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October 11-20, 2014


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Monday, October 20, 2014

The “sloppy bun” ($6.75 plus $1.00 for egg):

... at Bun Mee:

was as advertised.

This bahn mi-based binder of red curried beef sauced with a fried fetus was a cilantro, carrot, cuke and jalapeño un-G.I. style Joe.

The belly bun ($6.75):

... had a moist midsection mingled with radish relish in a mee-tee pork-folio.

Sweet potato fries ($3.00):

... were crisply-crusted tantalizing tubers with red curry mayo. These sweet, snackable spuds were reorderable rails for the next time we pop by this cheap and cheerful Vietnamese sandwich stop.

Bun Mee
650 Market St.
San Francisco, CA




Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Algonquin ($12.00) at Trou Normand:

... was a bourbon-based, bon mot-inducing ‘bibe viciously circled with vermouth and lilted with lime while the Vieux Carre ($13.00) had a honey hit to rye-ly complement the bitters. The VC was okay, but not a reorder - probably better not to veer off the cocktail list in the future.

My Bologna has a new first name, it’s Trou. These nutmeg-nudged, cylinder slices didn’t need Wonder bread and American cheese either.

We stuck to the Acme epi and Jeune Autize ($10.00) goat cheese with a dab of perky pluot jam to backboard the charcuterie selection ($21.00):

In addition to the Oscar-ascending ovals, petals of dry pancetta were porcine perfection. Oreganoed ciccioli, pork pate a fennel salad, a gob of gelatine and mound of mustard made for a pristine plank of pleasing pork.

This nifty New Montgomery nook was a swell snack and sips stop. We will have to return for more board-based chow.

Trou Normand

140 New Montgomery
San Francisco, CA




Saturday, October 18, 2014

The toast plate ($6.00):

... at Marla Bakery:

... was laden with loafage from their levain, walnut and molasses breads, a lump of house made butter and a tub of their peach preserves.

We broke into these warm, wheaten wares which were rustically relishable alongside an order of baked eggs ($8.00):

This ova over Gruyere and ham enriched with cream became a deconstructed Croque Madame when we started sending soldiers of levain in to mop up.

We wedged in a lemon scone ($2.50):

... that had a tender crumb with dried cherry bits to add tang to this Marlavous citrus spike.

This bakery beckons us back so that we can oven-tually work our way through more of their goods.

Marla Bakery
3619 Balboa St.
San Francisco, CA




Friday, October 17, 2014

The normally winning apple pie:

... at Mission Pie:

... was im-peared in com-pearison to the pear raspberry wedge:

... with its fortified fruit factor with a streusel topping.

It could be that the middle bits meandered into the pie pan before plating...

... but the apple to crust ratio was out of whack from the historically home run versions. Perhaps consistency can be elusive and sometimes a Mission Im-pie-sible.

Mission Pie
2901 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA




Thursday, October 16, 2014

The annual Sugar Rush event took place at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel where we sailed around the ballroom:

... after speeches:

... and snacks.

San Francisco Giants competed with a DJ and a silent auction:

...for attention during the tasting that included George’s delectable albacore crudo with hearts of palm, finger lime and garum.

Little apple crumbles with creme fraiche and saba:

... from Scalas:

... ice cream from 3 Twins:

... cupcakes from Flour Chylde and Sift:

... sweetened the deal for this benefit for Spark which matches mentors with underserved youths.

The crowd navigated around this Drake cake walk while biting and bidding to sweeten the pot for the mentorship membership.





Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chef Andre Villahermosa created a marvelous menu:

... to accompany Rob Easter’s cocktails:

... for the S.F. launch of Health-Ade’s Kombucha this evening.

This min-month mingling:

... took place at Cookhouse (a Northbeach nook over Vesuvios):

... where they tea’ed up a dinner for this fermented fluid.

Rob Easter concocktailed a kombucha, hibiscus saison and bitters bibe:

... to go with a beet-powdered salad:

... in a rooty ‘rangement.

Beet kombucha with red wine and cocao bitters rolled in with a roulade of chicken.

This poultry pole was sous vided, seared and fanned with dried lettuce leaves over a foundation of farro, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots.

Ginger-lemon kombucha had a citrusy kick with passionflower bitters next to a lychee granite with blubes and Asian pear.

This Health-Ade event celebrates their addition to the stock lists of Bay Area Whole Foods Markets where their full range of fresh fermentations are now on offer.






Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The day after a French Laundering, we usually dry out with little or no alcohol, chomp on some shortbreads:

... and chocolates:

... and put away our souvenir clothespin.

This signature symbol has evolved over the years.

The clothesline timeline of The French Laundry began with a rougher rendition of this garment grabber. It started with a sticker and bloomed into a branding of this wood wand that, like the restaurant, kept refining.

Their trademark old school, Shaker-style wood wand with a clear sticker was hung out to dry and changes of shapes led to the finessed twentieth anniversary emblazoned iteration.

The focus on finesse extends to the minutiae as well as the munchables.





Monday, October 13, 2014

Salmon cornets

... gougeres and Charles Krug pagne eased us into our corner table at The French Laundry where bacon beckoned from a pool of potato soup:

... and caviar called from the sabayon of tapioca with oysters.

The force was strong in this Medai sashimi with hearts of palm, pepper and avocado purees with a black rice cracker.

2008 Reinhold-Haart Riesling moseled down with cured sea trout with compressed cukes, capers and nasturtium:

... while 2013 Kongsgaard Albarino was a regionally unexpected, nifty Napa nudge of kingly quaff with butter roasted big fin squid, Persian lime and carrots:

Ragout of truffles with egg custard with a chive chip:

... was a tasty touchstone before a pate with more truffles, caramelized cipolini onion, mustard and apple.

Andante and Animal Farm butters:

... bolstered a puffy pastry roll and a pain au lait before a patch of musquée de Provence pumpkin salad with pecans, ham, apple and chicories:

... jacked up with 2010 Domaine de Montille white Burgundy.

Black truffles shingled slow roasted turbot with celery root puree in a wine sauce:

... and just when we thought our minds had been blown, a butter-poached, spiny lobster tail detonated with quail egg, watercress and tiny potato chips.

The white truffle box was pandora in reverse -it opened to release a relishable ‘roma before a serious shaving over bowls of carnaroli risotto. These white Alba fungustatory flags were gilded with beurre noisette.

Quail was stuffed under the skin and surrounded with spinach and a measure of black trumpet mushroom puree before being tucked under a blanket of béarnaise.

2011 Aloxe-Corton Follin-Arbelet 1er cru was a stately bird wine bucking its way in with some bacon-wrapped venison:

Belgian endive and roasted grapes bonded with this Bambi bundle beautifully with a rocking 2011 Keplinger Lithic.

Buckwheat crepes were layered with Andante Acapella cheese:

... in a goaty gateau with orange mostarda with a beet backdrop.

A grape sorbet with pine nuts:

... led us into our dessert with an invigorating, viney chill before a pecan pie ice cream with bourbon maple syrup.

An ovation-worthy opera cake with coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache:

... held a high note with the chorus of apple pie and pumpkin macarons:

... coffee and donuts, candied, chocolate enrobed macadamias:

... and luscious chocolates.

Chef Thomas Keller knew what he was doing when he spun Chef de cuisine David Breeden into the laundry. This phenomenal feast will not be forgotten.





Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moving back to the Bay Area brings the great Benu-fit of dining in Corey Lee’s fab estab.

We Cham-paved our gullets while settling into the dining room for a thousand year old quail egg.

This aged embryo was gingerfied in a potage washed down with a Greek Playto wine that was an herbal influence at this potage dispensary.

The edible terrarium of kimchied oyster and pork belly:

... was a treif-riffic combo of swine and shell to be tackled in a single surfing waved down with Gruner Veltliner.

Celery cradled anchovy and peanut in a handled stalk:

... followed by a spoon of puffy buckwheat with rows of roe, eggplanted with aubergine.

Warm bread sprouted up with ginseng-infused honey with combed butter.

A cube of creamy basil curd with a slice of xo sausage was impaled with flavor:

... while a sheet of squid-inked chip was magically carpeted with salt and pepper squid.

Infant shrimp was cradled in a heart of palm rocked by pine nut tofu with needles that pierced a ginkgo nut in a taste trifecta.

Alfonsino sashimi with nano-nasturtium leaves and dinky daikon discs was ‘pressive, pristine, Pacific peche.

We have had Benu’s xiao long bao:

... before, but this time. master sommelier, Yoon Ha paired them with sour ale:

The lambic ‘lixir levitated these XLNT XLB that corralled lobster coral in swell soup sacks.

Conch couched slices of snaily seafood:

... wound down with some saline extending Macon-Verze white Burgundy followed by coriandered fish maw:

... plugged with potato woven with a 2012 Lucien Crochet Sancerre.

Baked abalone was returned to its original home adorned with cauliflower and capers:

... before a tempuraey jellyfish-wrapped shrimp saddled with caviar and horseradish.

Sablefish with bamboo fungi and cabbage:

... broke the mold on maritime morsels before an ovation-worthy black truffle-flecked chestnut bao.


... was plumed with Copain syrah in a sunflower seeded, petite, peckable, poultry pearing.

Beef rib set off an umaminant note with magnificent mushroom, singed scallion and burdock:

... bolstering with a 2011 Gigondas.

A house made kombucha created with toasted rice sparkled with a green apple sorbet with yuzu:

... before we locked up the ‘lixirs with El Candado. This was the sherry on the top of a sensational series of sips sorted by M.S. Ha to flesh out the tofu skin in a fresh and dried yuba, almond and white chocolate snow ball:

This derma dessert was wondrous with the well soy-lactid wine.

A music box with a melodious mini cheesecake and pedestaled pongs of chocolate chompables sent us to our awaiting carriage.

Corey Lee keeps upping his game at this detour worthy destination. Each bite and glug made us feel like the luckiest of benu-ficiaries.


22 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA




Saturday, October 11, 2014

After making our way through the crazy queue at La Taqueria:

... our pal said hello as she collected her order like a boss - instead of winding around to the restrooms and back, she phoned in advance, paid, and made off with her burritos without the wait. Next time, we’ll have to do it Contigo-style.

Our carnitas burrito with additional avocado and cheese($8.50):

... had succulent swine strips bobbing with beans in a tasty torpedo.

Chompable chorizo ($6.75):

... filled a pseudo-sausage of flour tortilla. We requested both of these ‘rittos griddled “dorado style”:

... for a crisp crust.

Their recent best burrito bracket billing from FiveThirtyEightLife has brought in major league crowds, but thanks to E’s excellent example, we will dial before we file to this high ranking ‘ria.

La Taqueria

2889 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA









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