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September 1-10, 2012


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  Monday, September 10, 2012

A pint of refreshing red ale ($4.50) and a whisky-laced No Po Lemonade ($7.50):

... kicked off our dinner at Russell Street Bar-B-Que:

... where baby backs ($15.00) were tender spears of swine along side some swell beef ribs ($6.00):

We gnawed every bit of bovine from this kickass carcass.


... and mac n cheese:

... rounded out this racky ration with some delectable greens:

We will return to check out more of the meaty menu soon.

Russell Street Bar-B-Que

325 NE Russell St.
Portland, OR



  Sunday, September 9, 2012

Industrial Cafe and Saloon:

... geared us up with a biscuit shaped into a coggy carb meshed with a sausage gravy ($5.00):

We shifted to a couple of Vaughn St. Ballpark Breakfasts ($8.50) with our preferred perm-egg-tations, fruit cups ($1.00 supplement) as well as ham:

... and sausage (respectively):

These manufactured meals were solid standard issue sustenance that have the added benefit of not being mobbed during morning mealtime.

Industrial Cafe
2572 NW Vaughn St.
Portland, OR



  Saturday, September 8, 2012

W. took us up the Willamette to the falls:

... in his boat before J. whipped up a swell supper of a chilled cuke soup:

... followed by perfectly grilled salmon:

... with a kale, pepita and ricotta salata salad topped off by a hot berry crisp. An idyllic day all around.




  Friday, September 7, 2012

We enjoyed some spirits at Spirit of '77:

... in the form of a Manhattan ($7.00) and a "whisky ginger" ($6.00) with ginger ale to lighten the bourbon and lime liquid.

Olympic Provisions' bratwurst ($11.00):

... sat in a crusty roll with cabbage and horseradish. This well-executed wurst was a good dog rolling with a side of chips.

Wings ($6.00):

... flew in with green goddess and carrot sticks while a haystack of onion rings ($6.00):

... were crispy strings of greaseless goodness.

This sports venue was underpopulated for a Friday night at 7:30, but they probably pack them in during ESPN-tensive evenings.

Spirit of '77
500 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR



  Thursday, September 6, 2012

Namu's interpretation of Bee Bim Bop ($6.00):

... was spicy and spot hitting with perfectly runny yolks saucing this vegetable rice bowl. We dug through this brown rice, spinach, kimchee and cuke collaboration that was a pleasing hybrid of Korean hippie chow.


4290 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR



  Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We returned to Bollywood Theatre for another showing of Indian street food.

The kati roll ($6.50):

... was a flatbread folded around paneer, egg, onion and chutney. This swell cigar had a crisply fringed shell with a nicely spiced center.

Grilled corn ($2.50):

... was served with chile, butter and lime (the way we like to make it). These sweet fresh kernels of cobbage were shucking delicious.

Pav Ghaji ($5.50):

... was a ghee-licous potato-based, veggie mush to spread on buttered rolls and top with chopped onion and lemon.

Perfectly cooked boiled eggs bathed in tomato curry ($7.00):

... with some saffron rice to soak up the 'sala of this 'semplary chow.

This cinematic snack station continues to keep us on the edge of our seats with fabulous food at this counter-service movie house.

Bollywood Theatre

2039 NE Alberta
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There were no volcanic activities
associated with our visit to Hale Pele:

... but this recently refurbished tiki bar erupted with a firey formula.

The "jet pilot" ($9.00):

... flew in with an ignited, lemon oil-soaked sugar cube over a spiced, citrusy, rum while the mai tai ($9.00):

... offered a classic coercion to this tropical terrarium as we snacked on lumpia ($7.00):

These porky cigarettes were a crunchy counterpoint to our cocktails while the Hawaiian bread ($3.00):

... as less our thing with a sweet guava jelly.

Ahi poke ($10.00):

... was a salad with wakame and fried rice noodles that was okay, but not a reorder.

The real reasons to visit are the friendly staff and goofy glugging at this thatchy theme spot.

Hale Pele

2733 NE Broadway
Portland, OR



  Monday, September 3, 2012

Barista is our favorite fountain of bean brew in Portland.

They have a rotating roster of roasters including Sightglass. Today's Ethiopian espresso:

... was a strawberried sip of perky pleasure. A nice welcome back from the Las Vegas joe that needed to up its game.


1725 NE Alberta
Portland, OR



  Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chris Herrin, the chef at Bread and Butter, got some Kellery cred at Bouchon before breaking away to churn his own cuisine in Henderson.

The taxi tariff from the strip out stripped the bill at this bakery but it was nice to check out a neighborhood (albeit in a strip mall) nook for our morning meal.

Hefty helpings included a breakfast pizza ($10.50):

... with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, potatoes, onions, capers, chevre and tomatoes. The crust had a nice crunch and chew to this desayuno disc.

We weren't as into the pretzel bread:

... served with nachoey cheese liquid. Perhaps it's because there was no sporting event and beer to augment the soft sticks of sliceage.

The breakfast sandwich ($7.75):

... on a brioche roll was a generous bacon, scrambled egg and Cheddar mit sided with a salad with more dried cranberries than warranted (but it was still good.)

A friendly and accommodating staff kept the regulars (as well as us tourists) happy. They were kind enough to give us a couple of their cookies:

... as our cab whisked us back to the hotel. These oatmeal and chocolate chip circles were like a cross between a muffin top and a biscuit. We devoured them before we hit the airport.

Bread & Butter
10940 S. Eastern Ave.
Henderson, NV



  Saturday, September 1, 2012

We checked into our suite at the Rio (that was bigger than some of the flats we have lived in):

... with only an hour to grab some grub before the Penn & Teller show started. There were massive mobs at all of the eateries and the host at one of the congested canteens suggested that our only option that would get us out on time was the Sports Deli.

This Vegas venue of vittles did not deliver anything unexpected - a burger ($8.99):

... on a juice-logged bun was the least horrifying helping.

The Cobb salad ($10.99):

... and chili cheese fries ($6.99):

... were both loveless, lumpiness that calorically fortified us before we ran off for a swell show and some apres magic ice cream.

Rio Sports Deli
Rio All-Suites Hotel &Casino
3700 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103









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