, OR









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