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June 1-10, 2013


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Monday, June 10, 2013

Rye cured salmon with shaved asparagus and pea shoots ($14.00):

... was a stunning and simple stack of freshness at Sauvage.

We devoured this dish along with some smoked, confited, chicken wings:

... which got a boost of blue cheese and crunch of fennel slaw.

Boar ($22.00):

... excited with a combo of cuts in a sumptuous serving of muscle mingled with green strawberries, kim chi and garbanzos.

This wine bar had some fun juice to join with the chow. They reccoed some good glugs:

... to go with each of their inspired eats. We will definitely return for more.


537 SE Ash St. (Entrance on 6th)
Portland, OR





Sunday, June 9, 2013

We didn’t have din din at Din Din, but found ourselves in their homey hutch during their Sunday matinée menu as our introduction to this nifty noshateria.

Rustic bread and salt:

... showered butter with crisp radishes:

... were a nice warm up act.

Puy lentlis pedestaled crisp-skinned trout ($14.00):

... with a head dress of endive anchored with a boiled egg. This hooked our palates as we sunk into this fine line of flavors.

Duck egg omelette, zucchini ribbons and a glass of Morgon ($14.00):

... was a menu item we were unable to resist. This ducky descent coerced with courgette was a fine futon. The enabling element of packaging potables with early eats led to a lazy afternoon.

We were impressed by this convivial coordinate and plan to return to Din Din during one of their prix fixe dinners soon.

Din Din
920 NE Glisan
Portland, OR





Saturday, June 8, 2013

The gift of cheese arrived at our hutch as a rind up to a fabulous subscription from The Cheese Store.

W. knows we love these lactosey letters and today’s was a selection from France.

Brouere was Gruyerey with a nutty nudge to this cowagulation while the Le mothais sur fueille was a cedar leaf-wrapped, tangy and creamy goat puck.

Our fave was the Lavort which was an aged, smoky, sheep. This raw milk hunk was savorably stunning.

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills






Friday, June 7, 2013

A rinse of absinthe gave the Night Ride ($8.00) a light lilt of licorice in this elderflower and lemon libation. This puckery potion of whiskied wonder and a vermouthful of G&G Manhattan ($8.00):

... were fine fluids for chomping on chicken skin-flecked popcorn ($3.00):

... with poultry seasonings and herbs. All this at a humble corner of a bar at Old Salt Marketplace.

Radishes with whipped brown butter ($5.00):

... were crisply nuttified by the darkened dairy showered with salt.

Fried cardoons ($8.00):

... were served with a shaved crudites. These sheets of crunchy vegetables were a fine backdrop for the stemmy stuff.

A terrific tartare ($11.00):

... came pre-mixed with paper thin sheets of toasted bread. This beefy blend was bloody good.

Pork ($15.00):

... was presented on a cheesey polenta in the form of ham and head cheese. A crisp croquette burst with a fatty fluid that poured into the the polenta while turnips rooted the dish in earthiness. Chicharrones added crunchy crevices in this spotlight on swine.

A butcher shop and deli complete this two fisted business from the Grain & Gristle people.

We will return soon to check out their salt potatoes, meat pies and beef.

Old Salt Marketplace
5013 NE 42nd Ave.
Portland, OR






Thursday, June 6, 2013

The deli counter:

... in the Virgin lounge at Heathrow:

... yielded some cheese and salami to nibble on:

... before a burger:

My medium rare request was denied, “well done is the only way we serve it.” It arrived fully irradiated with thick cut chips which was filling enough to prompt skipping the mid flight fare.

When we lived in the UK we used to commute on Virgin and enjoyed their in flight massages (which they sadly, no longer offer). All of the spa services that used to be available durning the trip have moved to the lounge.

It’s time to get a nice rare burger in Portland.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

Heathrow Airport






Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Charlotte Street Hotel was fully booked, but their sister sleep center, Soho Hotel, was just fine.

Little Italy Restaurant:

... was just a short walk away where buffalo mozzarella (£13.00):

... with peppers and arugula was good grub with a glug of balsamico.

Vitello Olandese alla Milanese (£28.00):

... was a fine flap of fried breaded veal healthified with a heap of spinach.

We were satisfied by the simple sustenance in Soho before hitting the hay.

Little Italy
21 Frith St.
Soho, London
+44 (0)207 7344737




Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Brassey Restaurant buffet:

... at the Crown Plaza Hotel:

... (included with stay) had some of the classic fry up items but sadly, there was no blood pudding or mushrooms.

Undercooked tomato and eggs that were chafed into a hardened state were eased by back bacon, streaky bacon, sausage and some yogurt with pineapple.

The Brassey Restaurant.
Crown Royal Plaza Hotel
Chipping Norton
Oxfordshire, UK
01608 67333


Monday, June 3, 2013

Dorset scallops (£11.00):

... were coquilled and concealed with cauliflower puree that belted in bits of pork belly at Wild Thyme.

This friendly little eatery served up a mean mound of local lamb:

... as well. Peppers, eggplant and potatoes hid under hunks of handsome muscle crusted with herbs and served au jus.

For those who wish to snooze as dessert, they have a few rooms upstairs and this chipper, Chipping, chomping, Norton nook.

Wild Thyme Restaurant with rooms
10 New Street
Chipping Norton
+44 (0)1608 645060


Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Vancouver Airport has a lack of lounges which led us to Milestones.

Our layover was long enough that the toughness of the steak:

... killed a tremendous amount of time surfed up with shrimp in a sea of pepper sauce. Asparagus was less labor intensive fortification for the fight ahead.

Vancouver International Airport




Saturday, June 1, 2013

The list was long at Helsers:

... so we put down our name and went to bean up at Barista:

... where we split a Nuvrei scone:

... to fortify ourselves against what in Portland can be a multi-generational wait. When we returned a half hour later we were surprised to gain seatage right away.

Pancakes paraded by our perch at the counter as we dug into ham and eggs ($7.75):

... with a side of fruit. Runny yolks mingled with a top notch chunk of swineage in this simple setup.

A tower of eggs, chevre, tomatoes and bacon ($8.50):

... were layered with toasted crumpet which teed off with a side of fruit. The blend was a little bready for us and we ended up lessening the leavened layers which accented the curdy component.

We will have to hussle back to Helser’s for some more ham and eggs or one of the puffy Dutch babies that we saw perambulating by.

Helser’s on Alberta
1538 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR









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