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January 21-31, 2013


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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The decor at Wild Abandon:

... is a mash up of flea market finds and Greek mythology murals.

We chomped on some fried chicken ($10.00):

... with a cornflaked crust. Moist meat and a crunchy, cereal shield was gilded with gravy and yolky runoff from a couple of overeasies. A drop biscuit 'sorbed the surplus sauce along with some spuds that collected crispness from the griddle.

Salmon ($13.00):

... got a balsamic boost sided with haricot verts and cottage fries. This simple seafood surfing was solid sustenance as we enjoyed this funky, Greece-y spoon.

Wild Abandon

2411 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Standard issue chicken wings ($5.00):

... started our meal at the Mellow Mushroom.

There was a nice list of drafts to wash down our half "magical mushroom" half "house" ($25.00):

... with red sauce, cheese and a meat melange mat. This pizzeria may not make it on to our 'ria rotation but a decent crust and friendly staff made for a good visit.

Mellow Mushroom
1411 NW Flanders St.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pizza Contadino:

... is a cart with a sym -pie-otic relationship with a neighboring bar:

... where the kind pie man delivered our half pepperoni, half mushroom, kale and goat cheese 'za ($20.00).

We sipped cheap red wine with our cart chow while taking in televised football in this warming hut.

A sourdough crust added interest to this solid circle of meat and veg wedge in a friendly and funky St. John's bar.

Pizza Contadino

8218 N Lombard
Portland, OR




Monday, January 28, 2013

We lumbered over to Redwood:

... during happy hour where a barrel mug of "Redwood Original" ($8.00) with bourbon, vermouth and bitters and a "Young American" ($8.00) with muddled lime, Makers Mark and ginger ale whet our whistles with sparkling, whiskied, perkiness.

Chicken wings ($6.00):

... were moist, meaty, crisp-crusted clucker with a hint of hot and a swagger of sweet. Pickled cauliflower offered crisp, vinegary contrast to these fine flappers.

Pot roast ($15.00):

... was a homey helping fringed with fries while a basket of Brussels sprouts ($4.00):

... were deep fried to a fringey flourish of nicely negated nutrition.

This new growth Stumptown stop logged in as a welcoming watering hole. We'll have to check out the tongue sandwich next time.

7915 SE Stark
Portland, OR




Sunday, January 27, 2013

A couple of Manhattans ($6.00 each):

... went down well during Happy Hour at 3 Doors Down:

... where we dug into panko-coated, deep fried oysters ($7.50):

... with a Scriacha aioli and a fettuccine with truffle oil ($7.50):

... but the star turned out to be the lasagna ($8.50):

... with Brussels sprouts and mushrooms bound with béchamel.

This value venue was a fine stop for a solid snack before hitting the hippie habitat of Hawthorne Blvd.

3 Doors Down Cafe

1429 SE 37th Ave.
Portland, OR




Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rescue Bagels is the latest (staff of) life preserver to bob up in the boiled and baked cart-a gory.

We resuscitated with an onion bagel schmeared with salmon cream cheese ($3.25):

This spawnspread was swell on the luscious leavened link.

We had a salt bagel ($1.50) to sperience a solo, saline circle and found this hoop had the same cheery chewiness shared by its breaderen.

An everything bagel with egg and Cheddar ($4.00):

... completed our rescue mission to this proof-veyor of good 'gels.

Rescue Bagels

SW 6th and Columbia
Portland, OR




Friday, January 25, 2013

We pulled into Trigger:

... for another round of drinks and snacks.

A couple Boneyard IPAs ($3.50 each) and an agua fresca margarita ($8.00) with mango and peach hit the target along with a re-order of their fabulous fried avocado taco ($4.00) with a crunchy crust cradling creamy 'cado. The rockfish ($4.00) version also had a sensational shield of blue corn "breading" but the brisket ($4.00) was a little drier than we had hoped.

Frito pie ($7.00):

... didn't come in the traditional, slashed open bag, but was a fancier foray into this chippy chomp with scoopy shaped corn-figurations cradling cravable chiled chili topped with sour cream.

Pork shoulder shrugged into a quesadilla ($9.50):

... that dilla-livered the goods with a smoked chile crema.

This chamber of chompage is a bolstering holster of good grub.


126 NE Russell St.
Portland, OR




Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fresh wasabi swam along side hamachi sashimi ($21.00):

... at Masu.

We scaled a flight to happy hour at this second floor foundation where Murai Tokubetsu Honjozo offered a flourish to the Nihon nosh.

Benikzake, aji, hirame, hotate and amaebi nigiri ($3.50 - $7.00):

... as well as a caterpillar ($9.00) and hamachi and pepper-topped crab roll ($17.00):

... were all fine fish food at this clubby cubby.

Masu Sushi
406 SW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chocolate bitters gave the "Elbow High" ($7.00) at Bar Dobre:

... a cocao-cktail kick to this Jim Beam'ed, cherry cola and Aperol'tif while the "ryemouth" ($9.00) was a bonal 'bibe of Bulliet that hit the target.

We ordered an item from each the "Poland" and the "Portland" sides of the menu.

Pierogi ($6.00):

... were pleasing packets of potato, onion, mushrooms and cheese accented with sour cream while the burger ($10.50):

... was a half pound heifer helping with Gruyere and caramelized onions. The meat was more medium than rare, but still okay between borders of brioche and fringed with fries.

"Dobre" means "good" in Polish and this friendly bar lived up to the name. Next time we'll have to try the house made kielbasa.

Bar Dobre
3962 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We slipped
into Cacao:

... to sip a flight ($6.00):

... of their drinking chocolates which included a 72% Ecuadorian with milk and cream, a cinnamon-infused 49% Venezuelan milk and 65% Venezuelan dark with milk and cream as well as a 72% Ecuadorian dark with coconut milk, milk, cream, cayenne, ginger and smoked paprika.

My fave was the cinnamony solution while Chubby preferred the spicy dark potion.

We perused the lusciously laden shelves:

... at this beany boutique and will return to check out more of their specialized sweets soon.


414 SW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR




Monday, January 21, 2013

We brit into crumpets ($12.00):

... with smoked salmon and creme fraiche at the counter:

... of Raven & Rose.

These skillet and seafood circles swam down with Prosecco followed by a salad ($11.00):

... topped with paper thin sheets of croutons that shattered over cardoons, fingerling potatoes and boiled eggs in a tangy, bright, vinaigrette.

A sumptuous stump of short rib ($25.00):

... sung with 2010 Stefan Accordini Valpolicella. This tender tucker got a football of Yorkshire pudding rooted with veg while the rotisserie chicken ($22.00):

... was rotated and radiated to produce juicy joints joined by pounded potatoes punctuated with cabbage parsed with nips. It was fine fowl but the beef rose to the ravin' category at this nouveau nest in the Northwest.

Raven and Rose
1331 SW Broadway
Portland, OR









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