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November 11-20, 2014


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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A half duck ($15.00):

... was worth the waddle to the Dim Sum Club:

... where fluffy folds of steamed starch created pac man-esque platforms for plum sauce, scallions and lacquered quacker with a shatteringly crisp skin and juicy meat. The small bill on this magnificent mallard made for a migration worthy meat mitt.

Eggplant ($4.50):

... stuffed with shrimp in a pool of black bean sauce was also reorderable while the salt and pepper spare ribs ($6.00):

... needed a boost of heat to their (otherwise good) garlic and peppered planks.

XLB ($6.50):

... were more about the meat than the soup in their take on Shanghai dumplings and shrimp dumplings ($6.00):

... were solid, standard issue steamers.

We are down with the duck and will have to check out more from their menu soon.

Dim Sum Club
2550 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA




Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trick Dog’s:

... moisture menu mapped out local landmarks. We withdrew a “Fugazi Bank” with rye, armagnac, Punt e Mes, creme de noyaux and smoked cherry and locked down an “Alcatraz” which must have gotten the name since it featured a rock of ice floating in a bay of bourbon, with a shiv of horseradish, kombu, apple and lavender.

Albacore ceviche ($14.00):

... with purslane, hears of palm, cukes, shrimp, lime, lemon balm and radish was back boarded with crisp and salty taro chips while thrice cooked fries ($5.00):

... were tasty tubers with starchy bellies.

A “trick dog” ($10.00):

... was actually a burger masquerading as a wiener in a Cheddared chomp before the noshworthy Nashville-style fried chicken ($19.00):

The liver and heart were speared and seared in this dark meat, dark arts delivery of moist meat and crisp crust with a bit of hot sauce and a nest of slaw. This chicken ruled the roost at this rotation-worthy, magical mutt hut.

Trick Dog Bar
3010 20th St.
San Francisco, CA




Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We had the best pastrami that we have had in San Francisco in a Wise Sons sandwich ($12.75):

House made rye bread flanked fine flaps of relishable ‘rami in a detour-worthy deck which we shuffled with chopped chicken liver ($8.00):

... made with bits of crisp skin, boiled egg and pickled onion to add interest to this ensemble of organ grindings.

A smoked fish platter ($18.00):

... with silky slices of luscious lox, curls of cukes, smoked trout salad, tomato, radish, capers, onions and cream cheese to spread on their rye bread and a house made bialy.

We left fuller and wiser and will certainly circle back for more of their deli table offerings.

Wise Sons
3150 24th St.
San Francisco, CA




Monday, November 17, 2014

We trotted over to Equator’s coffee beany brick and mortar:

... for their house blend ($2.75):

This globally good, delineation of deliciousness brought us across our hemispheres of fuzzy to focussed with sips of circum-intervention.

A slice of ham quiche ($10.00):

... Lorr-reigned with creamy custard cradling squealer sheets sided by salad. They source these savory slices from one of our favorite local bakeries, M. H. Bread & Butter, who also stocks Equator’s croissant cage with cardamom knots and cookies.


... may lack symmetry to their punted pancaked production, but the tomato, avocado and peptiaed platform was a light, slightly oily, Wallace whiff that went with the grain of gluten-free fashion.

We like this new grindhouse and will mill around to sip more roasty refreshment soon.

Equator Cafe
2 Miller Ave.
Mill Valley, CA




Sunday, November 16, 2014

We Haightfully ate as our dine-stination was closed (due to running out of food).

We lumbered by the caged Burma Bear, turned away from the packed Alembic, veered from the overflowing Magnolia to end of at a sports bar to grab some quick grub before our event.

The dormy quesadilla ($10.00):

... at Martin Macks:

... with pulled pork didn’t do anything for us, but we were pleasantly surprised by the Mack burger ($14.00):

... which was cooked to a medium rare and topped with bacon jam, Cheddar, romaine and tomatoes with a kick from sriacha aioli. Limp fries didn’t dampen our mood about this mackable meatwich. Not a worth a detour, but it saved us in a pinch.

Martin Macks
1568 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA




Saturday, November 15, 2014

We were on the spot for some more Johnny donuts in the form of a chocolate salted caramel old fashioned ($2.50):

... which had a tantalizing texture with treads that channeled glaze over the salined surface of this cacao creation.

That fritter thang” ($3.00):

... was a wheat-free, apple and blueberry dotted, fried and glazed rorschach test.

We rolled out of this delightful doughminion with sugared up blood boosted by bean brew noting that we should check out the “Mr. Strawberry” on a future visit.

Johnny Donuts
1617 4th St.
San Rafael, CA




Friday, November 14, 2014

The bread man sculpture outside of Ponsford's Place greets loafers as they enter this bakery that only opens a few days a week.

We got a couple made to order drip coffees to go with a ham and cheese “laminate” ($4.50):

This whole wheat, white cheddar and pork pocket was a homey helping along with a apple, pear and quince turnover ($4.00):

The morning bun ($4.00):

... with raisins was a solid, cinnamon sugared spiral but did not seduce us to reorder.

We applaud their groovey, grainy, gumption paired with friendly and knowledgeable service, but we may have not ordered the highlights of this hippy hangout.

Ponsford's Place
117 Shaver St.
San Rafael, CA




Thursday, November 13, 2014

The “blueboy” pie ($4.00):

... at Sweet Things:

... was a combo of blue, boysen and (uncredited) rasp berries streuselled into a fluted flour foundation.

A nice tartness to this bushy bundle made for sating ‘sert along with a chocolate chip cookie ($1.65):

... that was a cooked hard, but was still good along with cups of Equator joe.

This neighborhood nook might not be on our rotation, but it was still a fine place for a snack stop.

Sweet Things
1 Blackfield Dr.
Cove Shopping Center
Tiburon, CA




Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pork wings” ($5.95):

... flapped with chili and garlic at Uchiwa:

... where we flew through these prongs of pork along with kim chied spam musubi ($3.75):

These large, low brow, lozenges were fine by us followed by tonkatsu ($11.95):

... and miso ramen ($11.95):

... with softly boiled eggs, pork and a nest of noodles.

We followed the advice of the server to order additional flavorings ($1.00 each):

... that were necessary to deliver some dimension with a black garlic and a chili (our preferred) version.

We will come back for more of this casual carb-bowl hydration next time we need some San Rafael soupage.

Uchiwa Ramen
821 B Street
San Rafael, CA




Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We chose chicken for our hawker bowl ($13.75):

... at Bun Mee.

A shower of vinegar sauce and a energetic stir gave this fried egg-topped, brown rice dish a tang and richness with crunch from pickled carrots, shredded papaya, and daikon.

We happily bopped through this bowl biming with homey appeal but the pork and shrimp summer rolls ($5.75):

... with a peanut dipping sauce didn’t draw us in. The legume liquid muddied these salad cylinders and we ended up opting for the vinegary variation that came with the hawker bowl to ignite these cigars.

Catfish ($6.75):

... came cradled in a crisp crusted roll lined with red curry mayonnaise. This fried filet (was not an internet fake) frilled with crunchy carrots, cukes, daikon and coins of jalapeño in a bon banh mi-al.

A chocolate coconut cookie ($1.50):

... was a good sandwiched sweet in an oreo-esqe twist (but it’s difficult to top the Japanese dessert shop next door.)

Bun Mee continues to provide us with a quick and peppy filling station when we are making our way along Market.

Bun Mee
650 Market St.
San Francisco, CA









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