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April 11-20, 2015


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Monday, April 20, 2015

Yigit Pura’s Tout Sweet:

... offered a Macy-cation station with a view.

We opted for a round of refreshments as we regarded Union Square.

The “5th Element” cake ($7.00):

... was a bombe-bastic bake of vanilla and raspberry:

... that was an edible observatory. The archi-texture was rich with buttery bolstering but the “rouge” ($6.75):

... red-dily won our hearts with an Ispahan-like raspberry repository.

Tout Sweet is an imperative eatery.

Tout Sweet at Macy’s
170 O’Farrell St
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA



Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Men Oh:

... night began with takoyaki ($4.95):

These octoballs pulled us into orbite before we rolled into their ramen.

Tokushima Ramen ($8.95):

... came with a raw, pasteurized egg:

... to plunk into the pool of dense, straight, house made noodles. Thin slices of pork, bamboo shoots and green onion rounded out this ramen while curly carbs comprised the pasta portion of the tonkasu ($9.50):

Seaweed added vegetal crunch to this eggmented pork pool.

Men Oh was worth a pause for their brothy basins.

Men Oh
5120 Geary Blvd.
San Francisco, CA



Saturday, April 18, 2015

We communed over a carbo cruci-fix at Rustic Bakery:

... where their hot cross bun ($2.50):

... was consecrated with coffee. The raisin roll raised us with a theist breakfast that (while we did not worship) was a likable leavened fruit form of an eggy, spiced cloud dotted with raisins with a sugar symbol of denominational decor.

More to our taste was the treif tucker paninified with egg ($7.95):

Our crisp crusted breakfast bundle had a hefty ham helement squiring a solid scramble. This collection plate exorcised the faith-based baked good.

Rustic Bakery
Marin Country Mart



Friday, April 17, 2015

There was much diction about Jura during a tasting at the Bentley Reserve.

We got an education about the appellation and their distinctive demonstrations of sparkling, still and sweet sips.

Subdued sugar is sometimes subsidized in these cool climate clusters but their straw wine concentrates sweetness by dehydrating the grapes in a low yield process that produces a raisin refreshment.

We enjoyed our tour of this Eastern French region’s Savagnin, Poulsard and Trousseau grapey goods during this Jura selection process.

Vins du Jura



Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Vietnam resident who enjoys silkworms for dinner told us that this dish is spun specifically in the home and that we wouldn’t encounter them on local menus.

After weaving our way back to the Bay Area we found this elusive eat at Lanxang Kingdom, (the Thursday-only pop up at Turtle Tower.)

This lemongrass leveraged larvae ($8.50):

... is served with salted peanuts and nori. We ate them individually and as little handrolls. It has been our experience that bugs can sometimes be served up for their shock value. These worms bore no resemblance to stunt snacks, they nicely spiced and were fried until crispy (and no, they aren’t like gushers - the texture is more like a breakfast cereal). We would order these again.

Red ant eggs ($12.00):

... were the protein in a minty mound with cukes and tomato. Roasted rice, lime, and chiles fringed this fine, fish-sauced egg salad but even though there are bugs featured, the majority of the menu is crawling with creations that don’t respond to raid.

We dunked marinated and dried beef jerky ($8.50):

... into a tomato sauce and wrapped fermented pork ($9.00):

... with crispy rice in lettuce leaves to make lime and cilantro boosted burritos during our lovely, Laos-y lunch.

See you next Thursday” was called out to us as we were taking off. We paused at the door wondering if they were familiar with the meaning of that phrase, shook it off, smiled and said “yeah”.

The chow and friendly staff will have us returning to their Kingdom for more.

Lanxang Kingdom
Thursdays only pop up
Turtle Tower
645 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA



Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Keo Doi
(25,000 VND = $1.15):

... translates to “intestine candy” (based on appearance rather than ingredients.)

Our random purchase has us chomping on a meringue filled with peanuts and sesame seeds with a strong (but not bad) artificial-tasting, banana flavoring.

Our affection was won by these sweet, crunchy, nutty, banana confections. If someone made an haute version of these colon candies we would be colonically addicted.




Tuesday, April 14, 2015

If Starbucks made meat, the coffee ribs ($10.00):

... at Lai Hong Lounge:

... would be their grande goods. These sweetly sauced, caffeinated stir sticks came with sweetened whipped cream.

These left us a bit porkplexed as did the chicken wings ($5.95):

...that were a statement of salinity but the dumplings were another story.

Har gow ($5.75):

... and sui mai ($5.25):

... were both swell, shrimp stuffed sacks with skins that weren’t too thick or gummy. The vegetable version ($4.25):

... was also a winner with bamboo shoots and mushrooms.

Eggplant ($5.95):

... stuffed with shrimp was oily but good.

There were only two other tables of dinner customers during our visit. Both parties were regulars and the clay pots that they ordered looked good. We’ll have to come back to check out the clay contents in addition to more of their dumplings.

Lai Hong Lounge
1416 Powell St.
San Francisco, CA



Monday, April 13, 2015

Pepperoni pizza ($12.95):

... at Cafe Verde:

... had more topping than we prefer. A thick layer of mozzarella created a gummy glove over a nicely tangy tomato sauce. The cornmeal-dusted crust was crisp and nicely browned in a version that was far superior to Stephano’s (up the street), but it did not qualify as a Picco Pizzeria competitor.

Their eggplant sandwich ($8.50):

... was more our thing with olive oil soaking into the ciabatta with feta and peppers.

The real reason to visit Cafe Verde is for the hospitality. This is a friendly neighborhood stop just off the park with simple sustenance.

Cafe Verde

502 Tamalpais Dr.
Corte Madera, CA



Sunday, April 12, 2015

The troughy was won by David Bazirgan:

... during the Cochon 555 face off:

... of cloven clogged creature creations. Dirty Habit Chef Bazirgan’s smoked pig ear and fried belly lumpia, pork ceviche:

... trotter and jowl ravioli and acorn cannoli:

... were habit forming hunks of Old Spot Pig.

Trou Normand:

... Chef Salvatore Cracco impressed with charcuterie, pork belly salad:

... pig head stew and a shank tortellini from a Cinta Senese swine.

Red Wattle fleshed out Chef Robin Song’s:

... selection of nduja:

... blood sausage, bibimbop, pork stew:

... and a cotechino slider.

This Hog and Rocks star deserved to take a bow for his kimcheeky cuisine.

Chefs Evan and Sarah Rich’s:

... consommé with pickled trotter was a feet fete along with their Berkshire belly, oysters with pig skin and white chocolate and doug fir crumble topped pork cracklin sable:

... from their Rich Table.

Chef Thomas Kalb:

... of Cafe du Nord was on track with an array of amazing expressions from the Large Black pig he coaxed into a fantastic fava, clam and belly bowl:

... heart and leg agnolotti, a rich croquette, terrine and shoulder:

Our outdated thoughts on Cafe du Nord have been replaced with an enthusiasm for Chef Kalb’s rerouting of this restaurant. These little piggies need to head to Market Street when they reopen.

A strip bar:

... reigned with not only Black Pig and Benton’s, but Burgers bacon in a rasher comparison of salivation-soliciting slices.

RN74’s Adam Sobel:

... wrapped Black Angus tartare:

... in lettuce and topped with fried shallots in a raw rowboat of marvelous mangled meat moistened with Masons of Manhattans:


... and de-butchery:

... prevailed at this heritage breed hootenanny that has grown into a well-greased event.

Fairmont Hotel
San Francisco



Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tacos ($3.75 each):

... at La Taqueria:

... are muy grande.

Two easily make a meal but we went with a triad of cabeza, carnitas and chorizo as well as a duo of cabeza and lengua with avocado augmentation. All meaty, all good, at this stuffed center of masa-cation.

Sure, the dorado-style burritos are a crowd magnet:

... but the tacos are wondrous wraps.

La Taqueria
2889 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA








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