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August 1-10, 2013


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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A breakfast biscuit ($3.50):

... from Lisa’s Lip Smakin Kitchen was filled with sausage, egg and cheese. This prandial puck was a homey hunk of belly ballast.

Lisa’s Lip Smakin Kitchen
3447 N Vancouver Ave
Portland, OR







Friday, August 9, 2013

We both went with a “reckless” ($8.00) whisky cocktail:

... at the Cruzroom:

... where they pride themselves on their inauthentic tacos but we began with “curry titos” ($4.00):

... which materialized as curried tortilla chips with a cheese and an aji dip for their take on nachoey nosh followed up by a flurry of their touted tucker.

A “green acres” ($3.25) with pork belly, cotija and slaw, a “smokey and the bandit” ($3.50) with beef brisket and cornbread croutons, “the jerk” ($3.25) with chicken and mango slaw and the “broken bean” ($3.50) with corn and black beans topped with fried Halloumi were all trumped by the “red rocket” ($3.50) with curried pork, bits of chicharrones.

The muraled patio:

... was a nice place to cool off at this off-thentic eatery which proved a fun and funky foray (but not one for the rotation.)

The Cruzroom
2338 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR





Thursday, August 8, 2013

Swiss cheeses were the theme of this month’s munchable subscription from The Cheese Store.

A triad of textural takes on cow-agulations were holey delicious.

The Appenzeller:

... lent a mushroomy flavor to our eggs while Le Cousin:

... was a buttery brick of creaminess and the Scharfe Maxx:

... packed a pungency with fromagey funk.

These Swiss were anything but neutral.

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills







Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Wasabi watermelon ($4.00):

... was a refreshing starter at Miho Izakaya:

... where we cooled ourselves on the patio with beer and this salted ‘sabi sliceage.

Wakame salad ($4.00):

... had a hit of sesame oil to accentuate this Bogartable weed.

Corn ($4.00):

... with chili butter and lime and pork meatballs ($6.00):

... were good grilled grub but the cod ($8.00):

... in a miso pool and the seared salmon with avocado and tobiko ($8.00):

... were the highlighted helpings over rice ($2.00):

... at this bungalow of ‘bibing.

We’ll have to return to this drinking establishment for more of their fine food and fluids.

4057 N. Interstate
Portland, OR





Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We breakfasted on the patio at Jamison:

... beside a table of bridal shower brunchers who lent a bubbly backdrop to our fennel sausage scramble ($11):

This peppery pile of meat-studded, halted hatchers was good grub along with some overeasies ($11) with sausage patties and a cup of fruit that was cut to order.

The service has been wobbly for all of our visits, but the chow seems to be improving so perhaps it’s time to give dinner another try...


900 NW 11th Ave.
Portland, OR





Monday, August 5, 2013

Recently brick and mortared food cart, Sok Sab Bai:

... is a hub for Cambodian cuisine but other Asian influence infiltrated in the sashimi ($12.00):

... of albacore. Ginger topped off these tasty tuna tiles.

Skewers stretched out chicken wings ($9.00):

... to allow these flappers to crisp in every crevice. Armed with spices, these moist middled motivators flew down with citrusy Deschutes chainbreaker IPA ($4.50).

More crisp chicken skin fleshed out a minty, fish-sauced, mango salad ($6.00):

... with a herbaceous crunch to this perky poultry perimetered portion.

Steamed buns ($6.00):

... had pork belly bellies with pickle, japaleno and slaw to produce satisfying, swiney sliders.

Bass ($16.00):

... was tornadoed into a fish roll up and fried to offer a crisp-skinned seafood cylinder.

We will return to check out more of Sok Sab Bai’s enticing menu - the soups look particularly interesting...

Sok Sab Bai
2625 SE 21st St.
Portland, OR





Sunday, August 4, 2013

We slipped into the 2 vacant spots at the bar at Expatriate:

... where we pleased our palates with puckery potions of citrus scented whiskey whetters.

The James Joyce ($10.00):

... was a Jamesony, vermouthful of lime lifted liquid but the Ornament and Crime ($10.00):

... was the winner with a lemon lilt and bite of bitters.

Crunch from seeds, and earthiness from fermented tea leaves gave the papaya salad ($12.00):

... dimension touched off with cherry tomatoes.

Chinese sausage corn dogs ($7.00):

... with hot mustard and XXX death sauce had loose meat centers and were dough dominant.

These were trumped by the halibut sandwich ($12.00):

... which was mouthwateringly moist tented in a tempura batter and served with a kimchi aioli.

We will repatriate with this swell bar again to check out more of their menu.


5424 NE 30th Ave.
Portland, OR





Saturday, August 3, 2013

A new visit to Old Salt:

... started with their famed salt potatoes ($5.00):

... which pleasingly ping ponged past our palates proceeded by a beefy meat pie ($4.00):

...and washed down with Upright Seven suds ($4.00) and Reverend Nat’s Hopricot Cider ($6.00):

Whipped chevre was a tangy tuft tangled with crunchy almonds in a nest of snappy green and yellow beans ($9.00):

Black and blue berries brought this swell salad to fruitition.

Plums and apricots played against bitter chicories in symphony with stellar albacore ($16.00):

... with greens olives followed up with some hearth-heated beef ($18.00):

Short ribs and muscley matter melded with padron peppers onions and tomatoes in a fine flesh finale.

Old Salt continues to content us with dynamic dishes in a casual corridor.

Old Salt Marketplace
5027 NE 42nd Ave.
Portland, OR





Friday, August 2, 2013

Got our standard slice of salted caramel apple pie:

... at Random Order which is always an appealing after.

We also went with a piece of sour cherry:

... which, while good, didn’t trump our favorite pitted permutation at Lauretta Jean’s.

Random Order
1800 NE Alberta
Portland, OR






Thursday, August 1, 2013

Caviar capped sashimi ($13.00):

... were beaded rosettes of sumptuous salmon on circles of cuke to kick off dinner at Katsu-Ya.

Yellow tail with jalapeno ($12.80):

... flapped down with a fahrenheit flourish and yuzu tang while smoke from a sheet of cedar inoculated tender short ribs ($5.50):

Nigiri ($4.50-$6.00):

... scallop and octopus as well as a rainbow roll ($13.00):

... were satisfying stumps of ricey rations.

This always hopping and always great fish foundation remains on our rotation.

11680 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA










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