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July 21-31, 2013


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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A late flight to LA, a stop at Von’s Supermarket:

... and check in to the hotel with a some unsurprisingly manky “chef” salad:

I normally have my Fage yogurt unadorned, so the overly sweet blueberry version:

... didn’t hit any spot except as a fuel source (and possibly some color inspiration.)

The weirdly sugar crusted pork jerky was actually kind of yummy after the first few bites allowed the candy coating to be dissolved.

Dessert was a cheese course consisting of cheddar, pepper jack and something in-between.

Not really sure what got into me when I decided not to order room service, but it was a nice walk across the street anyway.


Somewhere in Burbank, CA






Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We were warned that the kitchen could take a half hour to 45 minutes when we sat down for breakfast at Sugar Mama’s.

We got a little weary when we hit the hour mark but our meatloaf ($9.25):

... materialized studded with whole cloves of roasted garlic, carrots and celery situated on a mat of hash browns with some scrambled eggs.

The corned beef hash ($9.25):

... topped with poached eggs was a pleasing potato pile converged with carrots.

Each table has flea market salt and pepper shakers:

... to add personality to this Kermit green and Barney purple walled café.

This newly re-opened breakfast business may not be in high gear, but we eventually emerged with blood sugar levels in order.

Sugar Mama’s Cafe
320 SW Alder St.
Portland, OR





Monday, July 29, 2013

A couple of mini pies ($1.50 each):

... at the new brick and mortar version of the Honey Pot were diminutive dessertage which we directed to the proper portals.

Cherry oat was trumped by the lemon meringue (although we favor a tarter take on citrus curd.)

It’s nice to see this food cart expand into an em-pie-er.

The Honey Pot Bakery
4220 N. Mississippi
Portland, OR





Sunday, July 28, 2013

The maki were rolled loosely at Syun:

... which made for disintegration issues with the rainbow roll ($11.25):

... and avocado and salmon roll ($6.75):

We both went with chirashi ($19.50):

... and found the rice to have a heavier vinegar component than we prefer. The tomago had browned in the pan to give it a wood-like appearance that wasn’t our thing in this melange of marine morsels.

This sushi center brings in the business with inexpensive eats but isn’t one for our rotation.

209 NE Lincoln St.
Hillsboro, OR





Saturday, July 27, 2013

Roman Candle fired up its wood burning oven to produce planks of pizza:

... that we procured for 5 bucks a serving.

The Margherita:

... was pleasing with dabs of mozzarella and a perky tomato sauce while the rossa:

... was blistered more to our taste with augmentation of herbs and garlic to torque up this tomato-tinged tucker.

Ricotta fritters ($1.00 each):

... displayed a donutty descendancy with a slightly sweet surface with a moist middle washed down with slurpable Stumptown cold brew ($4.00):

Roman Candle continues to attract us with their detonation dining.

Roman Candle
3377 SE Division
Portland, OR





Friday, July 26, 2013

A pint of oatmeal ale and “Alter Ego” IPA ($5.00 each):

... were a refreshing round at Burnside Brewery:

... where we extinguished our hunger with a duck confit filled cigar ($5.00):

... wrapped in a crepe and leaf of collard green with “ashes” of fat to crush into this cylinder in a smoke free snack.

Za’atar shrimp ($7.00):

... sat on a Israeli couscous salad with a perky dressing while a sausage plate ($14.00):

... followed up with with sauerkraut and whole grain mustard.

The burger ($13.00):

... juice logged the bun, but was still okay topped with Swiss and sided by thick and thin fries in this pub grub standard.

Outdoor music and inexpensive suds kept this place hopping well into the evening.

Although it’s not one for our rotation we appreciated the friendly service and their cooling crafts.

Burnside Brewing Co.

701 E. Burnside
Portland, OR





Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eggs, onions and peppers
filled the “Perico” arepa ($5):

... at La Arepa. The corntainment for this breakfasty bundle as a delectable dough that maized us with its cobspicuous consumability.

We need to return to this Venezuelan vittles vehicle for more of these grilled and filled goods.

La Arepa
4926 SE Division St.
Portland, OR





Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A colleague recommended the peanut butter, pickle and bacon burger ($7.95):

... at Killer Burger:

... which we can best describe as a maternity stunt dish. Sweet and smokey with crunch from pickles and crisp bacon, this kitchen sink wasn’t our thing.

Micro brews ($4.50 each):

... included a welcome Nikasi Radiant which resonated well with the thick cut fries as we marveled at the queue during our 9 p.m visit.

The Teemah ($8.95):

... was an improvement with blue cheese and grilled onion. Bacon adorns all of their burgers and bottomless French fries are part of the deal at this bustling burger business.

Killer Burger
510 SW 3rd St.
Portland, OR





Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We got a lemongrass pork bahn mi ($5):

... from the Dolicious truck and opted for an extra fried egg ($1) to cap off this cilantro and slaw filled baguette.

This pork packet was pleasing with a crusty carbtainer and eggy encouragement to ballast our bellies at this cheap and cheerful cart.

4926 SE Division St.
Portland, OR





Monday, July 22, 2013

We cooled off with a Boneyard Diablo Rojo and a Double Mountain IPA on the patio of Bungalo Bar.

Chicken wings ($5.00):

... had a nice hot sauce kick while a pot of hummus ($5.00):

... with some tinned olives, chopped sundried tomatoes and peppers perked up pieces of pita.

The burger ($9.00):

... was cooked beyond the requested medium rare and adorned with BBQ sauce, fried onions, mushrooms and cheese but was still okay with a side of fries.

Dart throwing, pool shooting and hammock swinging were all part of this funky foundation for relaxation.

Bungalo Bar
4205 N Mississippi
Portland, OR





Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stumptown Kimbap is a manufacturer of maki, or as they call them, “kimbap rolls.”

Our order of spam kimbap ($4.00):

... were stumps of Korean/Japanese/Hawaiian nori nosh with rice, egg white, danmooji radish, carrot and spinach wound with grilled spam. This snackage was made snappier with a kick from kimchi.

This fun food futon was nice but did not nudge us away from our jag for the Japanese version but we do appreciate this friendly front for rolled rations.

Stumptown Kimbap
4926 SE Division St.
Portland, OR










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