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September 20-30, 2012


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  Sunday, September 30, 2012

We got to Tasty n Sons 15 minutes after its 9 a.m opening time. but we were too late for the first wave of seatings so we went to Ristretto Roasters down the block for some of bean juice:

... and chatted for a couple hours before our table was ready.

A breakfast board ($8.00):

... began our meal with an assortment of bacon, lebne, blackberries, chicken liver mousse, beef jerky

"Chocolate potato donuts" ($1.50 each):

... orbited over a pool of creme anglaise before they went into our donut holes. These spudtacular starters paved the way for sweet biscuits ($6.00):

... with berries. A cloud of whipped cream and berries bonded these carbo cutouts.

The frittata ($9.00):

... went down the hatch happily, but the real stars were the polenta ($9.00):

... with mozzarella and sausage ragu (which melded into a savory slosh of corny contentment) and the Burmese pork stew ($10.00):

... with sweet, sticky swine over rice.

Hot from the oven chocolate chip cookies ($7.00):

... were a la mode in a melty mass that was required ordering.

Tasty n Sons was just the ticket for our morning meal.

Tasty n Sons
3808 N. Williams Ave.
Portland, OR



  Saturday, September 29, 2012

When visitors come to SF, you take them to the Farmers Market, the same is true in Portland where the PSU Saturday market has not only the expected gorgeous produce and flowers, but nifty gifts and breakfast.

We introduced our pals to Pine State Biscuits, but they put the McIsley ($6.00):

... on our radar. This savory and sweet fowl and honey 'wich had a nice peppery punch along with a biscuit with southern fried chicken ($4.00) with cheese (50¢), and egg ($1.50):

We wove our way through a breakfast bowl ($5.00):

... from Enchanted Sun. We corralled our egg, potato and chile-charged free form 'ritto with warm tortillas before lemon curd crepes:

... from Tour de Crepes and some delectable salted chocolate chip cookies:

... from Petunias.

We walked off this collection of calories in Portland's pretty Japanese Gardens.

PSU Farmers' Market



  Friday, September 28, 2012

Some of our favorite people came to visit from SF which offered us a great opportunity to show off Portland's great chow but one of the area's eccentricities is that at many of our preferred places, rezzies are often for parties of six or more only.

Our over two hour wait for a table at OX took place at their neighboring bar, Whey. We worked our whey through the cocktail menu with a few rounds of nibbles ($5.00 each):

... including japapeno corn nuts, ricotta with croutons, olives and nuts.

Espelette peppered mayonnaise offered flourish to a grilled artichoke ($12.00):

Thistle be a memorable version this dish.

Empanadas ($5.00 each):

... were flaky folds of beef, raisin and olive as well as cheese corn and potato. These hand-held fried pies were savory starts before the beef tongue ($12.00):

... with crunchy sweetbread croutons. These smoked buds were nipped with grated horseradish and remain on our rotation of relishable rations.

Risotto ($17.00):

... put a dente in our appetite with a squashed, cheesed and buttered grain that reigned.

"Asado Argentino" for two ($60.00):

... was a meat melange of steak, short ribs and sausages in a pacifying protein pile that was sided by crisp crusted chunks of fried potatoes and a green salad.

The server suggested we supplement our order with a pork chop ($20.00):

... which was a juicy 16 ounce slap of swell swine, but most of it ended up in a take away box for later since we were all bursting at the seams.

We were all conked out from these heavy helpings and couldn't fit in any dessert. One day we will have to reserve more room at this agent of Argentiney eats.

OX Restaurant

2225 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR



  Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wolf & Bear's falafel ($6.50):

... is a pita-wrapped portion of grilled eggplant, peppers, onions, hummus and tahini. This fabulous futon of 'fel comes with a nice green hot sauce to make this bearable bundle wolfable.

There are two locations of this vegetarian vehicled vendor worth rolling by.

Wolf & Bear's

3925 N Mississippi
Portland, OR




  Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scallops 3 ways:

... included a couscous cradled, pureed pea pedestaled and crab-crowed mer-iations of this shellacking serving on an Air Canada flight.

This meh-tacular trio was followed by a surprisingly juicy chicken breast with a red wine sauce:

More couscous came with this coq alongside crisp, buttered green beans and carrots.

Some apres-snooze sandwiches appeared for tea with clotted cream:

These cuke, curry and egg 'spressions offered a little entertainment before touchdown.

Air Canada



  Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We hopped off the Northern line:

... at Tufnell Park and headed to Bull & Last:

... where duck hearts (£7.50):

... pulsated with flavor. These grilled quacker backers with pickled vegetables were just ducky along with a beetroot salad (£7.50):

... with beet fritters, pickled beets, goat cheese mousse and walnuts.

House made charcuterie (£15.00):

... included duck prosciutto, ham hock terrine, duck rillettes, pig's head and a nifty chicken liver parfait.

A pleasingly rare lamb rump (£19.50):

... sat along side lamb schnitzel, broad beans and peas in a mint-mingled bleat treat.

This first visit to Bull & Last left a nice impression of their gasteropub grub.

Bull & Last
168 Highgate Rd.
London, UK



  Monday, September 24, 2012

Instead of a hotel fry up, it was eggs Benedict (£5.95):

... at Caffe Concerto.

Back bacon took the place of Canadian on this muffin-based morning meal. This repast lapped a plate of Heinz beans.

Caffe Concerto
101 Tottenham Court Road
London W1T 4TT
0844 335 8403



  Sunday, September 23, 2012


... was our go to stop for cheap eats back when we lived in London so it was time for a bit of nosh-talgia with some of their ramen (£8.50):

This tub of chicken, prawns, fish cake, seaweed and 'shrooms was noodley nourishment at this grub hub before the pub.

14 Irving St.
London, England



  Saturday, September 22, 2012

The fish was good but the chips were meh at Fish Bone.

Haddock (£7.20):

... had a crisp, light batter that was greasefree but the starch sticks didn't benefit from crisp crusts. This malt-vinegared:

... mainstay may not merit a second sojourn, but it did quell a craving.

Fish Bone
82 Cleveland Street
London W1T 6NF
020 7580 2672



  Friday, September 21, 2012

United Airlines didn't actually annihilate their beef tenderloin:

... by cooking it all the way through.

Rosti spuds, green beans and roasted potatoes sided this steak that was doused in enough Delmonico sauce to exceed a permissible portion of liquid luggage.

A salmon appetizer:

... with hollandaise, salad with Kalamata olives:

... a cheese plate:

... and ice cream all acted as activities to kill time before grabbing some z's.

United Airlines



  Thursday, September 20, 2012

A layover at O'Hare Airport:

... included a Chicago style dog ($4.79):

... from America's Dogs.

Sport peppers, celery salt and relish reminded us of our last windy city wiener.

It may not have been the top example of this local linkage, but it was fun to have the domestic dog during this detour.

America's Dogs

O'Hare Airport
Chicago, Ill









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