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December 1-10, 2014


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We embarked to the ‘dero where The Holding Company was the site of a soiree.

Conversations and confections:

... (along with some decent sliders) ruled the roost of this ‘raunt on the top floor or the complex.

The Holding Company
Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA




Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tongue ($5.00):

... stuck out on a pancake at State Bird Provisions.

This buckwheat-buttressed palate pusher pedestal was an enviable enunciation of luscious lengua flapping with jack.

Kohlrabi kraut-topped oysters ($3.00 each):

... were togarashi-tinged sauer ‘stered valves that we slurped before a pleasing pasta pack of guinea hen ($3.00):

... bathing in broth.

Kinako kicked persimmon ($3.00):

... opened with sesame in a fabulous fruition of soy, seeds and ‘simmon.

Smoked trout ($8.00):

... was suspended in gelatin uni-fied with sea urchin roe perked with Meyer lemon in a peche parfait. This jostled jello was prerequisite prandial to a caul-lection of cauliflower ($13.00):

... with jalapeño heat. We loved this floral arrangement followed by sweetbreads ($16.00):

... in a gland gesture that curried flavor with pickled kohlrabi and bacon.

Sheets of matsutakes ($7.00):

... were pickled with seaweed in a konbu-nation of mer and mami.

Swine ($8.00):

... was sweetened with mostarda that transported logs of loins in an appley cart.

Eggnog ice cream ($8.00):

... was sandwiched and sliced into nigiri nodules spread with chocolate and pecans to conclude our dim sumtuous dinner.

State Bird’s migrating morsels are our kind of provisions.

We will return to this bird feeder soon to check out their newly opened restaurant next door.

State Bird Provisions

1529 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA




Monday, December 8, 2014

The long line at Bi-Rite’s Divisadero outpost:

... moved at a chipper pace as we formulated our orders for scoops.

This dairy dispensary differs from their 18th Street shop in that there isn’t an eating area so cone-tented ourselves with some perusal of products as we destroyed our desserts.

This sweet setup is a good business plan to promote purchases after a frosty foray.

550 Divisadero St.
San Francisco, CA




Sunday, December 7, 2014

We dropped off our car for service and dead headed over on foot to Terrapin Crossroads for a music mingled meal:

This auto row restaurant had ample seating available when we sat down for some Brussels sprouts ($7.00):

... with crispy leaves tanged with capers and lemon. Although on the oily side, we were grateful for this heady helping.

Cioppino ($14.00):

... was wood fired with a nice spice to the broth. The seafood was overcooked for our tastes but the addition of feta and the grilled bread made for some swell snackage.

Pastrami ($11.00):

... was thin sliced and griddled in a sandwich with hot mustard and pickles. We needed to declump the distribution of ingredients:

... to finish off this good gob of grub sided with delectable BBQ chips.

This joint of music and mastication was a good pit stop while maintaining our motor vehicle. We’ll have to return to check out their enticing burger for our next service stop.

Terrapin Crossroads
100 Yacht Club Dr.
San Rafael, CA




Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bitter greens were done up in Dungeness ($10.50):

... at Rintaro where L. took us for an Izakaya evening.

This cheery chicory crab cradle rocked with our sake, Asahi and ume drinks.

Wings ($10.75):

... were tare’ed and feathered with sancho while the “odd bits” ($18.00):

... of knee caps, tails and other appendages were impaled and cinerated on sticks.

Gyoza ($12.00):

... looked like a dosa due to their “wings” which catch more of the dipping sauce to perk these pork packs.

The whole petrale ($23.00):

... must have been fried in oil that wasn’t up to temperature. The crunchy bones and moist meat were good, but it was very oily.

Natto (8.50):

... was on the less slimy side of the scale for this frijole fermentation. Even though it was a tamer take, it was a nice rice dish sided with nori.

Hojicha panna cotta ($9.50):

... was the surprising star of the supper. The roast-tea flavor of this creamy concoction sided with a sweet almond senbei was pleasing panna-rama.

We had a fine time at this Nihon nosh nook with oddly comfortable uncushioned wood booths and a friendly staff.

Rintaro Izakaya
82 14th St.
San Francisco, CA




Friday, December 5, 2014

The nice lady at La Empanada:

... heated and split our chicken and a vegetarian empanadas ($5.99 each):

... and handed us some hot sauce:

... (which she assured us "wasn't really that hot") to ‘sentuate these egg-stuffed pastry parcels.

This strip mall shop also makes sandwiches to supplement their ‘nadas.

We found these handheld helpings to be homey and enjoyed the warm welcoming staff at this simple stop off the 101.

La Empanada
819 Francisco Blvd.
San Rafael, CA




Thursday, December 4, 2014

We zeroed in on a couple cocktails at Zero Zero:

... where the “Peat and Repeat” ($13.00) had a double dose of whisky lightened with citrusy soda. The “Honey Badger” ($12.00) was shot with Bulleit bourbon and nudged with nectar in this buzzy ‘bibe.

A kale-ision of spiced grapes, toasted hazelnuts and Caciocavallo cheese ($13.95):

... dino-soared with a balsamic vinaigrette before a “Castro” pizza ($18.95):

House made sausage and salumi surfaced this marvelous meat mosaic on mozzarella.

Irresistible soft serve surrounded by hot fudge ($8.00):

... with hot ricotta donut holes ($5.00):

... rolled in cinnamon sugar and down our gullets followed by a Meyer lemon pudding ($12.00):

... capped with toasted meringue atop a yuzu ginger gelee. This deconstructed lemon meringue pie was sable-ized with poppyseed butter cookies and satsuma sections in a relishable rind up to our meal.

Zero Zero continues to be a first place holder for nom-erical nosh and swell sippage.

Zero Zero
826 Folsom
San Francisco, CA




Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mayor Ed Lee:

... kicked off Winter Walk SF this evening.

Those pesky pile drivers and diggers that blemished Neiman’s and Macy’s have been put away for the holidays and the hole for the Central Subway has been astro turfed over for a new Off the Grid food cart lot.

Mayor Lee introduced S.F. Director of Transportation and oversized suit enthusiast, Ed Reiskin:

... who is focussed on tailoring traffic to the needs of local shoppers.

Samples were circulated of the mobile morsels:

... before a soiree at the recently renovated (former Fielding Hotel) - Hotel G.

We got to check out G.’s cozy rooms while snacking on chow from their eatery anchors - 398 Restaurant & Bar and well as Klyde.

While the month long moratorium of construction may be seen as a slow down for the subway, it makes for a pleasant pedestrian pathway.


Winter Walk SF
Stockton Street between Geary and Ellis
San Francisco, CA




Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We picked out a pair of Javi’s empanadas ($6.00 each) at Kitchener:

... and perused the shop of locally produced goods:

... as they were heating.

A couple pour overs of Bicycle brew ($2.50 each) wheeled with our petite, pastry pouches.

The mozzarella and cheddar edible envelope:

... was good, but the nicely spiced chicken version:

... was the one that roosted with us.

There are lots of trendy vegan and gluten-free wares at this boutique of bites if that’s your thing.

Kitchener Collective
119 Corte Madera Town Center
Corte Madera, CA




Monday, December 1, 2014

The bison burger ($20.00):

... at Napa Valley Burger Co.:

... was a stampede of Sausalito sightseer chow with a thick puck of cold onion jam, an under-seasoned patty and blue cheese with iceberg, tomato and red onion. An over-dressed salad and an order of onion rings ($8.50):

... went uneaten. These hoops were heavily breaded and tougher than we prefer.

The Baja burger ($17.50):

... was an improvement on the bison, with Cheddar, bacon, guac and jalapeños, but not interesting enough to experience again.

This tourist tucker turnout is fine for the foreigners but not our thing.

Napa Valley Burger Co.
670 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA









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