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January 11-20, 2013


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The eggs on Fleur de Lis':

... breakfast sandwiches were cooked til firm (which 'pears to be a prevailing Portland practice). We got the Cheddared variety ($5.00):

... as well as a more interesting version with bacon, cheese and arugula ($6.00):

... but these morning mits had pillowy bread that didn't trump our go-to, crusty-loafed, Lovejoy Bakery favorites.

There were other items parading by that looked superior to our selections, and on past visits to this lily lounge, we have bitten into baking that was more our thing.

Even though we weren't in tune with today's order, a musical performance taking place in the cafe by Rene Berblinger and Olivia Duffy:

... had us completely captivated.

Fleur de Lis Bakery

3930 NE Hancock St.
Portland, OR




Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pretzel-wrapped hot dog ($7.00):

... at Fressen Bakery:

... was an Olympic Provisions sausage wound with a spiral of POTUS plugger. Hot from the oven, this baked baton lapped other local linkage with a combo of k-9 quality and heavenly leaven. House made mustard and pickled beets seeded and reddened this swell stick with a twist.

The frittata ($8.00):

... with mushrooms and chèvre was okay, but the slices of wheat bread toast were the true star with a sourdough tang to this lovely loafage.

Olympic Provisions salumi, pickled egg, cheese and a mini pretzel bread comprised a breakfast board ($7.00):

... that was nice noshage with more of the notable kneads of this German bakery.

We loved our visit to friendly, funky, Fressen and knead to visit again soon.

Fressen Artisan Bakery

523 NE 19th
Portland, OR




Friday, January 18, 2013

We hoofed back to The Tannery which is one swell hide out for cocktails.

"Quince Jones" ($9.00) with white dog, quince shrub, Averna, lemon and soda produced a light and fruity track while the "Widow's Kiss" ($9.00) with apple brandy, Benedictine and yellow Chartreuse was a peck of pleasing potency.

We embarked on a Monte Cristo ($12.00):

... with a tub of Marionberry preserves. This Gruyere, ham, and turkey tower dusted with confectioners sugar was the sandwich worlds answer to sweet and savory solidarity. Melty cheese melding with meat and Marions made this Monte count.

The preserved fish plate ($16.00):

... was an aquariyum of fresh anchovies and tendercles of octopus with lots of room for a swell sardine. We savored this sortment of seafood.

Iberico ham ($14.00):

... had sweet flab fringing morsels of muscle shaved from the leg of this hog haunch. This savorable swine sang sided with fries ($6.00):

... with excellent aioli with a hint of chili.

A final Vieux Carre ($9.00):

... had a nice balance of bitters to this fine fluid that fortified us for formulating our plan of attack on our future visits...the shepherds pie sounds enticing...

Tannery Bar
5425 E Burnside
Portland, OR




Thursday, January 17, 2013

The burger ($8.00):

... at The Hop & Vine:

... was a marvelous meat mit mounded with bacon, Leyden cheese and a fried egg bumpered with a house made bun. This craveable cowich was the MVP of our draft dependent meal.

A flight of Anchor Steam suds ($10.00):

... and a pint of Caldera IPA ($6.00):

... washed down some seasoned popcorn ($2.00):

... and a homey tomato soup ($5.00) with a grilled cheese:

... that had a bread ratio that hovered on the high side (but that burger was the thing to order) at this swell stop for sips and snacks.

The Hop & Vine

1914 N Killingsworth St.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Baowry is an eatery created in a former crack house:

... to lure food junkies with fluffy steamed buns busting with pork ($10.00):

These marvelous mits of meat had swiney sweetness from plum sauce and are mandatory munching

The "perfect egg" ($8.00):

... was a sous vided 'bryo hatching in a fried noodle nest with a tobiko pesto. This combo proved eggshellent.

We weren't as into the braised greens ($5.00) which were a little over vinegared for our tastes but the bacony mussels ($14.00):

... flexed their pleasing plumpness in a potion of black bean sauce.

A couple wheat beer drafts ($4.00 each) were good grain glugs at this friendly St. John bao house. We will have to migrate back for the duck buns.

The Baowry
8307 N. Ivanhoe
Portland, OR




Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Road Runner Bar-B-Q is a red Wiggum wagon parked at the Carts on Foster food pod.

This engine of smoke produced a bundle of brisket ($7.00):

... in a bun. Luscious slices of juicy beef was a marvelous muscle mound that we tore through with some mac and cheese ($1.50):

This churchyroni was good, but didn't worship at the alter of crispy bits that we frequent. We instead, turned to the accompanying bag of chips for some brittle bites.

Road Runner Bar-B-Q
Carts on Foster
5205 SE Foster
Portland, OR




Monday, January 14, 2013

It played out like a time lapse as we watched neighboring tables, seat, eat and complete their meals while we drained our beers at Taste of Sichuan.

After inquiring if our order was in play, there was a huddle of discussion and our food erupted from the bustling kitchen.

First, a cold appetizer of Fu Chi beef ($7.95):

... was a deck of thinly sliced, chili sauced, bovine bumpered by Szechuan dumplings ($5.95):

... which were standard issue bundles.

We loved the "other parts of the pig" dish ($12.95):

... which came on a flaming foundation to warm a marvelous melange of pig intestines, blood cubes, tofu and cabbage which we savored over mounds of rice.

The Szechuan style crab ($28.00):

... was also a winner with broken off bits of bottom feeder fried and spiced to a fabulous, filthy, feast.

Taste of Sichuan got off to a slow start, but we were offally into their handling of pig and seafood.

Taste of Sichuan
16261 NW Cornell Rd.
Beaverton, OR




Sunday, January 13, 2013

Authentica was great for dinner so we bounded back for brunch where an appetizer of molletes gratinados ($5.00):

... started us off. This gratin of Mexican bread sat in a pool of refried black beans with Oaxacan cheese and tomato chile sauce. We sopped up the sauce with their fabulous house made tortillas and supplemented the seasoning with a trio of salsas - arbol, avocado and crudo.

Huevos rancheros ($12.00):

... was a hammy helping of fried egg finery. Queso fresco, avocado, chili sauce and refried beans rounded out this relishable ration.

Menudo ($12.00):

... was a stomachable standard that wowed with a nicely balanced broth that we showered with chopped cilantro, onion, jalapeños and lime juice.

It's odd that in brunch-crazy Portland there are places with hours-long queues and we eased into this Sunday situation deleting the delay.

Authentica Mexican Cuisine

5507 NE 30th Ave.
Portland, OR




Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Caldo Verde ($29.50):

... wasn't a green bath but more towards the red at Higgins Restaurant:

... where this mussel, clam salmon and sausage solution was a little more cooked than we prefer.

The Cassoulet ($29.50):

... had a nice breadcrumbed crust over white beans, duck confit and sausage. This notoriously heavy dish was true to it's nature in an ode to the chilly climate outside.

Higgins attracts a crowd with its old school vibe and large portions but may not be one for our rotation.

Higgins Restaurant
1239 Broadway
Portland, OR




Friday, January 11, 2013

The croissants that came with our breakfasts at Petite Provence:

... were a little greasier than we prefer, but were flaky crescents:

...before our omelets ($9.95 each).

Artichoke hearts, mozzarella and anemic tomatoes adorned the "Colette":

... while sausage, spinach, mushrooms and feta folded into their namesake omelette:

Both of these were on the dry side (due to ova cooking) but this popular portal proves that they are pleasing most with their French 'fluenced fare.

Petite Provence
1824 NE Alberta
Portland, OR









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