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November 1-10, 2012


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  Saturday, November 10, 2012

Choosing a restaurant to show off Portland chow to a dear friend visiting from the Bay Area meant restricting the options to those taking rezzies (so Ox was out). Remembering the excellent pork dish at Ned Ludd, it seemed like a good option.

We ordered identically, starting with a cabbage salad ($8.00):

... with sweet slivers of Fuji flirting with bits of pungent cheese and a crunch of walnuts.

The salmon ($20.00):

... was unsalted and without the chanterelles listed on the menu. Mushrooms migrated to us when we pointed out their absence, but they were cold.

The haricots Tarbais were tasty enough but the salmon was cooked a little beyond our requested rare making for a meh main.

The "oven kissed chocolate chip cookie" ($8.00):

... had a scorched surface dotted with sea salt. It arrived piping hot but would have been more to our tastes if it spent less time in the oven to keep a moist interior and if the chocolate ratio was higher.

In an unusual move, staff members didn't inquire about the chow.

I have had superior 'speriences here in the past so perhaps this evening of delayed drinks coupled with over and under radiated rations was a fluke. Fortunately, the company had me happily distracted from this forgettable fortification.

Ned Ludd
3925 NE MLK
Portland, OR



  Friday, November 9, 2012

The bulkoki-chicken combo ($7.00):

... at #1 Bento came in a plastic pack lined with sauce absorbing rice, nicely seasoned cellophane noodles, iceberg salad and a little tub of kimchee. Strips of chicken were good grub while the shreds of marinated beef were okay, but made me wish I had gone with the short rib instead.

This case of comfort chow hit the spot at this student sustenance stop.

#1 Bento
SW 10th and Alder St.
Portland, OR



  Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slowburger is the latest drop in The Ocean where they cook the half pound beef burgers medium unless otherwise specified.

We went with medium rare in our Cheddar, caramelized onion and bacon burger ($8.00):

... and the blue cheese and pancetta portion ($8.50):

Both brioche-bordered burgers were nice noshage. but the beer-battered onion rings ($3.00):

... were too greasy for us. The fries "with stinky cheese" ($4.00):

... were more our thing with crispy spud sticks lactosely linked together.

We tapped these down with some suds at this simple sustenance stop. Next time we'll check out their mini option ($3.50 per slider sized burger) so we can sample our way through the rest of the menu.


2319 NE Glisan St.
Portland, OR



  Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The BBQ spare rib platter ($13.50):

... at Clay's Smokehouse:

... was strewn with sauced swine sticks that were tender and smoky. Although good, the ones at Podnahs and Russell's still rate towards the top for our tastes.

The Catfish platter ($15.50):

... has littered with tomato salsa over seared feline fish fillets. Mustard greens were a nice nip with a pleasingly vinegary poppyseeded slaw. Toast and taters lent starch support to both of the platters washed down by Eel River IPA.

We'll have to return to this funky fortress of fumes to check out their prime rib, brisket and mac and cheese.

Clay's Smokehouse Grill

2932 SE Division St.
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our sack of chicken ($6.00):

... bloomed with grease spots as we toted our crisply-fried fowl from Flogene's Home Cookin' stand. A tender, fluffy, drop biscuit:

... was a nice crusty backdrop to the well seasoned wares from this aptly named coop of good grub.

Flogene's Home Cookin'
Food Pod at 9th and Washington
Portland, OR



  Monday, November 5, 2012

The Clearing Café is a homey, hippie hutch that makes brown rice and kale influenced chow as well as baked goods.

The hazelnut raisin scone ($2.50):

... was filled with 'berty flavor. We wedged in this nutty nub alongside a bran muffin ($2.50):

... topped with millet, flax and sunflower seeds. This grainy gob was a good representation of this genre.

An apple square ($2.75):

... was a crumbcakey cube with dried cranberries. This fine four-cornered fruit flap added to their battery of baking.

We'll have to return when they have some pie in the case...

The Clearing Café
2772 NW Thurman St.
Portland, OR



  Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trigger is the latest Bunk Sandwiches and Bar business.

They pulled off the same mood in this chamber of chompage firing off "Bunk-Mex" cuisine with the emphasis on tortilla-based chow.

We sat down to ice cold beer with chips and salsa while a kitchen mix up had the server stressing about the long delay.

The pork belly quesadilla ($9.50):

... with onions, potatoes and cheese was crisped on the griddle with a melty midsection.

The rest of our order got lost in the shuffle so the kitchen boxed it up so we could hit the road.

Lengua ($4.00):

... had a lick of tomatilla salsa this this enunciation of tonguey 'tilla while the fried avocado taco ($4.00):

... was a cravable 'cado cradle of crumb-coated, crisped, avo with crema and lettuce. These were our faves from this bunker under the Wonder Ballroom.

We will definitely shoot back to check out more after they've had a chance to get their delivery systems more on target.


128 NE Russell St.
Portland, OR



  Saturday, November 3, 2012

The recently opened Cheryl's on 12th is a café and market:

... with baked goods, a cheese case and table service for weekend brunch.

Mini "beignets":

... were a little lagniappe of hot from the fryer dough dollops rolled in cinnamon sugar.

We both dug into omelets (10.00, and $9.00). Cheddar, Jack, green chile and chorizo:

... and an avo-capped broccoli, pepper and spinach:

... were both find fold-ovas with fruit:

The friendly staff kept a watchful eye to make sure their customers felt taken care of at this new noshateria.

Cheryl's on 12th

1135 SW Washington St.
Portland, OR



  Friday, November 2, 2012


... double chocolate cookies ($2.25):

... are flourless fruitions of cocao contentment. These crackly crusted circles tantalize with a textural tour of crunch, creaminess and chocolate chips.

Although not as hedonistic, the French butter almond cookie ($2.00):

... is a marzi-pleasure with slivers of nuttiness in a crispy churned chomp.

This bakery's buttery bundles keep us ducking into their doughminion.


404 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR



  Thursday, November 1, 2012

A range of low expectations accompanied me to Buffalo Wild Wings.

This roosterant reliant on fictional flying appendages:

... is among the limited options in Hillsboro's sports bar dining.

The friendly staff served up a steak wrap with jack cheese, tomato and lettuce:

The accompanying onion rings were crisp and grease-free.

A bank of televisions added a sports-filled backdrop to this chain chompage that was everything one would expect.

Buffalo Wild Wings
2219 NW Allie Ave.
Hillsboro, OR









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