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January 21-31, 2014


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Friday, January 31, 2014

Brussels ($7.00):

... mingled with miso in a leaf pile pecked with pickled peppers and perked with bits of blood orange.

This heady-nistic helping is required ordering at The American Local:

... where the special of the evening was seared hamachi ($12.00):

... with paper-thin cauliflower and crunchy garlic chips. This finessed yellowtail was our kind of chow.

Harissa-haloed tentacles ($5.00):

... arm wrestled octopus into a tantalizing spoke followed by a double decker burger ($8.00):

... washed down by some fun whiskies:

... and another of their rye Carpano Antica ‘bibes ($12.00):

... that floated our flag.

Next time we have to check out their bacon beignets and cumin-roasted carrots...

The American Local

3003 SE Division St.
Portland, OR




Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chicken fried steak ($9.95):

... was shrouded in sausage gravy and capped with a biscuit at the Bare Bones Café.

This was excess-orcised with a fried egg and a square of cheese to enrobe our bones.

The pepita peppered scramble ($7.95):

... was less of an artery annihilation with butternut chunks rolled into this blue cheesed egg tumble served with rosemary infused toast.

A slice of apple pie ($3.75):

... had more crust than we prefer at the periphery, but it was a cinnamony section of good grub.

This funky, counter order cafe was a friendly stop for a breakfast.

Bare Bones Café
2908 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quite a statement” we thought as we made off with one of Little t’s:

... chocolate chip cookies ($3.50):

... which was studded with toasted hazelnuts but didn’t manage to sway us from our own buttery, nutless version with a higher ratio of chips to dough. However, theirs was still delicious.

The stand out was the Jacobson salt brownie ($3.25):

... was had lots of chips hidden in the darkness of its moist middle mingling with flakes of (what seemed like Maldon, but we were assured it was Jacobson) saline pyramids.

Little t always has something ‘ticing in their tiny Union Way outpost.

LIttle t baker
1022 W Burnside
Portland, OR





Tuesday, January 28, 2014

There were a couple drips coming out of a truck, and they had our names on them. We sipped on our joe from Olé Latte Coffee Cart:

... along with a wheel of fig and buckwheat scone from Bakeshop.

This Newtonian curvature that is one our favorite Bakeshop bites with spicy, seedy fruit flourishing the grainy glomeration of goodness.

Olé is a good place for a jump start.

Olé Latte Coffee
1003 SW Alder St.
Portland, OR





Monday, January 27, 2014

Oso Market’s:

... kabocha pancakes ($8.00):

... were swell circles of squash supplemented with a couple over easies and bacon while their bacon and egg sandwich ($6.00):

... was a fine foccacia folio of cheesy chompage with a hit of rosemary.

We filled our bucos at Oso and appreciated this bear market’s breakfast options. We will have to return to check out their evening eats. Soon.

Oso Market + Bar
726 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, OR




Sunday, January 26, 2014

After a strangely long wait for our food at Blocks:

...we ended up tucking into the “pequod” ($12.00):

... which shipped over first. Latkes were topped with smoked salmon and poached eggs and was served with a slice of toast. The smokey flavor dominated this dish while the pastrami hash ($10.00):

... demonstrated dexterous dicing with mini cubes of potato and ‘rami, but bordered on bland but the biscuit was a good gluten gob.

Their pasties looked nice so perhaps it’s more of a coffee and muffin stop...

2032 SE Clinton St.
Portland, OR




Saturday, January 25, 2014

“These chilies are really hot” was the warning offered with our menudo ($9.99):

... which we savored at Angel’s Food & Fun:

Our big bowl of belly bits swam in a flavorful fluid of chile broth enriched with bay, bones and juniper. White and green onions, cilantro, peppers and lime filled out this rich ration along with tacos ($1.50 each):

Black turkey, chicken, pork and steak were all bundles of tasty tucker at this half eatery, half pool hall establishment.

We will have to swing back for more food and fun soon.

Angel’s Food & Fun
5135 NE 60th Ave.
Portland, OR




Friday, January 24, 2014

We detected a full house at Watson Hall:

... where a Manhattan ($9.00) was a little more dilute than we prefer (probably due to their pitted cubes) as was the whisky sour ($7.00). Even so, they were still quaffable ‘quids.

Ahi ($10.00):

... was diced and rolled in sesame oil and seeds with crunchy wonton chips to back board these cilantro-nested sea squares while orbs of pretzel bites ($6.00):

... came with whole grain mustard in which to plunk these ping pongs.

Fried chicken ($15.00) was place in and out of a pot pie:

... with a lid of puff pastry concealing a rooty ration. The crisp and flavorful bird bits were nice nestage.

A medium rare burger ($12.00):

... was an open and shut case of well executed eats with shoestring potatoes tying up our investigation of this new eatery.

We will return to the scene of Watson Hall next time we’re in the nabe.

Watson Hall
12655 SW First St.
Beaverton, OR




Thursday, January 23, 2014

The gelato ($6.00) at Roman Candle is creamy and intensely flavored. It's perfect with their excellent espresso:

We dived into dishes of this dreamy dessert both opting for the coffee-dotted espresso (to match our beverages) while splitting the space with churnage of chocolate:

... and pistachio:

These luscious lactose luxuries are now our favorite PDX frozen flourishes.

Roman Candle
3377 SE Division
Portland, OR




Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We whetted our whistles with whisky at the black velvet painting-lined Star Bar:

... where 80’s rock accompanied a hot pretzel ($2.50):

... and a “gun club” ($7.00) pork bahn mi:

The “damned” burger ($7.50):

... was amped with jalapeños and pepper jack which proved solid sustenance for dive bar dining sided with decent fries.

This friendly front of rock is our kind of low brow lounge.

Star Bar
639 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chef Chris Whaley zeroed in on Portland from San Francisco to create a gathering place with shared plates and tables, The American Local.

We settled in with some Evolution sparkling wine ($13.00) and their tasty take on a Manhattan ($12.00) with blood orange bitters:

... and Carpano Antica while munching on a ‘muse of sweet and spicy hazelnuts.

Coins of scallop ($11.00):

... waded in a pool of blood orange and lime juice with a grating of ginger. We shellfishly scarfed these silky circles before savoring slices of salmon ($10.00):

... showered with sesame seeds and kissed with lemon. These fruity mer-volous morsels were delectable demonstrations of spotlighting the seafood.

A spear of swine ($5.00):

... was a sumptuous stick sauced with sricacha while foie gras melted into their version of poutine ($10.00):

This luxe duck take on Canadian curdy fries fringed with gravy Quebeckoned us back to taste more of the top notch tucker at this lovable local.

Next time we’ll have to check out the octopus and the burger...

The American Local
3003 SE Division St.
Portland, OR









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