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August 11-20, 2012


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  Monday, August 20, 2012

Who should we find behind the stick at Riffle NW:

... but former San Franciscan, Brandon Josie:

He's going to put his spin on the cocktail menu in a week or so, but in the meanwhile he made us a Pimm's cup ($9.00) with watermelon juice and a Kentucky mule ($9.00):

... with bourbon standing in for Moscow's vodka. Both refreshed before some Kumamotos and Beausoleil oysters ($18.00 for half a dozen):

... a citrusy shrimp ceviche ($12.00):

... and their signature shredded Brussels spouts salad ($12.00):

... with Pecorino and walnuts in a citrusy vinaigrette.

Riffle continues to be one of our go-to 'rants and we're anxious to see what 'bibes Brandon has in store...

Riffle NW
333 NW 13th
Portland, OR



  Sunday, August 19, 2012

We were seated quickly, but had to wait a while for the kitchen to catch up to the tsunami of Sunday orders at Besaws.

The chicken fried steak ($15.00):

... had a couple nice over easies next to salty, garlicky rosemary potatoes. There was no flakiness to the biscuit, it was more bun-like (but still okay.)

Breakfast burritos ($12.00):

... got a squiggle of pepper sour cream (which made them less manually manipulatable.) Egg, Cheddar, spinach and chorizo centered these cylinders which we sauced with NW Elixirs:

These hot sauces offered cravable, caliente coverage (with the verde version being a cilantro standout.)

Besaws continues to be a comfort food corner where patient Portlandians brunch.


2301 NW Savier St.
Portland, OR



  Saturday, August 18, 2012

Alice's Bagels: the latest to enter Portland's leavened loop lottery. This bread boutique has risen in the cart formerly known as Lardo:

... (before they went all brick and mortar) in the Good Food Here food pod.

We both got their "lox plate" ($9.00 each):

... which I wouldn't describe as a plate so much as a sandwich. Our onion and plain bagels had a nice chewiness to border the cream cheese, red onion, lox and capery containment. Upon reflection, it would have been even better to get bagels without all the condiments, since these rings were so engaging on their own.

Bowery may be our local fave, but Alice's are a close second.

Alice's Bagels
4262 SE Belmont
Portland, OR



  Friday, August 17, 2012

Bowery Bagels require a 3 day lead time for large orders so this week required some advance planning but hundreds of hoops hit the spot with a spread of schmears as we loaded these carbos contentedly.

Now that they are expanding, perhaps the half-week herald to a bagel bounty will be eased.

Bowery Bagels
310 NW Broadway
Portland, OR


  Thursday, August 16, 2012

We got sticker shock from our ice cream cones, not because of their price, but because we have gotten used to paying no sales tax in Oregon.

After forking over our extra 67¢ we dived into our ice cream cones ($4.00 each):

... at Ice Cream Renaissance.

Chubby got the bitter-sweet chocolate love affair and peanut butter blitz while I went with chocolate chip and cookies 'n cream. My choices were good, but nowhere near as good as the peanut butter and chocolate combo cone.

The house made cones were a crisp conetaiment system for this house-churned renaissance fare.

This was a fun stop across the Columbia river but we're lucky that there is enough good ice cream in Portland that we don't need to detour for dessert.

Ice Cream Renaissance
1925 Main St.
Vancouver, WA


  Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We spotted the gyrating porchetta ($18.00):

... calling to us from the rotisserie at Firehouse:

... and had to get some of this swell seasoned swine over Rancho Gordo white beans and blistered peppers. This belly-simo dish was seriously succulent.

Fried cauliflower ($5.00):

... came with a pot of creme fraiche to dunk these frilled florets. This fraiche floral arrangement was fine by us.

Sopressata sunk into a wood fired pizza ($14.00):

... with house made mozzarella. The bread band of this beautifully blistered 'za was a little wide and the chewy crust would have been even more delectable with a crunch (but that is just being ultra-picky.)

We washed down all this good grub with draft IPA and PIlsner:

... and vowed to return for more of their impressive eats.

Firehouse Restaurant
7112 NE Dekum Ave.
Portland, OR


  Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beer and a fresh squeezed margarita:

... cooled us off at Nuestra Cocina:

... as we tucked into a crab, rock fish, prawn and avocado ceviche ($9.00):

This pleasing parfait of maritime morsels hit the spot before another round of prawns ($18.00):

... with chiles showered with sheets of garlic. Refried beans and plantains didn't pair as well as rice might have with these treif treats.

Continuing the un-kosher theme, we devoured the cochinita pibil ($17.00):

The black beans partnered well with the perky pork in this nicely seasoned dish. We mounded this meat into the tiny tortillas:

... they make in their busy kitchen.

We will return for more of this cravable comida soon.

Nuestra Cocina

2135 SE Division St.
Portland, OR


  Monday, August 13, 2012

Bourbon and Amaro Nonino mingled with vermouth in a "west end" ($10.00) which whiskied us away with its theatrical performance of embitterment. We also gave an ovation to the "albatros" ($10.00) which flew down our necks with its citrusy splendor.

The juicy, well seasoned, burgers ($11.00):

... inhabited house made poppyseed rolls lined with bacon, mayo and rocket. We got one with Cheddar and one with fontina which were both Gru-vey grub augmented with house made ketchup. These fabulous flesh folios are rotation worthy.

Croquettes ($5.00):

... of polenta masquerading as arancini were filled with raclette which oozed with each crisp crusted bite. These cue balls of corn were worth racletting up for a break.

Gruner continues to impress with swell sips and sustenance.

527 SW 12th Ave.
Portland, OR



  Sunday, August 12, 2012

They were a little backed up on coffee orders at Yolk food cart:

... so we began with half cups:

... of joe before our house made, English muffin-bordered breakfasts.

The "powerhoused" ($6.00):

... was occupied by sweated onions and braised greens with an over medium egg. It was okay, but the "greengrass and high clouds" ($6.00):

... had the benefit of a runny yolk, goat cheese and corn kernels.

Both of these bready bundles were dominant in the dough department (which got a bit of crunch from a hint of cornmeal). We were sated by this Sunday start but this homey hand-helds didn't knock Fried Egg I'm in Love off of our mobile morning master list.

48th and Woodstock
Portland, OR



  Saturday, August 11, 2012

We found ourselves in a huge mall in Tigard where we mingled with mates at McCormick & Schmick's.

The lobster cobb ($19.95):

... was a cobb-fetti of bacon, blue cheese, egg and tomato over shredded iceberg while the salmon ($14.95):

... arrived cooked to the requested rare with a berry reduction that introduced an unneeded sweetness to this pink pave with squash and potatoes.

We munched on our mall fare during our animated discussion with pals - which trumped the chow with ease.

McCormick & Schmick's

17015 SE 72nd Ave.
Tigard, OR









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