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March 1-10, 2015


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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oysters ($14.00) swapped their shells for cornmeal coats and got fried in a roll up of dosa.

We zigzagged our valves with chili jam to light up our lunch at Table Café.

This splendid spoke was supplemented by a scrambled egg and salmon ($13.00) dosa that we dunked in the avocado salsa:

... and washed down with fabulous, French press Equator.

Table is always on.

Table Café
1167 Magnolia Ave.
Larkspur, CA



Monday, March 9, 2015

Crunchy marcona almonds, sweet strawbs and salty goat feta developed dimension in a salad ($10.95):

... at Pizzeria Picco:

... where we sat at a sunny table with a “son of yeti” pizza ($17.95):

Like an egg cream, there was no actual yeti offspring amplifying this sound circle, but this hen of the woods mushroom mat bound with mozzarella and parmesan sprung with leeks and a shower of pepper flakes was music to our mouths.

Hens down, Picco produces our preferred pizza in Marin.


Pizzeria Picco
316 Magnolia Ave.
Larkspur, CA



Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women’s Day meant a visit to Thomas Keller’s pop up restaurant at The Silverado:

... - Ad Lib. Our Ad Lib-ration celebration began with Champagne and amuses. The “peas and carrots”:

... were empowered with blue cheese in bright batons followed by crab cradled in endive, celery sealed with pimento cheese, rillettes on crisp croutons, tremendous truffled deviled eggs and lobster profiteroles.

Familiar French Laundry faces flowed in the bright dining room soundtracked with Sinatra, Elvis and Tom Jones with giant loaves of levain and bottles of wine on an anchoring station.

Parker house rolls:

... were rezoned into a loaf of light, leavenage with a salted surface buffeted with butter.

Tableside tumbling of Caesar salad ($17.00):

... produced Parmesaned portions with crunchy croutons with an anchovy, garlic and Dijon accent:

... while crisp crudites ($12.00):

... were an iced capade of roots and shoots with green goddess.

Salmon ($34.00):

... was crusted with lemon zest and candy-striped turnips in a dilled hollandaise that was lectible lusciousness along with a 2012 Jean-Philippe Fichet Meursault.

Bits of crunchy cracklins counterpointed plump beans in a rich pot of pork and beans ($12.00):

... while the Veal Oscar ($45.00):

... was a Béarnaise-bound rillette-esque turf with surf crowned with asparagus and a 2013 Lewis Cellars Chardonnay.

Seven layer coconut cake ($10.00):

... was turfed with toasted palm produce in a luscious layering of beach bounty while the Meyer lemon chiffon pie ($10.00):

... was a marvelous mound of meringue over a tangy touchdown of craveable curd perched in pleasing pastry.

An ode to Andes:

... concluded our courses at this par-fect pop up with a golf course view.

The vibe is more casual than TFL with necktie-free customers which included kids, golfers and destination diners.

Our visit liberated us from our hunger with amazing chow and we will have to make an ad-itional visit soon.


Ad Lib pop up restaurant at The Royal Oak
Silverado Resort and Spa
1600 Atlas Peak Road
Napa, CA



Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tried this new “jumbo” popcorn:

... and compared it to our usual.

It proved to pop-ulate more mass than our customary kernels and was good grazing but didn’t ear-nestly huskify altering our ordinary Orville corn-sumer patterns.




Friday, March 6, 2015

We zigzagged feta, onions and mint in flatbread:

... at Kababbq:

... before our skewers of shrimp ($18.00):

... and ground beef ($14.00):

... arrived with yogurt with shallots, roasted tomatoes, cukes with tomatoes, and hummus.

These spears were the spected speriences and went down fine with the tangy yogurt and thick hummus.

The population of patrons was paltry at this friendly bob business next to the boats.

555 E. Francisco Blvd.
San Rafael, CA



Thursday, March 5, 2015

The bacon on the Gruyere beef burger ($15.00):

... at Marin Sun Farms:

... was reminiscent of British back bacon with a few streaks of fat in these rashers of relishability.

We didn’t dig the side of “sweet roots” ($2.00 supplement) that were limp yam and sweet potato fries while the onion rings ($2.00 supplement) were slightly greasy, but still good hoopage to halo the mushroomed goat burger ($16.00):

This nannie nosh was worth the doe with a chèvre overlay rammed with caramelized onions. This goat-to burger was great grazing and the best burger we have had within recent recollection.

Brussels sprouts ($8.00):

... were frilly, fried, cute, cabbages capped with Parmesan melded with mayo. Like the roots and rings, lard was the lubricant in cooking these cabezas which while oily, were tasty tucker.

They have a stunt burger that combines their beef, goat, lamb and bacon, but next time we will probably check out their butcher case offerings (which they cook up for the steak price plus $12.00.) Sean Thackery’s wines are available as an added attraction at this protein pit stop.

Marin Sun Farms
10905 Shoreline Highway 1
Point Reyes Station, CA



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pig tail ($9.00):

... was waggingly wondrous at Tosca:

... where this appetizing appendage was deep fried yielding a chicharrone-esque crust with a balsamic backboard. This pen ultimate pork part was infatuation material.

A “diamond spritz fizz” ($12.00) was on the sweeter side of our preference without the body anticipated from the egg white listed alongside Aperol, lemon, vermouth, bitters and Prosecco so we ended up sipping more of the “trouble in paradise” ($12.00).

The senior barman walked by and without prompting, examined our drinks and swapped out a new diamond spritz fizz:

... that addressed our issues in the most delicious way. Either they have hidden, ultra sensitive, listening devices at the bar or this guy has major elixir antenna.

A skewer of pink-centered chicken livers ($9.00):

... on a toast tousled with salsa verde and balsamic and a trio of meatballs ($14.00):

... in a perky potion were all good grub at this re-ignited North Beach nook.

We will have to return to work our way through more of the menu soon.

Tosca Cafe
242 Columbus St.
San Francisco, CA



Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It may not be “people” but both soy and greens were present at Veggiegrill which is a left coast chain of ‘tarian tucker turnouts.

Crispy cauliflower ($5.95):

... was breaded and fried to negate any nutritional virtue before a dunk in an orange sweet and sour sauce. These slightly greasy gobs of sweetened flower nuggets are probably an avenue of ingestion for minimum daily requirements for Marin shorties.

The “buffalo wings” ($6.95):

... were actually a faux fowl finger fortress coated “buffalo sauce” that contained bogus buffalo, but was a sauce. Celery supported this otherwise gumable glomeration.

A portobello sandwich ($8.95):

... had tomato, caramelized onions and cilantro pesto in a mushroom mildly masquerading as a mac while the “cheeseburger” ($9.95):

... was a soy-mulation that was what one would expect with fried potatoes that lacked crispness. The side of butternut squash soup was more successful with pepitas but all the chow was short on the saline (probably catering to the low-lineing locals).

Unshockingly, this wasn’t the fast food for us.

147 Corte Madera Town Center
Corte Madera, CA



Monday, March 2, 2015

“Ocean umami” ($16.00):

... was a wave of uni, hotate and ikura that sold us on the surfings at Iyasare.

This sensational sea scape was followed by more urchin roe in a poached lobster plate ($20.00):

... that we placed on rice chips with avocado puree.

Scallop ($19.00):

... was seared and served in a potato salad with pork belly while salmon ($23.00):

... walked the cedar plank in a mushroom and miso mer-iage cradled by baby bok choy.

Carafes of 2012 Edna Valley Sauvignon Blanc ($23.00):

... went swimmingly with the swell aquatic chow.

We loved this oceanic eatery and will be back for another wave of their wares.

1830 Fourth St.
Berkeley, CA



Sunday, March 1, 2015

We faced off with beef cheek ($27.00):

... at Mill Valley Beerworks.

This braisen bovine lounged on lentils criss crossed with carrot in a sumptuous slap of punim perfection.

Visionary visage on a pad of pulse swam with the spirited sparkle of espiritu oscura ($18.00):

Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-based brew was a fine, foundation formulation that flowed with smoked hen ($18.00) housed noodles:

Pepitas patched the nettle and walnut pesto of this parmesaned pasta:

Top tucker at this tap-ease act will have us heading back soon.

Mill Valley Beerworks
173 Throckmorton Ave.
Mill Valley, CA








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