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June 22-30, 2013


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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hands on Café:

... is in the Oregon College of Art and Craft:

... (I always thought it was “arts and crafts” but maybe they like to keep their curriculum compact at this particular portal of higher learning).

Hippie pottery:

... heralded our meal along with slices of melon and a plate with slices of “sweet breads”:

... or as I know them “cake”.

The snapper ($12.00):

... was more cooked than we prefer but the runny yolks of the poached eggs helped to hydrate this black bean bordered dish. The polenta wedges were on the bland side and there was an overall under-seasoning as far as our entrees were concerned.

Spaghetti squash filled an omelette ($11.00):

... with black beans, onion and cheese. Rosemary potatoes lacked crispy bits, but were okay spears of spuds once they got a shower of saline.

The clientele was comprised primarily of either elderly students or retirees (which might explain the lack of sodium) who flocked to the pleasant patio:

... in this wooded warren of art and craft.

Hands on Café
8245 SW Barnes Rd.
Portland, OR





Saturday, June 29, 2013

Slices ($3.00 each) at Good Neighbor Pizzeria:

... had a crackery crust. We went with a portion of pepperoni with dried oregano:

... as well as a vegetarian version with tomato, scallions and mushrooms:

These wares may not warrant a detour, but they were still a solid snack.

Good Neighbor Pizzeria
800 NE Dekum St.
Portland, OR






Friday, June 28, 2013

We selected Habitat for Humanity as the donation destination for a portion of our pint purchases at Oregon Public House.

This non-profit pub’s charitable charge is channeled to the chugger’s choice from a menu of interesting organizations - a sort of way to drown other people’s sorrows with second hand alcohol.

Our sud-sidized sips of Ninkasi IPA and Dogfish Head suds:

... washed down a cheeseburger ($8.00):

... with Cheddar that had compacted, underseasoned patty. The sweet potato tots ($1.50 to sub for fries) were sweet spud plugs that weren’t our thing.

Fish and chips ($10.00):

... weren’t a reorder either. We showered our seafood with malt vinegar in an attempt to add interest to these flat fillets. The fries however, were crisp with starchy centers. We chomped down these potato prongs happily.

Oregon Public House is a hoppy hippie haven with an upstairs ballroom in which they perform functions complementary to the gauged-eyed lifestyle.

Oregon Public House
700 NE Dekum
Portland, OR





Thursday, June 27, 2013

We were lucky enough to judge another Taste TV chocolate competition which allowed us to sample some sensational slabs of pod product.

Beijo de Chocolat had a cravable combo of peanuts, caramel and dark chocolate:

... while V’s 90% classic dark chocolate:

... was intensely fruity with citrus and cherry.

The Girl Scouts should follow William Dean’s lead with his mint cookie munchable:

A new one on us was Gem Chocolates 68% bar:

... which was a treasurable, delectable, dark chocolate.

We weaved our way through the meh to the marvelous and emerged with some new notables.





Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ichidai looked a little divey:

... and we were left lingering for a while before our frosty beers quenched our qualms.

A Moriawase ($16.95):

... held a sashimi selection of maguro, hamachi, albacore, sake and tako enriched with bits of avocado.

Hotate, sake and uni ($4.25-$5.90):

... were noshable nigiri capped of with a regal “king roll” ($6.75):

... crowned with uni.

Panko crusted oysters ($4.50):

... were okay (but not a reorder since the dominant dimension was the bread crumby border) while yakiniku ($4.25):

... were nifty beef sheets that tucked in well with our rice. Marvelous miso cod ($5.75):

...also hit the spot at this low key locale that may not be towards the top of our list, but was still a reasonable stop for a seafoody supper.

5714 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR





Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We happened upon the late Happy Hour at Blue Hour:

... where we chomped on marcona almonds ($2.00):

... and fried cheesy olives ($3.00):

... along with our Doc Holladay ($10.00) with Fernet, whiskey and Peychaud’s and a Templeton Abbey ($13.00) composed of Canton ginger, lime, cuke and Templeton rye.

The bar burger ($12.00):

... was a solid sandwich specimen fringed with fries while a pizzetta ($12.00):

... had a nice egg topping off an otherwise lackluster salumi circle.

This swank lounge was a good stop for late night bites.

Blue Hour
250 NW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR





Monday, June 24, 2013

Fernet filled in for Absinthe in Alberta Street Pub’s take on a sazerac ($9.00):

... with a bonus Branca booster siding this whiskied welcome to Alberta’s new watering hole.

The Portland Sour ($7):

... was a lemony lift to Temperance whisky in a cheery cherried chug.

Lamb dirty fries ($9.00):

... had richness from braised bleater, tang from feta and preserved lemon and a punch from pepperoncini.

These fine frites fortified us before a cheddar charged burger ($11.00):

... which had a denser, finer grind to the meat than we prefer, but it was still good with roasted tomato, pickled onion and a side salad.

Chicken thighs ($6.00):

... with toasted, slivered almonds mingled with sherry sauce in a swell serving of moist meatiness.

Alberta Street Pub was a friendly stop for solid snackage.

Alberta Street Pub
1036 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR





Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disco fries ($8.00):

... at Double Dragon:

... was a poutine-esque potato portion with miso bacon gravy and queso fresco.

We washed down this spudtacular specimen with a malty pint of Anderson Valley Summer Solstice and a Boneyard IPA before moving on to slay a bowl of ramen ($9.00):

This pork belly and chicken noodled soup was enriched with coconut milk. The slurpable starch strands were top notch in taste as they tangled soft boiled eggs, cilantro and Thai basil.

The fried chicken ($11.00):

... had a tempura shell that shattered around the succulent meat. These marvelous muscle masses were sided by collard greens enhanced by chile and bacon.

Double Dragon is worth entering multiple times.

Double Dragon
1235 SE Division St.
Portland, OR





Saturday, June 22, 2013

We reentered the ring
at Boxer Sushi:

... where we went a few rounds with sashimi jabbing at feather weight flaps of scallop ($11.00):

... perked with peppers and chives in a pool of olive oil.

Salmon ceviche ($15.00):

... was Thai’ed up with chilies, tobiko and cilantro roped in with white soy.

Kumquats and serrano chile punched up yellowtail ($14.00):

... washed down with a humongous Asahi ($6.00):

Nigiri ($5.00-$6.00):

... weaved in with tako, albacore, striped mackerel and dungeness crab followed up with a salmon maki ($12.00):

... with crab, asparagus and avocado.

Boxer weighs in with champion chomps that keep us hooked.

Boxer Sushi

1524 SE 20th Ave.
Portland, OR










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