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May 11-20, 2013


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Rice tots ($3.00):

... at Boke Bowl were little bullets of deep fried mochi with tahini miso bokenaise and sesame seeds.

These crisp, chewy stumps started us off before some dry ramen ($10.00):

... with corn and kimchee. Pork permeated this nest of house made noodlage that we enjoyed in the sea of slurping ‘stomers:

... in this ramen rest stop that keeps us revolving back to load up on bowls of bokage.

Boke Bowl
1028 SE Water Ave.
Portland, OR




Sunday, May 19, 2013

The country of Georgia (not the peach-evoking place) is the focus of the Kargi Gogo cart:

... where you can work your way through the whole menu with the “Supra Feast” ($8.00).

The Peace Corps planted the owners of this establishment in this region where they drew the inspiration and information for their hospitality hub.

A griddled cheese bread and a bean and onion bread:

... were hot pockets of flavor beside ground walnut-stuffed, eggplant roll ups with a burst of pomegranate. Walnuts also appeared in the dressing on a tomato and cuke salad.

Dumplings were rolled to order and filled with a meat mixture that relinquished it’s broth during boiling, turning it into a sort of far eastern European XLB.

It’s great to see a business reaching beyond their corps audience to do something different, tasty and fun. We will have to gogo back to this car soon.

Kargi Gogo
950 SW Washington
Portland, OR




Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oregon Public House had a line out the door so we fled to Firehouse which had an hour wait, so we broke off to Breakside Brewery for some suds and snackage without the delay.

A hoppy cider from Anthem and a black Breakside ale:

... quenched with an “el jefe” burger ($14.00):

This bossy burger bound chorizo and beef with melty jack and chopped lettuce and tomatoes. The waffle fries lacked crispness and were on the dry side while calamari ($9.00):

... were a tad rubbery.

Chicken wings:

... were standard issue but allowed us to flap away with full bellies after a night of dining denials.

Breakside Brewery

820 NE Dekum St.
Portland, OR




Friday, May 17, 2013

We went to Church:

... to commune with cocktails as we cast the first rock into a “Hang your cross” ($10.00) with rye, Fernet and Curacao this spiritual solution was habit forming alongside a “dead ends” ($9.00) with whisky, sweet vermouth, Campari and strega in a worshipable whetter.

Ribs ($12.00):

... did not taste Adamy as they fell off the bone as we lifted them from the plate. We pitched our forks into the smoky goods along with some swell mashed potatoes and greens.

Okra chips ($3.00):

... were popcorny pieces of battered and deep fried vegetation. They were fine, but not a re-order.

The burger ($12.00):

... had pickled slaw and onion strings with house made BBQ sauce. The juicy patty logged the bun, but it was still solid sustenance sided with spud spikes.

This cross roads was filled with those who wished to altar their state with elixirs and animal sacrifice. It seems they have already cultivated a following at this sanctification center.

2600 NE Sandy
Portland, OR




Thursday, May 16, 2013

Netarts Bay oysters ($18.00):

... with a moscato mignonette went down with waves of Prosecco at Nostrana.

It had been a while since our last visit to this wood-fired warren where our salumi pizza ($14.00):

... was as chewy and blistered as we remembered. We scissored and savored this provolone, mozzarella and pepper-punched pie with a side of creme fraiche crowned nettle fritters ($8.00):

King salmon ($28.00):

... with salsa verde was a perfect plate of mi-great meat on a throne pulsing with lentils, , spinach and fava greens. This delectable dish exemplifies their fuss free formula at this top notch tucker-teria.


1401 SE Morrison
Portland, OR




Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The recently decarted Addy’s:

... is now a tidy little brick and mortar:

... where we grabbed a couple breakfast sandwiches ($6.50 each):

Gruyere melted over a little omelette woven with grated zucchini and tucked together with sheets of house cured ham on these hefty helpings at this Addios to their rollinquished pod position.

Addy’s Sandwich Bar
911 SW 10th
Portland, OR




Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Maguro, hamachi and sake sashimi ($25.00):

... started our meal off right at Hokusei.

Sadly, our bowls of rice were a little too al dente (which has never happened to us here before, so fluke is clearly not limited to the fish menu.)

For nigiri we went with hotate ($4.00), amaebi ($5.00) and uni ($7.00) which were all top notch.

We re-ordered the “sashimi roll” ($15.00):

... which gets a fresh crunch from an encumbrance of cuke filled with tuna, salmon, yellowtail and avocado. This tobiko-topped tube is a fine flute of fish.

Hokusei may not get it right all the time, but it remains on our rotation.


4246 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR




Monday, May 13, 2013

Our bowling alley breakfast at Grand Central was stationed near the shoe swapping stand.

We watched the striking range of pin predators while rolling through bacon:

... and eggs ($8.95):

We even picked up a spare:

... since the kitchen deemed one of the first set a gutterball (but they are all fine in our opinion.) Subbing fruit for potatoes yielded a melony mound and there were enough tubers (to sate our spud needs) in the “breakfast skillet” ($9.95):

... which arrived in a bowl (I guess it’s not a skillet alley.) Melty cheese, scrambled egg, zukes and peppers were a hefty helping of hangover helper with surprisingly precise knifework on the bells.

This back alley meal gave us a reset as he hit the lane to get on with our day.

Grand Central Bowl

808 SE Morrison St.
Portland, Or




Sunday, May 12, 2013

We picked up a chocolate chip cookie ($2.00):

... at Mother Goose Bakery. This was just the way we like them- thin and crisp. It was also huge enough to split without any half-a-cookie disappointment.

The hippie hangout at the back of Cartlandia is a fun and funky mobile confection cart.

Mother Goose Bakery

8145 SE 82nd Ave.
Portland, OR




Saturday, May 11, 2013

A diner would be cheating themself to order anything other than the tasting menu at Castagna ($95.00 plus $55.00 for wine pairings).

The tang of yogurt mixed with chopped beet chimed in on a delicate beet chip as we sipped on Clara C. extra dry Prosecco.

Buckwheat crackers with egg, trout roe and clover sprouts had a nice sour and saline side:

... followed by a beef tendon that was transformed into a chicharron and dusted with vinegar powder.

Crab with crab aioli and a chip made with crab jus was vegatized with lettuce and radish:

... before piquant, pickled green almond husks backboarded bursting pearls of green almonds mellowed with ricotta and grounded with marjoram.

Hot rye rolls:

... with brown butter solids-sprinked churnage:

... and a ramekin of pork lardo flecked with crispy bits of porkage:

... occupied our plate to the left while green strawberries were patched with lime aioli and green apple:

... with a 2012 Avinyo Penedes.

Chorizo oil poached black cod with an intense oyster puree was a sensational sausage and seafood summit.

Sheets of sorrel tucked in spears of ‘sparagus conetented with pine and boosted with béarnaise with a swath of sorrel soup in a nice nosh of needle work stitched up with a 2011 Fattoria Laila Verdicchio dei Castello de Jesi.

A pale pink 2012 Chateau Margui Coteaux Varois added florish to rocket and chive flowers sprouting from smoked halibut belly with nasturtium cream, char roe and potatoes.

Halibut also came grilled with ramps in a broth of parsley and lemon balm butted up against a 2011 Eyrie Pinot Blanc.

Thin slices of poached kohlrabi, puffed amaranth, clam, garlic and yeast zig zagged around smoked pork smoldered with a cherry-kissed 2011 Domaine Pascal Aufranc.

Ribeye and shortrib with mussel jus, green garlic and mache blossoms were perfect proteins with a 2008 Buil & Giné Montant.

Grapefruit squeezed into curd, cake and sorbet with a sugar sheet of rose geranium:

... before anise hyssop snow showered with chartreuse with a cloud of creme anglaise.

A 2011 Montaribaldi Moscato d’Asti sweetened the deal on these delectable desserts.

Frozen hazelnut with hazelnut praline, crisp dark chocolate and milk shards:

... wound up our afters with a 1997 Kopke port and a mignardises of salted coffee caramel wrapped in dark chocolate:

... sent us off to relish another outstanding Castagna meal.

1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR









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