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January 1-10, 2013


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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our Manhattan ($9.00) and Green Point ($9.00):

... were good communing at Cathedral Park Kitchen.

We whiskied these wares down with a old school style grilled cheese ($4.00):

... which was nice nursery nourishment.

A cup of chili with tortilla chips ($4.00):

... was a beany break of standard counter measures while the lamb burger ($12.00):

... had a higher bread to bleat balance than we prefer while the accompanying sweet potato fries were more our thing.

Cathedral Park Kitchen was a funky dine-ocese with good drinks and homey food.

Cathedral Park Kitchen
6635 N Baltimore Ave.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The molten middle of Alpine cheese oozed from between slices of levain bread at the Cheese Bar:

... where we savored this swell sandwich ($5.00):

... alongside mac and cheese ($8.50):

... which was grilddled to produce a pleasingly crisp crust. Kale, nuts and apple rounded our the relishable 'roni.

A "stinky cheese" board ($7.00):

... with a white wine-rubbed French cow and a raw milk domestic cow may not have been what we would have described as stinky, but had good aromas that made for luscious lactose.

Quince and apple were capped with oats in a crisp gilded with caramel ($6.00):

This hot tree-t was good, but could have used more crunch in the topping.

It has been too long since our last visit to the Cheese Bar. We love this well curated curd concession and will wheel back soon.

The Cheese Bar

6031 SE Belmont
Portland, OR




Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The fully booked dining room caught us by surprise and we were bummed that the bar menu at (the newly opened) Raven & Rose:

... was limited to snackage - but we made due with "Steve's cheese plate" ($12.00):

... with a pimenton coated goat, a Mt. Zion goat and a hard cow surrounding diced, poached quince. This coagulation collection was coerced by Steve of The Cheese Bar and 'ccompanied with house made crackers that had a delicate, shattering, thin, satisfying saltiness.

Olives ($3.00):

... were an assortment branch baubles that bounced down with an exceptional Vieux Carre ($9.00) that got a boost from Amaro Antiica. A warming Irish coffee ($9.00) offered some heat before hitting the chilly concrete outside.

We made rezzies for our return to check out their non-nibbly nosh next time.

Raven & Rose
1331 Broadway
Portland, OR




Monday, January 7, 2013

We ripped through a Bourbon Renewal ($5.00) with lemon cassis and bitters but savored a shot of Pappy Van Winkle 20 yr ($40.00):

... at Clyde Common where happy hour was in full force.

Olives and almonds ($3.00):

... and popcorn ($3.00):

... were cravable crunching during our whiskied rest stop.

Clyde Common

1014 SW Stark
Portland, OR




Sunday, January 6, 2013

The crowds outside of Screen Door looked like the wait would stretch past eternity so we scratched our heads when we found a nearly empty dining room at Navarre:

... where our baked eggs over lentils ($8.00):

... were runny yolked and the onion and bacon scramble ($9.00):

... held tangy tidbits of blue cheese.

A salumi plate ($4.00):

... had layers of 'lumi that we scaled through before a couple crab cakes ($9.00):

... 'mami'ed with mushrooms and skirted (perplexingly) with a citrus marmalade. We enjoyed the crisped fringes of these bottom eater blobs washed down by plenty of self serve coffee.

We'll have to swing by and check out their dinner menu.

10 NE 28th St.
Portland, OR




Saturday, January 5, 2013

The cheese scone ($3.00):

... and tartlette ($5.00):

... at Tula Gluten Free Bakery Cafe:

... were accompanied by a musical performance in this highbrow hippie hangout.

The Cheddar and Parmesan puck had dill scattered throughout. It was tougher than we prefer, but still okay. The spinach, mushroom and ricotta tart had a tender texture but didn't have the seasoning to keep it from being sidelined.

If we were intolerant of glutenous globs, this place would probably hold more appeal, but it was a fine place to take in kneadless nosh.

4943 NE MLK
Portland, OR




Friday, January 4, 2013

The cheesy fries ($7.00):

... at Irving Street Kitchen were crisp parmesaned pommes pokers perfumed with truffle oil.

We nibbled these nubs while sipping whisky sours followed by suds to draft down sliders ($6.00):

... with tomato mayo (tomayo?) and a "croque monsieur" ($6.00):

... that had waffle standing in for pain de mie and sweet pepper jelly standing in for an outraged Frenchman.

Irving Street may not be entirely up our alley, but their happy hour snackage fueled us for the hop back to the hutch.

Irving Street Kitchen
701 NW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR




Thursday, January 3, 2013

We harvested cups off of the branch of mugs:

... at J&M Cafe:

... where self serve Extracto Coffee was the warm up act for Scrapple ($7.95):

... with a dab of maple syrup soaked into the cornmeal and sausage slice suspended over spuds. Scrambled eggs and toast accompanied this crusty, corny, card of carne which was a satisfying scrap and scram.

Short ribs ($10.95):

... collapsed in a meaty mound over caramelized onioned-eggs. This sumptuous scram with with browned potatoes and toast was a spot hitting rib-sticker.

J&M had no wait during prime breakfasting time (perhaps due to its semi-industrial location) whatever the reason, it was a nice place to grab some grub without the fuss.

J&M Cafe

537 SE Ash St.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We were in the mood for one of Laurelhurst Market's:

... ribeyes ($38.00):

... which they ring with onions to flesh out the marbled muscle. Before we carved off rare, red ribbons of relishability, we savored the salmon ($26.00):

... which was cushioned with nubs of gnocchi. This firm, fresh, flapper highlighted their handiness with gilled goods (even though their menu steers towards turf.)

A side of veg ($8.00):

... with squash, fennel and Brussels was a pleasing patch of munching matter at this meaty market that inspires our 'hurst for their laurel-worthy chow.

Laurelhurst Market
3155 E Burnside St.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 held a lot of Portland provisions including Olympic caliber hot dogs:

...and leavened loops:

We nested at a new favorite:

...had some top notch nosh:

...reached carne:


...and had some tasty, tiny tucker:

The year held excellent:


... Indian:

...and Japanese: well as tremendous toast:

...and pie:

Even though we had some great grub in the town of stumps and bridges, the best dining experience of 2012 was slightly South:

We've gotten the hang of self serve coffee in full service restaurants, 2 hour waits for brunch, Edison bulbs illuminating every restaurant and no rezzies for parties populated by fewer than 6 and we gotten to love the flood of food carts, cheap and easily obtained hard liquor licenses, little glasses of water served when you order an espresso and the friendly NW demeanor.










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