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September 11-19, 2012


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  Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Salted egg yolks were shaved into paper thin sheets over artichokes ($12.00):

... in a 'semblary, heart-y, appetizer at June Restaurant.

Scorched Jimmy Nardello peppers and chicory lettuces were perked by lemon in this flourished foregg into arty cuisine.

Grilled lobster mushrooms ($13.00):

... with cubes of watermelon, peppers and grilled corn was a nifty nosh of smoky refreshment.

Pig head ($16.00):

... was a crispy, meaty, fatty open "faced" sandwich on grilled brioche. Chantarelles and carrot sauce rooted for this fine swine sweetened with husk cherries.

Meltingly tender beef cheeks ($18.00):

... under a bubbly oyster sauce were further enriched by lovage butter. Granola offered crunch and sweetness to this sumptuous synthesis of breakfast and dinner.

Maldon-salted butter and Ken's Artisan Bakery bread:

... sopped up all the surplus sauce.

We were eyeing our neighbors' "Marvin" burgers and will return to sample those sometime soon.

June Restaurant
2215 E Burnside
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cheese & Crack:

... does not sell coke, but they presented a montage of fromage that was a recreational ration entitled "crack box" ($8.00):

... we piped up with our order of blue cheese, house made, crispy, butter crackers, salami, plums, olives, honey and a little chocolate mint.

This pizza boxed picnic was our kind of gateway grub.

Cheese & Crack
33rd between Hawthorne and Madison
Portland, OR



  Monday, September 17, 2012

The newly crowned Imperial restaurant:

... is already throne-down some regal refreshments in the form of Vieux Carre ($7.00):

... on draft. This squared-off, old favorite of ours was a righteous rendition in this large batch 'bibe.

The egg white enriched Imperial Fizz ($8.00):

... was a swell sparkler with a limey lift, but the Vieux Carre was too good to share the spotlight.

An angel on horseback ($14.00):

... rode on a field of cabbage in a "fancy oyster pan roast" which featured gently warmed oysters in a heady sauce.

The burger ($12.00):

... was perfectly good, but we really should have ordered some of the rotisserie offerings - next time for sure.

A basket of fries ($5.00):

... were pleasing potato pokers with crisp crust and starchy centers.

Pablano aioli and parmesan coated a cobb of grilled corn ($5.00):

This shucking good kernel cluster made for a gnawably noteworthy corn-ation .

Chef Vitaly Paley will add another coin to his realm when he opens the Portland Penny Diner on the other side of the hotel's entrance.

In Hotel Lucia
400 SW Broadway
Portland, OR



  Sunday, September 16, 2012

We nommed on Nongs set up outside the XOXO Fest where they dispensed their famed fowl ($7.00):

... in bowls (rather than their usual paper-wrapped poultry) without the side of broth and liver option.

Despite the differences in this crowd catering setup, this ginger, garlic, vinegar and chili-sauced, cuke and cilantro accessorized tub was a delectable dish.

Nong's Khao Nan Gai
multiple locations



  Saturday, September 15, 2012

We had ground through all of our Bob's Red Mill semolina flour and decided to make a pilgrimage to their grainy grocery in Milwaukie where they also have an eatery.

Eggs with spinach ($5.79):

... and eggs with grits ($6.49):

... were both sound sustenance, but we didn't get why it cost less for the spinach breakfast since it came with everything the other breakfast did except it included the greens - wacky.

Biscuits weren't the flaky variety, they were light and bready, which was okay, but not entirely our thing.

The grits were milled to a nice, coarse, texture and finished with some Tilllamook Cheddar. We loved this corn-cocktion as well as the nifty buckwheat flapjack ($2.00):

... that came with actual maple syrup and some applesauce. This pancake had an almost chocolaty quality that made us forget about the biscuits.

After breakfast we hit the aisles:

... and filled our basket with ground goods. The bulk bins was the place to go for nicely priced, milled meals.

The theme parky appearance didn't go against our grain, but it was a goofy addition to our run to the mill.

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Store
5000 SE International Way
Milwaukie, OR



  Friday, September 14, 2012

Bar Vivant
is tucked inside Pix Patisserie in their recent turn to tapas.

We nibbled through a progression of petite 'pas ($1.25-$4.00 each):

... including bacon-wrapped dates an almond soup, sesame-coated, boiled quail eggs, mushroom-capped crouton and chorizo and peppers and some swell white anchovies. These tasty tidbits were just the ticket for our tiny tucker needs.

In the tradition of true tapas bars, they suggest you throw your napkins on the floor (which reminded us of our Spain 'speriences.)

Bar Vivant in Pix Patisserie

2225 E Burnside
Portland, OR



  Thursday, September 13, 2012

They should have a menu for the menus:

... at Los Gorditas:

... where laminated vegan, vegetarian and carnivore cards partition protein proclivities of enchi-thusiasts.

We stopped by their new Pearl district portal for tacos ($2.00 each):

... topped with lengua, cabeza, chicharron, chorizo, al pastor and encebollados.

All of our meat mits were solid circles of satisfaction the only bummer was that there wasn't any beer on offer at this dry dugout.

Los Gorditos
922 NW Davis
Portland, OR



  Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thinly sliced beef, blue cheese and a fried egg formed a fabulous folio of fast-breakage.

This sensational sandwich ($6.50) is required eating at Meat Cheese Bread:

... with blue cheese adding veiny vigor this divine bovine.

We also munched on a breakfast burrito ($6.00):

... with Cheddary cheer. The only odd sensation was the hot filling against the cold collection of pepper salsa.

A Maldon-salted pistachio chocolate chip cookie ($1.95):

... was a buttery bookend to our meal with a nice nut and saline hit.

We will return to this center of sandwiches but it will be difficult to order anything but that beef, blue cheese and egg number...

Meat Cheese Bread
1406 SE Stark
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We cooled off with a HUB DOA ($8.00) an a pint of Caldera Pale Ale ($5.00):

... as we settled in at Kin.

Mango mingled with hamachi ($12.00):

... in a terrific tumble of tobiko, ginger, daikon, peppers and cukes while pork belly buns ($9.00):

... were sumptuous swine sandwiches sided by a cabbage salad to prime our palates between belly bites sweetened by a plummy sauce.

Next of Kin was daikon in infant and adult forms appeared in an uni-augmented scallop and tofu bowl ($12.00):

... with a kick of wasabi to unify this yuzu and ginger solution. We relished this radishy ration followed by salmon ($26.00):

... on a cushion of corn risotto with smoky, grilled shrimp, tomatoes and chili in a yellow curry broth.

This cravable kin-etic cuisine will bring us back for more soon.

Kin Restaurant
524 NW 14th
Portland, OR









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