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May 21-31, 2013


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Friday, May 31, 2013

Too late for lunch, too early for dinner, Parish’s happy hour was in force with duck hearts ($3.00):

These pulsation of peppers cardiaccented with lemon was arresting.

Baked oysters ($4.00):

... were too generous with the cheese which coagulated into a tough skin while grilled asparagus ($8.00):

... was more our thing with a runny duck yolk daffy-nitively dealing a jab of juice to the smoky spears.

Fried oysters weren’t available (which was the reason for this visit) but this just calls for us to congregate at a later date.

231 NW 11th Ave.
Portland, OR




Thursday, May 30, 2013

We took a break from Jamison after some meh meals but today’s brunch was a sating plating of mushroom scramble ($10.00):

Spinach, leeks and fontina folded together in a fortifying, fungus-filled formation sided with toast and some fruit.

This parkside portal is pivoting towards positive - let’s see if the this becomes a trend...

Jamison Restaurant
900 NW 11th Ave.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We were surprised by the long gap between ordering and eating at Songbird Café:

... (especially since the dining room wasn’t fully populated) but the Stumptown coffee kept us going until tucker touched down with a bacon scramble ($9.00):

The eggs were cooked more than our preference and the addition of green apple wasn’t our thing but the fruit was fine.

Braised greens with grits ($14.00):

... had a couple poached eggs and some sliced avocado. The elements didn’t meld with wet greens grouping together apart from the corny contents which were fine, but not a reorder.

Songbird is a cute cubby but we don’t anticipate migrating back for more.

Songbird Cafe
6839 SE Belmont
Portland, OR




Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A bowl of broth with pork shards and vegetable trimmings:

... started our supper at Wing Wa BBQ King.

The appetizer of BBQ pork:

... was a heap of char siu that we followed up with fish and veg ($8.00):

... and a claypot of beef and egg ($6.95):

Everything was standard issue except for the portion size which was gargantuan.

It seemed like one of those places that you are better off ordering off the Chinese language dry erase menu (which left us to languish with our linguistic limitations.)

The parking lot is shared with several little businesses and we would probably head back to Ha V L next time we’re in the nabe.

Wing Wa BBQ King
2788 SE 82nd Ave.
Portland, OR





Monday, May 27, 2013

We chose Bollywood Theatre as a place to show off Portland chow to pals visiting from the Bay Area.

Some of our faves like the fried okra ($5.50):

... raita-ed well with a crunchy companion of bhel puri ($6.00) with puffed rice, peanuts and potatoes.

House made crackers topped with garbanzos ($5.00):

... got a tang of yogurt and herbaceousness from cilantro as asparagus pakoras ($7.00):

... speared our spots with red-chiled shields served with a ration of raita.

Potato patties ($5.00):

... bobbing on ‘banzos with chutney left us chuffed while pav bhaji ($5.50):

... compounded carbohydrates with toasted rolls touched off with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and spices.

The kati roll ($7.00):

... burritofied chicken, egg, and pickled onion with a paratha perimeter which also appeared as a folded form over the pork vindaloo ($12.00):

... with dal, sambar, raita, chutney and rice.

We demolished our Indian street snackage before capping it all off with some house made waffle cones filled with churnage:

... from Salt & Straw.

Bollywood Theater
2034 NE Alberta
Portland, OR

Salt & Straw
2035 NE Alberta
Portland, OR




Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reel M Inn is a dive bar:

... that specializes in friolator fowl. The 4 piece dinner with jojos ($9.50):

... was a bushel of peckage. Crisp skin crusted moist meat that we saturated in some of the many sauces that sided our serving. Russets made up the battered and fried spud spears that made up the jojo element of this popular poultry portion.

Onion rings ($3.75):

... were standard issue hoopage that rounded out our oily eats at this low brow roosterant.

Reel M Inn
2430 SE Division
Portland, OR




Saturday, May 25, 2013

We got a late start on our evening and happened upon happy hour at Mextiza:

... where a couple Margaritas ($5.00):

... were salt-rimmed sips of puckery potion.

The Tostadita ($5.00):

... was a brittle masa mat turfed with shredded lettuce, proteined with pork and starched with spuds with crema capping this little swine salad.

A cigar wasn’t a cigar in the case of our molote ($3.00):

... which extinguished its chicken core in the middle of masa.

Queso and crema smoothed this tube of tastiness that we inhaled alongside a doradita ($3.00):

... with fried pork and avocado puree with a kick of chipotle.

A side of guacamole ($7.00):

... was made in a smoother style than we prefer, but it was still mashdicatable mingled with some salsas and chips.

The calamari Chileajo ($5.00):

... was tentacled tufts of sautéed squid squiggled through bricks of bread in a lime lifted, chile charged, mound of ‘mari.

Hora Feliz at Mextiza was a contenting comida after 9 p.m.

2103 N Killingsworth
Portland, OR




Friday, May 24, 2013


The breakfast sandwich ($6.00):

... at The Peoples Pig:

... was an egg-gilded gob of bacon-boosted cheese mit. The bread ratio was a little high for our tastes, and we reflected that we would have been better off with the boar at this porcine-ified portal.

The Peoples Pig
SW 10th and SW Washington
Portland, OR




Thursday, May 23, 2013


The special scramble ($9.50):

... was a fine fold ova at Zell’s:

... where we tucked into asparagus, asiago and prosciuto yoked in yolkageand sided by fruit ($1.25 supplement):

The veg ($2.00 supplement) was a tumble of peas, ‘shrooms, broccoli, peppers and asparagus that lessened the blow of the forgotten gorgonzola in my scrambled eggs ($7.25):

Although requested soft, they arrived firmer and dryer than I prefer, but pancakes:

... provided solace with their cornmeal-laced, butter-gilded and maple mingled jackage.

Benedicts and German pancakes looked like interesting options for our next visit to this site of sidewalk chalk:

... and hot mini scone amuses.

Zell’s Cafe
1300 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ping pong puffs of pao de queijo (3 for $2.00):

... were cheesy chomps while quaffing coffee at Nossa Familia.

This recent rendition of roasting in the Pearl produced some perky potion that we would surely sip again.

Nossa Familia
811 NW 13th Ave
Portland, OR




Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A pleasingly puckery daiquiri ($5.00) and a refreshing Session lager ($3.00):

... happied up our hour at Clarklewis:

... where marinated olives ($1.00):

... a white Cheddary cheese plate ($3.00):

... with rhubarb compote and fried almonds and popcorny fried shrimp ($4.00):

... were nice noshage.

Cold cuts ($5.00):

... of salumi, relishably, rare, roasted lamb, boiled egg, pickled veg and whole grain mustard and a bowl of succulent, fire roasted clams ($6.00):

... topped off our tucker with a tiny tariff.

We will have to make an expedition to this path to palatable portions now that we have enjoyed their wee wares.

Clarklewis Restaurant
1001 SE Water Ave.
Portland, OR









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