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December 21-31, 2012


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Monday, December 31, 2012


... had aquari-oms filled with perky Dungeness, but we went with the Maine events:

... which we poached in butter.

We lobbed this stering shellfish down after a bunch of caviar-capped spud stumps:

... with bubbling beverages.

Om Seafood

3514 SE 76th Ave.
Portland, OR




Sunday, December 30, 2012

Roe is a restaurant inside of a restaurant. We had enjoyed their encasing eatery, Wafu, so we were excited to take a voyage to the cuisine in the caboose.

Beet, anise and cocoa salts:

... offered a salinetation to buttered baguette as we sipped 2011 Domaine Adele Sauvignon Blanc before shooting down a deeply flavored dashi:

We went with the four course tasting menu ($60.00 each) that kicked off with an ono ceviche:

... with a tangy, smoked, vinegar and fish sauce. Crunch from marcona almonds an shrimp chip fragments offset the silky seafood.

Smoked kajiki tartare got a cool starch setting from potato sorbet:

Grapenutty beads of pumpernickel and crunchy apple offered contrast to the hasselback caviar nesting in this swell seabed.

Blue prawns:

... were delicately poached in butter with 'mami from matsukates and sweet earthiness from beaten beets. Paper thin sheets of chestnuts enriched this ebinissimo dish.

Minato Harbor sake tied up the rest of our tucker.

Inked up tagliatelle wound with charred, pickled, baby octopus, tobiko and seaweed:

... in a terrific tangle of dark, dente, delectability.


... was darkened with porcini particles in a ponzu and parmesan potion fugussied up with chanterelle and abalone mushrooms.

Butter poached lobster, ($5.00 supplement):

... delicate diver scallops and sea urchin roe uni-fied in a tidal wave of tastiness. This fine sea fare was a 'semplary surfing.

Crémeux de Bourgogne was a creamy counterpoint to the stab of sour cherry sorbet with traction from hazelnut crumble.

This cheese and cherry chomp was chenious.

Dehydrated chocolate mousse were arranged in a deck dented with coffee ganache and marshmallow gelato:

A dab of whisky caramel bound mesmerizing mouthfuls of textural tantalization.

This nested nook of nosh was a knock out. We were swept up by the quality, craftsmanship and imagination of this stellar seafood 'strant and will roe-turn soon.

Roe Restaurant inside Wafu Restaurant
3113 SE Division
Portland, OR
Reservations only




Saturday, December 29, 2012

We made the climb to Basecamp Brewing:

... where we got a swell tour of the fermenting facility:

... before embarking on a tasting of the nepallingly nice grain glugs.

There were no sherpas, only porters but we shouldered our own IPA and IPL.

We hopped up this hill of balanced, bittered, brews and savored our suds sided by goods from the Pizza Box food cart:

... just outside the door.

A melange of meat made up the "supreme" ($13.00):

... with sausage, pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms and pepperocini while pesto, bacon and artichoke ($12.00):

... topped the "pbbp" on their satisfying campfire creations. Next time we'll have to sample the grub from Gonzo (which is parked parallel to the pizza.)

Base Camp Brewing Co.
930 SE Oak
Portland, OR
Pizza Box - right outside of Base Camp




Friday, December 28, 2012

Jolly hog hash ($10.50):

... was a slop pile of potatoes, gravy and pork at Genies:

... where we found this mound of swine and egg more successful than the veggie scramble ($8.75):

... which was overcooked for our tastes. Cottage cheese and Dave's killer bread yoked this embr-yawn-ic plate that reminded us that it is usually better to order anything with "hog" in the description.

Genies Cafe
1101 SE Division
Portland, OR




Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lorn & Dottie's Luncheonette was larger and less divey than the name led us to expect.

We slid into one of the wood booths lining the dining room for some perfectly cooked over easies ($8.95):

... with crisp bacon, a fluffy pancake and some toasted jalapeño cornbread and a veggie scramble ($9.50):

... with mushrooms, seasonally anemic tomatoes, onions and Tilamook Cheddar. Banana bread and a potato pancake with applesauce surrounded the scramble in a starchy skirt.

This chowateria may not make it to our rotation, but we appreciate their friendly service and old school style.

Lorn & Dottie's Luncheonette
322 SW 2nd Ave.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We were concerned to find the empty dining room of Enat Kitchen:

... but were quickly reassured by a bowl of timatim fitfit ($5.00):

... that came bolstered with hohos of injera.

This tangy tangle of torn teff with tomatoes and peppers was a bang up bread salad followed by nicely spiced lamb tibs ($11.00):

... and chicken ($11.00) with spinach:

... which was good, but paled in comparison to the bleat meat. A iceberg salad center pieced this injera lined dish which we devoured with Ethiopian beer.

This hospitable hub left us happy and full of nice Nile nosh.

Enat Kitchen
300 N. Killingsworth
Portland, OR




Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wine, risotto, Brussels sprouts and roast chicken. A simple supper.





Monday, December 24, 2012

We pulled over
for a pleasing pool of espresso at Maglia Rosa:

... where this bike shop based brew business cycles through single origin Stumptown beans. I savored my Ethiopian potion:

... as Chubby cherished his Costa Rican cappuccino.

These carefully crafted caffeine cups were worth derailing from our ordinary path.

Maglia Rosa
1111 SW Stark St.
Portland, OR




Sunday, December 23, 2012

We hopped up to the bar at Touché during their happy hour (which runs throughout the evening on Sunday).

A couple of pints of local beer ($4.50 each):

... washed down a Genovese pizza ($5.50):

... which was a blonde bread with a pleasing pesto.

The cheeseburger ($6.50):

... came with crisp, greaseless fries. The medium rare patty was on the lean side, but still a good gob of grub alongside a standard issue Caprese salad ($6.50):

Touché's happy hour turned out to be a cheap and friendly chomp stop.

1425 NW Glisan
Portland, OR




Saturday, December 22, 2012

The "farm to Chef" bento ($13.00):

... at Chef Naoko Bento Café:

... was just as the diagram depicted:

... with tantalizing tamago and tofu with grains and greens in this segmented serving setup cooped up with juicy chicken chunks.

The salmon bento ($17.00):

... had the same sides surrounding this swell seafood.

We will box step back for more of their sensational, square meals at this bento business.

Chef Naoko Bento Café

1237 SW Jefferson St.
Portland, OR




Friday, December 21, 2012

We turned up at the Penny Diner for breakfast.

As much as the name "hipster" made me cringe, I ordered one ($3.50):

It didn't cause me to grow ironic facial hair (at least not intentionally) as I 'stached this sandwich in my stomach. The hazelnut romesco was relegated to a restricted region so I filberted the fringes for better distribution over the scrambled egg and pepper jack.

It was okay, but the "New Yorker" ($5.00):

... was more our thing with sausage, bacon and American cheese saluting the scrambled center of this soft roll which we supplemented with a pickled egg ($1.50):

These diminutive decks were good, but it seems like the lunch list might be the way to head next time.

Penny Diner

410 SW Broadway
Portland, OR









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