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December 21-31, 2013


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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

, seared scallops ($14.00):

... sung in a swirl of celery root puree to accentuate the sweetness of the shellfish at Toast.

This brunch-centric neighborhood nook is famed for their spud pucks that appear on many of their plates including our open faced “dismal times” ($12.50):

... which was an open-faced egg sandwich with ground beef, cheddar and arugula on house made bread with a foundation of one of their crisp crusted rostis to round out our breakfast.

We will have to pop by this homey haven of breakfasty bites (like these mini lime pistachio scone amuses) again soon.

5222 SE 52nd Ave.
Portland, OR




Monday, December 30, 2013

We filed into the new post of Pacific Pie:

... in the Alphabet district where pints and pies ($9.00):

... were proceeded by some meatballs ($8.00):

... mingled with a turmericy tonic of yogurt and cilantro with points of pita.

The beef and stout stump:

... and the chicken pot pie:

... were both good enough, but we ended up pouring our surplus meatball sauce over these pastry portions to lend some supplementary spice.

Pacific Pie is a fine stop, but it doesn’t knock Lauretta Jean’s from the top of our preferred pie portals.

Pacific Pie Co.
1668 NW 23rd Ave.
Portland, OR




Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fluffy, crusty, baking powder biscuits were intuitive orders as we dug into our eggy eats ($6.75 plus $1.00 for biscuit and $1.00 for fruit):

... at Geraldine’s Counter:

The fruity flourish fueled us for our voyage to Portland after a fine visit to the land of Boeing, legal pot and sales tax.

Geraldine’s Counter
4872 Rainer Avenue South
Seattle, WA




Saturday, December 28, 2013

Toasts topped with pork rillettes ($8.00):

... and swell sardines ($10.00):

... spear headed our dinner with blue ribbon bread backed bites at The Whale Wins.

Coconut and pickles may sound mutinous mixed with cauliflower ($10.00):

...but this kooky combo was mortared with mustard seeds and coconut vinaigrette in a victorious variation of this scorched serving.

Lamb tartare ($16.00):

... was Ish-nailed with capers, preserved lemon and mint and cradled in crisp croutons followed by a house-made frankfurter ($15.00):

... with a scattering of poppy and fennel seeds, a red slaw and mustard dressing to this dog.

Walnuts added tread to a brick of brownie ($8.00):

... in a sea of creme anglaise. It had that thin, crackly sheet of brownie skin that we seek in this sweet.

We ended up gilding this good with some whipped cream from our Eton Mess ($8.00):

Roasted pears, pecans and caramel sauce added interest to this melange of meringue in a cloud of cream.

The Whale Wins has krill-licious, blow wholesome chow worth moby-lizing for.

The Whale Wins

3506 Stone Way
Seattle, WA




Friday, December 27, 2013

We pulled over at Peper’s 49er restaurant:

... for a short order stop of anonymous eats.


... soaked up high fructose fluid (that insured no trees were hurt in the production of this product).

Bacon and eggs ($8.95):

... were competently cooked while a loveless omelette ($8.25):

... with a scattering of Cheddar filled out our fueling.

The staff were friendly and efficient at this tucker turnoff where, like much of their clientelle, we will probably never see again...

Peper’s 49er Restaurant
916 Walsh Ave NE
Castle Rock, WA




Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Cobb omelet ($12.00):

... with bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese, chicken and avocado and a version with mushrooms and Swiss ($11.00):

,,, at The Original Dinerant:

... weren’t our thing.

These stiff and parched parcels were followed by a slice of apple pie ($7.00):

... with thin slices of fruit with a flaky crust topped with a grating of Cheddar. We prefer a chunkier style with slightly less sugar, but it was still a good wedge.

We may have caught them on an off day, but The Original is not one for the rotation.

The Original Dinerant
300 SW 6th Ave.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A sparkly Xmas toast
as we take in another wintery Portland Christmas from a cozy perch.





Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Strips of succulent swine ($7.00):

... started our meal at Tarad Thai:

... where we requested our chow spicy and we were pepped with potent Pad Thai with prawns ($10.00):

Dried shrimp, pulverized peanuts, preserved radish and lime juice melded in this tied up Taradical tangle of thin noodles that was a nice nest of nosh alongside tender chicken thighs ($11.00):

... in a curry noodle soup with pickled mustard greens and lime.

We will tread back to this market for more of their tantalizing tucker.

601 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR




Monday, December 23, 2013

Everyone was out shopping so we found ourselves with our choice of seats at St. Honoré.

A reviving perk of lemon tart ($4.45):

... and rich moist chocolate cake ($5.10):

... along with some caffeine to warm ourselves from the Portland chill.

St. Honoré
2335 NW Thurman St.
Portland, OR




Sunday, December 22, 2013

There was no bengal tiger at Life of Pie:

... but there was a ferocious fire in their wood burning oven which produced nicely blistered rounds of mushroom ($12.00):

... and sausage ($11.00) pizzas:

The bread band was wider than we prefer on the fungus flap pecked with rino and fortified with a distracting truffle oil, this pi was overshadowed by the meat-dotted, Mama Lil's peppers perked portion.

This friendly front of flat feed may not have been a smooth sail, but their scorched servings will summon us back.

Life of Pie
3632 N Williams
Portland, OR




Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tilt is half burger counter:

half full bar:

...and is new to the Pearl but has another location on Swan Island that's been around for a while.

The “Risk & Reward” ($10.00) was a rye, Campari, Chinato and Pernod potion alongside a puckery “Rose City Sour” ($8.00) with bourbon, lemon and egg whites:

... to wash down their “Big Tilt” burger ($11.00):

... with bacon and American cheese capped with a fried egg. Their house made bun collapsed under the pressure of this double decker beef bundle that was okay, (but did not trump Little Big Burger).

Onion rings ($5.00) were crisp hoopage while the Cobb salad ($11.00):

... was a platter of parched, pounded chicken, cherry tomatoes, bacon bits, avocado and blue cheese.

Slices of apple:

... and Marion berry pie ($4.50 each):

... had crumbly (rather than flaky) crusts. The apple ran a little sweeter than our preference, but the berry version had a nice tartness washed down with mugs of Ritual coffee.

Tilt may be in play with the populace but it may not be a place we bumper back to.


1355 NW Everett St.
Portland, OR









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