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September 1-10, 2013


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Pork Chop City food truck is about as tricked out as they come. This titanic tow of carnivore cartage even has video surveillance built in to this high emission, smoked meat stand.

We split a smoked meat sampler ($13.50):

... with pulled pork, beef brisket and baby back ribs sided with corn and coleslaw. We showered our protein parcel with their hot sauces and muscled through the tender tucker with churchy sides.

Everything was nice enough, but it didn’t nudge Podnah’s Pit from its prime position in our que queue.

Pork Chop City
4926 SE Division St.
Portland, OR





Monday, September 9, 2013

A yolk peeked out from the center of the “La Villageiose” ($9.25):

... at Chez Machin:

... where we dug into a crepe-cradled breakfast of mozzarella, spinach, avocado and feta.

The “La Bohémienne” ($9.95):

... was dotted with Italian sausage, chevre and tomatoes with a supplementary egg to gild this buckwheat bundle.

Our pancake packeted prandial in this cozy cottage made for fine, folded fortification.

Chez Machin
3553 SE Hawthrone Blvd.
Portland, OR





Sunday, September 8, 2013

The happy hour burger ($6.00):

... at Imperial:

... had a sensational slice of ripe tomato crowning a medium rare patty with caramelized onions, pickled onions, shredded lettuce and a mayo-ketchup sauce.

A basket of fries ($3.00):

... rounded out this ration along side some chicken wings ($7.00):

... with a spicy sauce cooled by a tzatziki counterpart.

Steamed clams ($9.00):

... with sausage came with toast to sop up the marine and meat moisture waved down with a couple pints ($5.00 each):

... of Breakside IPA.

Imperial is a solid stop but has yet to dethrone Clyde Common’s happy hour burger and fries.


410 SW Broadway
Portland, OR





Saturday, September 7, 2013

We cycled back to Courier:

... where the vinyl was spun:

... as we sipped our iced coffees and chomped on baked goods ($14.00 total).

The peach muffin:

... was a swell stump of ‘stry while the canelé:

... maintained a solid standing (we’ve had this one before).

Their granola bar:

... was a seedy, fruity, oaty brick of honeyed density (in a good way.)

This neighborhoody haunt of Mason jarred java:

... and house-baked goods continues to deliver.


Courier Coffee
923 SW Oak St.
Portland, OR





Friday, September 6, 2013

Carte Blanche is an airstream outlet:

... anchored with antiquated sewing machines. They stitched together a salad ($9.00):

... that was a cravable combo of mango, cabbage, peppers, cashews, toasted coconut, pineapple, blueberries, chicken sausage, sesame seeds, cilantro and parsley in a heavenly heap called “Sheila on Holiday”.

A lime dressing perked this herby combo accented with golden brown-fried rice dollops.

This multi-dimensional melange will bring us back to this argent of alchemy.

Carte Blanche Food Cart
SE 32nd and Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR





Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lauretta Jean’s continues to be our preferred Portland pie portal where flaky crusted wedges of warm, fruit-filled pastry have the right balance of sweetness.

Today we went with the nectarine raspberry:

... as well as a slice of the peach raspberry ($4.25 each):

... with juices that bubbled up to coat the circumference of these butter-bound beauties.

There are other good pies in town, but Lauretta Jean’s continue to top our list.

Lauretta Jean’s

3402 SE Division
Portland, OR





Wednesday, September 4, 2013

El Cubo de Cuba went from cart to brick and mortar a couple weeks ago so we wheeled up to liberate a couple mojitos ($6.50):

... which sparkled with mint, lime and rum.

We populated the patio:

... with a plato of ropas viejas ($9.95):

... which proved to be a comfortable ensemble of shredded beef accessorized with rice. Subtle spice and a tinge of tomato fashioned this flesh into some nice nosh. Black beans tied this tucker together with a pile of crisp sweet potato fries.

A Cubano ($9.50):

... was paninified to crust up this porky pocket of Swiss cheese-melded sandwich. Tostones were swell, smooshed, plantain pucks to side this hand held helping.

We will have to swing back for more of their palatable platos soon.

El Cubo de Cuba
3106 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR





Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fifty Licks has motor-mophized from frosty food truck to a building based business.

We chose their house made waffle cones filled with orbs of Stumptown coffee but got different options for our second flavors - toasted milk and vanilla. All of these flavors were subtle with a focus on creaminess.

Bee pollen topped my selection and it offered up an enjoyable textural addition. There is also a ghost pepper and sweet corn option to cap the coneage.

The lack of chocolate-based scoops reminded us of Humphrey Slocombe’s cacao-free shop and as with HS, they probably get a lot of gruff for not stocking this expected element, but we expect they will find a satisfied audience with their chilly churned chow.

Fifty Licks
2021 SE Clinton St.
Portland, OR





Monday, September 2, 2013

A drive out to wine country landed us at Paulée:

... where the 9 course tasting menu ($119 each not including wine) began with amuses of chicken liver mousse with cherry mostarda and smoked salmon with pickled shallot.


... were a triad of tantalizing, geléed and granitaed gastropods gatewaying us to compressed honeydew with yellowtail belly:

These strips of melon and midsection were dotted with trout roe and striped with scallion ash which we washed down with Argyle rosé brut.

Veal carpaccio:

... was a surf board for boquerones with tomatoes and endive with a crunch from croutons while seabeans topped sumptuous salmon tartare:

... nudged with walnut oil and tamarind scooped up with leaves of lavosh.


... camouflaged cherries jowled with crisped guanciale with a cheeky chiffonade of beet greens.

Heirloom tomatoes:

... with powdered olive oil, ricotta, garlic chips and basil were perky produce from Paulée’s perimeter patch.

We didn’t perfect a wine to pair with the choke:

... but the charred lemon and caper aioli’ed thistle still had flourish while the bone marrow:

... with pinot noir and onion jam was rich and appetit worthy.


... with flank steak hash, tomatoes and kale were pleasing potato plugs while seafood risotto was confettied with grated, dried roe to detail this dente dish.

A grapefruit and mint sorbet:

... refreshed us for a regal king salmon:

... with plum, ‘shrooms and lemon cukes. This sous vided swimmer was sided by a sheet of shattering skin.

Maple syrup tapped into the sweetness of the squash and seared scallop:

... with textural turnout from chewy farro.

Meaty oyster mushrooms melded with pink pork loin:

... with a kohlrabi puree, bursting blackberries and earthy turnips while a bagna calda-influenced jus jostled slices of sensational beef:

... with baby octopus, purple potatoes, peppers, and artichokes.

Goat, cow and sheep cheeses:

... were herded into a selection of slices of blondes and blues:

... with local grapes and honey.

A cloud of meringue hung over a tres leches cake:

... with lime and coconut ice cream with a curl of cuke backed up by a chocolate and cardamom pot de creme:

... with a blueberry sandwich cookie and chocolate sauce. Although the desserts were fine, they didn’t rhyme with the delicacy of the rest of our dinner.

Pates de fruits:

... sent us on our way back to the city from these grapey grounds.


Paulée Restaurant
1410 N Highway 99W
Dundee, OR





Sunday, September 1, 2013

Our brown rice, veg, fish and seaweed bowl ($8.00):

... at Thrive was a tamari-tinged, hippie helping that was satisfying sustenance.

Customers pick their style of bowl - Kashmir, Thai, Japanese, Argentinian or Mexican and their brown rice is adorned in the regionally related relish making for fun fast food.

Thrive Food Truck










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