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November 21-30, 2013


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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our love of the b. patisserie’s:

... kouign amann drew us to their brick and mortar where we dug into a chocolate version ($4.50):

... of this caramelized, saline sprinkled, flaky crown jewel. Nothing against the chocolate, but we discovered the plain version needed no adulteration.

A 10 hour apple tart ($5.50):

... was a mound of minced manzana mosaiced with almond streusel. This was good, but wasn’t a reorder.

In a show of b.rilliance, they are selling the trimmings from the kougin aman. These buttery ribbons contained crispy caramelly contentment in each bite. Walter White bags of blue have been translated into a pastry format in one of the relishable repurposing of remnants that are (in some ways) better than the product that it bys. We grabbed a bag of these bands as gifts for our pals along with tubes of savory and sweet sables.

We will have to beg the Roman Candle bakers to sell us their kougin aman trimmings when we get back to Portland....


2821 California St.
San Francisco, CA




Friday, November 29, 2013

We entered 20th Century equipped with an appetite for Michelle Polzine’s pastry and were met with an exhibit of exciting edibles.

The knish ($3.00):

... was a flakey phyllo flower with a sumptuous spud center influenced with onion and dotted with opiate. Poppy seeds also centered a streuselkuchen ($3.50):

... cylinder of crunchy-crusted, tender-crumbed bakage.

Lofty layers of spiced cake shuffled with honey cream frosting was a delectable deck of hive overdrive in the “Krasinski torte” ($6.00):

... which we washed down with petite pots of 4 Barrel Coffee:

... shot into China cups.

We will have to re-evoke this era of excellence and return to sample more of Ms. Polzine’s wondrous wares when we return to the area, but for now, we can munch on one of her chewy, house made bagels ($2.50):

... that we bagged to go.

20th Century Cafe

198 Gough
San Francisco, CA




Thursday, November 28, 2013

PDX was a breeze as selectively relaxed security measures allowed us to keep shoes, belts, computers and toiletries in place and whisk past the portal (without even a porno scan) to our flight.

Our Barbie-sized bottles of whisky were comped on the flight as the Southwest attendant explained “it’s Thanksgiving” as we took the quick hop to SFO.

It was a double breasted dinner with two turkeys:

... at K&J’s this year. Both brined birds were moist and flavorful mingled with J’s mom’s vermouth-spiked gravy. Brussels sprouts, creamed spinach, potatoes, stuffing and all the trimmings:

... fueled us for a walk on Ocean Beach where our steps sparkled with the bioluminescence of dinoflagellate that had us all stoping on the sand to create a field of dazzling dots with each foot fall. Dessert and delirium followed our magical march for another terrific T-day.





Wednesday, November 27, 2013

She doesn’t like the taste of alcohol” a customer explained to the barman about his date’s potion preference.

Since the Teardrop makes their own coconut base on which to pin their colada, they weren’t able to make her favorite fluid (due to their seasonal menu.) The tender made sure she knew that he didn’t want to give her something she wasn’t happy with, but after a couple attempts, it seemed like an ill conceived mission.

We witnessed this exchange while chuffed with our chugs of a rye-based “23 Skidoo” ($12.00) with cherry digestif embittered with Angostura and Regan, and a Benedictined “Brainstorm” ($12.00) with Jameson black barrel Irish whisky, and dry vermouth.

These were relished with slices of Olympic Provisions salumi and a house made terrine ($12.00):

... with pickled veg, whole grain mustard and baguette along with some candied nuts ($6.00):

City of Lost Children offered a backdrop to the Teardrop:

... as this projected program propelled us through our lovely libations and mastications hoping that the lady who didn’t like the taste of alcohol opted for a glass of juice.

The Teardrop Lounge
1015 NW Everett St.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A heap of toast made from house made bread:

... came with our breakfast at Mehri’s:

... where bacon speckled waffles ($9.00):

... were supplemented with a swine strip which we sided with an order of over easies ($2.50) to sauce these savory slabs.

The salmon scramble ($13.00):

... with spinach and cheese with a plank of potato gratin was followed by one of their small pies ($5.00):

... of the apple variety. A cookie-esque crust held a apple center that was sweeter than our tastes run, but still good.

This bake shop may not make it to our rotation, but it was a funky and friendly stop.

Mehri’s Bakery & Cafe
6923 SE 52nd
Portland, OR




Monday, November 25, 2013

It seemed like a natural Evoe-lution for Kevin Gibson to couch his cuisine in his own establishment. Every seat at Davenport:

... was taken at 9 p.m. but the friendly barman assured us that our wait wouldn’t be long.

Their array of alcohol did not include Benedictine or absinthe, but he fashioned a fine Vieux Carre tribute and Sazerac salute ($10.00 each) with what he had on hand.

We ‘radicated a pile of roots ($6.00):

... with butter and salt before a simple and sensational scallop crudo ($14.00):

... with olive oil, salt and lambs lettuce.

A deconstructed tic tac toe of frito misto ($12.00):

... was a crisp and greaseless pile of delicata donuts crossed with cardoons and salsify which we dunked in aioli.

Cigars of stuffed cabbage ($15.00):

... were filled with ground pork, apple, carrot and chestnut which, although good, were extinguished by the umami umph of the beef tenderloin ($14.00):

... mingling with matsutake mushrooms and set off by rocket.

Sofa so good at this preferred perching place where we will come back for more cushioning soon.


2215 E Burnside
Portland, OR




Sunday, November 24, 2013

A toasty fire burned at Cup:

... where we sipped Stumptown:

... and dug into an “Aarthur” ($6.00) scram:

... with Swiss and sausage as well as a breakfast burrito ($5.25):

... with onion, spinach and red pepper. The burrito appeared to be pressed in a paninifier to crust this Cheddary chunk.

Cup had a handle on homey helpings and was a friendly stop for a quick bite.

Cup Coffee Co.
7540 N Interstate Ave.
Portland, OR




Saturday, November 23, 2013

The salmon sampler ($13.95):

... at Yama:

... was a nexus of nigiri with Coho, Tasmanian and King in a spawn-taneous combustion that had Tasmanian as the buttery best of the bunch.

The yuzu hamachi maki ($14.95):

... got a bit of crunch from cukes while scallop ceviche ($10.95):

... was a mild take with misleading peppers that pulled their punches.

Chirashi zushi ($22.50):

... was a tangle of tuna, tamago, tako, ikura, unagi, saba and ebi over sushi rice.

Yama continues to be a solid standby for ‘shimi.

Yama Sushi & Sake Bar

926 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR




Friday, November 22, 2013

International Delight coffee creamer” was the only whitening agent offered...

at Ruby’s in the LAX departure terminal:

This loveless hub of generic grub treats the receipts with the same care as the chow.

Their muffin sandwich ($8.79):

... had a sheet of egg product, cheese and bacon packed into a disc of delayed-flight sustenance that prolonged the passage to wheels up.






Thursday, November 21, 2013

We passed a perimeter of cops to enter Umami Burger:

... where the “royale with cheese” ($15.00):

... was superior than the one referenced in Pulp Fiction. Braised short rib, truffled cheese, and aioli augmented this beefy bundle in a pleasing partnering folded together in an umami origami.

Tempura onion rings ($4.50):

... were sweet, shattering circularity of greaseless hoopla washed down with a yuzu Umami-rita ($9.00):

Kale and butter lettuce formed the pillars of the Umami Caesar ($8.00 plus $5.00 for tuna):

... laureled with white anchovies, lemon zest and parmesan and topped with blackened ahi.

We can see why this chain of flavor-focused sandwich stations has taken off.

Umami Burger

12159 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA









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