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October 1-10, 2012


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  Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drinks were delayed and the salmon entree ($17.00):

... arrived before the appetizer at Jamison Restaurant. They offered to take back the fish and deliver a new one after the first course, but there wasn't a need to fiddle with the order. The pink bricks were fine, but would have been improved with a saucing agent to marry this succotash surrounded seafood.

"This is embarrassing, but I have to ask if you've received your crepes" heralded the arrival of the buckwheat bundles($11.00):

These speck and fontina filled bechamel bundles were good but they called out for an acidic element to break up the monotonality of these mouthfuls.

Jamison is still emerging from a recent opening so we'll see if they get their orders in order as they mature...

900 NW 11th Ave.
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We dropped by the nuevo noshery Uno Mas:

... for a bunch of tacos ($2.00-$3.75 each).

These single-bagged masa mats were topped with luscious lengua, trippy tripas, perfect pulpo, badass barbacoa, and noshable nopal. A slew of housemade saucing agents played a nice range on the Scoville scale.

Chef Oswaldo Bibiano (of Mextiza and Authentica) put together this tacoteria so it's not exactly shocking that every one of these righteous roll ups was reorderable. We will definitely keep Uno Mas on our rotation.

Uno Mas
2337 NE Glisan St.
Portland, OR



  Monday, October 8, 2012

We flew to coop to Basa Basa.

John and Caprial Pence's new wing roosterant gives you a choice of lacquers for their levitators. We went with the sweet and gingery Korean coating on half and the Thai sauce with lime and cilantro on the other meaty mound of crispy flappers. This "Basa Box" ($14.00 for 10 wings):

... came with rice and macaroni salad. A couple beers washed down these sticky arms at this friendly fowl fortress.

Basa Basa

2333 NE Glisan
Portland, OR



  Sunday, October 7, 2012

We use the term "butter brain" to describe our typical TFL food hangover. This fuzzy state usually takes a cup of coffee or two to shake off.

A quick hop back to visit the red rabbit at the Sacramento airport:

... with our Bouchon Bakery purchases:

... and French Laundry goodie bag with a copy of the third installment of Finesse:

...Thomas Keller's magnificent magazine - did you know you can download it for free?

Cute little tins of shortbreads:

... chocolates:

... and a nifty book of TFL purveyors with stories from each with a forward from Chef Keller were cool carry-ons for the trip back.




  Saturday, October 6, 2012

We were greeted with a bottle of 1999 Salon Champagne as we settled into our nook at The French Laundry. This was the best bottle of bubbly ever - a blanc de blancs that blew us away.

Salmon cornets:

... and gourges:

... kicked off the canapés with their familiar friendliness before a chilled melon soup with basil seeds:

... and the sock monkey-faced oyster and pearls:

Big eye tuna encrusted with poppy and sesame seeds with a Meyer lemon confit, jingle bell peppers and nasturtium:

... was a maguronificent citrusy sea surfing.

Pepitas punctuated big fin squid with a spicy tomato sauce, fennel and arugula:

A signature truffle-ragouted custard with a chive chip egg-shelled in flavor while lamb sweetbreads:

... with grilled frisee added an offal flourish.

Cukes from the FL garden:

... with cured cherries and marcona almonds were a crisp, bright, nutty, fruity farewell to spring:

2008 Domaine Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet:

... was a gorgeous, citrusy, white Burgundy that conspired with a lovely lubina:

... with an armor of crisp skin with bitterness from radicchio and richness from a bagna calda inspired sauce.

Figs, pine nuts, and a caramelized sunchoke puree sweetened the deal on butter poached lobster "mitts":

We snapped up every bit of this mer-iage of tree, root and sea.

"Ham and Eggs":

... appeared in the form of Iberico ham skirt steak and egg pearl vinaigrette on a row of delicate gnocchi. These tender tufts and sensational swine were a gnifty gnosh.

1992 Ridge Monte Bello:

... was another insane solution. We are still enjoying the finish on this grapage that graced a quail breast with cauliflower and crunchy pistachios:

Dry aged Snake River Farms beef:

... had Matsutakes and sauce Japonaise to further umamify this radish and nori-nudged, marvelous, muscle mass.

Moses Sleeper cheese was buried in a Bartlett pear cobler:

The little flowers made it look like it was missing a tombstone on this crazy zombie cheese dish.

Strawberry sorbet with pink peppercorn meringue and a little blonde fraise du bois:

... was a pleasing patch before a parfait of green tea ice cream, gingersnap crumble, plum sorbet capped with champagne granite:

Popcorn sherbet, peanuts, bananas and dehydrated chocolate set the stage for a malt brownie:

... before a pina colada cake:

... chocolate truffles, classic coffee and donuts:

... and mignardises.

This remains our all time favorite restaurant not only for their continuing innovation and risk taking, but their baseline of the familiar French Laundry classics served up by a team with great hospitality and fun.

Our minds are once again blown by the incredible chow and wine.

It's a little further to visit for dinner than it used to be, but it was definitely worth the trip.

The French Laundry
6640 Washington St.
Yountville, CA



  Friday, October 5, 2012

Olive or Twist was suspiciously, sparsely populated at 8:30 this evening:

... but we bellied up to this bar where we got a tini bit mar'ed on a dirty and classic martini ($8.50 each):

We both preferred the less briney 'bibe with its crisper taste.

The bruschetta ($8.50):

... with mozzarella, tomatoes and a side salad wasn't our thing so we headed across the street to Hot Lips for some sliceage:

Olive or Twist may not be on our rotation, but Hot Lips is a fine fall back position.

Olive or Twist
925 NW 11th Ave.
Porltand, OR




  Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kenny & Zukes' most recent 'rami restaurant:

... is a cocktail and snack staging area where we got a couple pastrami sliders ($5.00 each 2 for $8.50):

... bordered with mustard-lined rye bread. These small sandwiches were good, but in need of a little hydration.

The tuna melt ($7.75):

... on a toasted onion bagel was a tomato topped, cheesy chicken of the sea circle. A good pickle and some potato chips completed our snack washed down by a couple IPAs ($5.00 each).

Perhaps we ordered wrong, but we preferred the chow at their Bagelworks branch (but to be fair, we should come back for some of their interesting looking cocktail offerings.)

Kenny & Zukes Deli
3901 N Williams Ave.
Portland, OR




  Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ned Ludd is a hearth-based hub that we've enjoyed in the past but tonight's pork misto ($22.00):

... was a seriously sumptuous selection of swine. Pig bits from all quadrants of the cloven creature were delectably delivered in a stack of onions, peppers, potatoes melded with mostarda. This meaty melange was irresistible.

Salmon confit ($13.00):

... had chanterelles masquerading as chopped pecans as well as Chinese lanterns to add a nifty tart acidity. Anise hyssop completed this fish flower formation.

Ned Ludd's cinderlating sustenance keep this restaurant in our rotation.

Ned Ludd
3925 NE MLK
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We grabbed
some scoops at Salt & Straw:

... with our pals where we dug their almond brittle with salted ganache, coffee and bourbon and chocolate with gooey brownie flavors had us churning through our cones contentedly.

Definitely a good stop to show off the local licks.

Salt & Straw
2035 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR



  Monday, October 1, 2012

We started out with bwak bwak at Pok Pok:

... where a whole game hen ($12.50):

... was a juicy lemongrass-scented start alongside their signature green papaya salad ($8.00):

Clay pot prawns ($14.50) with pork belly over bean thread noodles was a sensational oniony ovation while black Cod ($22.00):

... netted some nifty ginger jostling.

This dinner was worth the hour and a half wait at their lounge across the street where we nibbled on shrimp chips ($2.00), red peanuts and the mandatory Ike's chicken wings ($12.50):

... with their sticky fish sauce flappability.

The Whisky Soda Lounge and Pok Pok delivered the goods as expected.

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St.
Portland, OR

The Whisky Soda Lounge
3131 SE Division St.
Portland, OR









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