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August 21-31, 2012


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  Friday, August 31, 2012
permalink is a bacon, onion and mushroom schmear from Bowery Bagels. This swiney, shroomy, spreadage augmented with aliium detonated our dough "o"'s with a fusing of fromage.

Bowery's bread bands must be ordered in advance for a big batch. They delivered this hefty helping of risen rations:

... to an appreciative audience of .com-sumers.

Bowery Bagels
310 NW Broadway
Portland, OR



  Thursday, August 30, 2012

Portland has lots of poutine, (perhaps due to its proximity to a Vancouver?) It's hard to say...but today's curdsy-call to Sideshow:

... resulted in a fine formation of this Canadian carb-coction.

Technically, they don't offer a small size, but the nice barker at this spudatorium created a petite poutine ($4.00):

... for us. A vegetarian gravy rocked this carbo curd cradle. We devoured this blobby bowl as though we were Northerners.

A small cone of Belgian fries ($3.00):

... were crisp, salty interludes that contrasted with the tatery eatonism of the gravy gilded goods. We got a curry ketchup for dunking this spud spokes which will definitely detour us back to this food cart for more.

Sideshow Eatery

9th and Alder food pod
Portland, OR




  Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We were happy to see natto on the Menu at SushiPDX.

This slimy, fermented, soybean solution filled a maki ($3.50) which was a swell cigar of nuttiness.

They don't offer nigiri, but their handrolls ($8.50 for three) cone-tented us with our selections of salmon skin (the bacon of the seafood world), eel and avocado as well as scallop with tobiko in these plump, pleasing portions.

This cart rolls their rations to order so we paid and waited for our pager:

... to summon us to our oishii eats. We will have to return for their noodle dishes when the weather turns cold.

Sushi PDX

4262 SE Belmont
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Honey Pot may have a name that raises eyebrows, but this producer of pies focuses on both savory and sweet slicables.

We went with "the favorite" ($3.75 per slice):

... filled with spiced Oregon blackberries with a nice balance of tang to sweetness. The crust was less penetrable at the perimeter, with a thick, toughness, but the midsection was memorable.

The Honey Pot
4290 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR



  Monday, August 27, 2012

Xico is a nuevo noshery:

... where we munched on little house made corn tortillas:

... accompanied by pumpkin seed and chili spread, cilantroed avocado salsa and a sprinkling of salt.

This gift from the kitchen:

... primed our palates along with a refreshing watermelon margarita ($10.00) and a classic ($8.00) margarita (which trumped the pink version with its limey lilt.)

Chile tortillas offered a red robe 'round pork belly in a queso fresco'ed quesadilla ($19.00):

These fine foldovers were fringed with refried black beans while eye of goat legumes landed with the rotisserie chicken ($20.00):

This moist clucker was coated with a chile sauce that mingled with the rice, beans and guac in more of those marvelous masa mits.

We loved the chow at Xico and will return for more of their tantalizing, tortilla'ed tastes.

Xico Restaurant
3715 SE Division St.
Portland, OR



  Sunday, August 26, 2012

City State put our stomachs in a populated state with humongous helpings of chow.

The "meatloaf breakfast deluxe" ($10.00):

... was a slice of bacon-wrapped, gravy-crowned protein that melded with home fries (that were nicely browned, but lacked crispy bits) and two eggs (which I requested scrambled.) The bread choices included the usual suspects with the unusual option of a cupcake (which would be a great choice if you were engaging in a Sumo fight later in the day) I chose an English muffin.

Pork loin ($11.00):

... was covered with a dice of ham and bacon to create a treify triad to the redeye gravy-enhanced goods. Eggs, toast (again, no cupcake) and fried grits filled out this piggy portion.

This bacon-based business ballasted our bellies, (but wouldn't necessarily warrant a border crossing.)

City State Diner
128 NE 28th Ave.
Portland, OR



  Saturday, August 25, 2012

Da-Pressed Coffee Cart:

... is a hippie hut with vegany vittles (that we have not sampled, but they look faithful to their genre) and groovy ground goods.

Today we bypassed their tasty French Press and went with a couple of their chilled choices ($3.00 each):

This cold-brewed espresso beaned 'bibe was rich and chocolaty. We continue to be impressed by Da-Pressed but have not yet worked up a hankering for their foodstuffs.

Da-Pressed Coffee Cart
SE 43rd & Belmont
Portland, OR



  Friday, August 24, 2012

We stepped into Pho Tango:

... for a fast repast where we snagged some pot stickers ($4.50):

These bland and textually impaired dumplings had tough, thick, fried skins but the chicken ($8.50):

... was perfectly palatable with a maple mingled meat.

Salmon ($12):

... was standard issue spawnage served with broccoli and rice.

Even though Pho Tango isn't detour deserving, this dance hall dining dugout is pho-nam-inally fast for a quick meal.

Pho Tango

22139 NW Imbrie Dr.
Hillsboro, OR



  Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frito pie ($7.00):

... didn't come in the traditional, split open bag, but this chili-topped, cheesy, corn chip bowl wrapped up the essence of this convenience casserole. We dipped into this delicacy at the Secret Society with rivers of rum.

The Mai Tai, Dark and Stormy ($7.50 each):

...and grapefruity "Navy Grog" ($8.00) were all fine 'freshers in this little lounge.

Mac n Cheese ($10.00):

... with smoked ham was a solid standard with nice tread from the breadcrumb crust while the tuna melt ($8.50):

... with arugula and Cheddar had a nice crunchy crust to the alba-cored center. We enjoyed this sea chicken sandwich with a side of black eyed pea salad.

The Secret Society is a sipping stop for those on the Toro Bravo waiting list (they call you from next door when your table is ready) or a hush hush hovering spot in its own right (attached to a music venue that offers a long, steep stairway that doubles as a sobriety test as you climb down from this covert club.)

The Secret Society
116 NE Russell St.
Portland, OR



  Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saint Cupcake Galore:

... makes a mean smoked chocolate chip cookie and now they have branched out into melty goods with novelty style ice cream offerings.

The caramel cocoa push pop ($3.00):

... was laced with salt to create a fantastic, fancy fudgecicle while the "Galore-e-o" ($4.00):

... had luscious, peanut butter ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers that held a bit of saline support.

These ready-made rations were our kind of snackage. We'll have to work our way through their little packaged sundaes too...

Saint Cupcake Galore
1138 SW Morrison
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bunrab favorite, Ox Restaurant, now has a waiting area - Whey Bar:

This drinkery gets its name from an ingredient incorporated in some of the libations. This liquid is often slopped to swine, but we hogged this curd 'companiment in a "the whey we were" ($10.00). This tangy, lactose liquid to gave body to gin, allspice dram and lime. Some soda effervesced this utterance while the "Il Mastino" ($12.00) had a puff of tobacco bitters to this bourbon, applejack, averna and pastis potion.

Truffled corn nuts ($3.00):

... were earily good with a kernely crunch.

Watermelon ($6.00):

... with feta, mint, salt, pepper and olive oil was a refreshing, juicy, salad while we found richness in the rillettes ($6.00):

... made from goat and pork. We crunched on croutons cradling this cloven creation sweetened with a mosarda of radicchio and cherry.

This new wheying station is a swell slop stop with excellent snackage. We will curdtail our next wait at Ox at this nifty new nook.

Whey Bar at Ox Restaurant
2225 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR









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