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January 11-21, 2015


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pho-mall-ier soups warmed us up during a quick stop at La Maison de la Reine:

... we got a pho ga ($7.95):

This standard issue Vietnamese chicken soup had a heap of rice noodles under some shredded white meat while the spicy beef and BBQ pork version ($9.25):

... was a more interesting endeavor (although the bland beef was dry and skippable.)

Cilantro, basil, lime, Sriracha and bean sprouts added herbaceous, heat and textural interest to our basins of broth.

This regal residence may not be one for our rotation, but it was a welcome heating hut for lunch.

La Maison de la Reine
346 Corte Madera Town Center
Corte Madera, CA




Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fried chicken livers ($3.50):

... were cooked to a nice pink at Farm Burger:

... but the battering was heavier that we prefer.

Bespoke burgers meant one pepper jacked ($8.50):

... and one plain patty ($7.50):

... both medium rare with whole grain mustard, jalapeños, tomatoes, lettuce and onions. Both were good, but we should have added an extra deck of meat for a rectified ratio of beef to bun.

Rings n’ fries” ($4.50):

... had hefty hoops of onion that ran battery while the frites were solid spud spokage.

Farm Burger was a fast and friendly stop.

Farm Burger

1313 9th St.
Berkeley, CA




Monday, January 19, 2015


... was the only savory selection available during the late afternoon at Townie.

Fortunately, this flour flap was fine fuel with kabocha cubes sprung with leeks. Lots of cornmeal was imbedded on the underside for a anti-sticking maize mat and added crunch to our late lunch.

A chocolate chip cookie:

... was solid, sweet, circle sustenance.

We will have to check out their chow when they are serving a full lunch or dinner menu.

1799 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA




Sunday, January 18, 2015

Puff pastry peripheried ham and huevo ($4.00):

... at Fournée Bakery.

Irradiated egg swaddled in swine was bound by a fine, flaky foundation in this breakfast bun followed by a savory scone ($2.95):

... with Asiago, thyme, coriander and currants. A tender crumb wedged together herby enrichment in an excellent angle on baking.

A slice of pizza ($2.50):

... with raddichio and leeks with a cheerily chewy olive oiled crust topped off our tucker at this dough-stination bakery. We will have to return for some Fournée cake.

Fournée Bakery
2912 Domingo Ave.
Berkeley, CA




Saturday, January 17, 2015

pork-cured a zampone:

... which they served with lentils in a tantalizing trotter and leg-ume liaison.

This fine foot-ferter was fabulous followed by salad, mulberry ice cream and cookies. We were happy that K&T had us for appendage attendage.





Friday, January 16, 2015

We drove to Drivers Market to breakfast on Starter Bakery starches. Equator coffee was the de-nom-inator of our dough desyuno of an apple currant scone ($2.49), streusel-strewn muffin ($2.49) and a kouign amann ($2.99).

We were impressed by this bakery’s gluten goods with pear, raisins and cardamom dotting their dough stumps and a tender crumb to the scone. The kouign amann was a buttery bundle of pleasing puck, but it doesn’t knock b. patisserie’s from retaining its regal placement on our amann hunt.

Driver’s Market shelves are stocked with top notch tucker:

... and some of our favorite wines. We will pull over again for some more chomping and shopping soon.

Driver’s Market
200 Caledonia St.
Sausalito, CA




Thursday, January 15, 2015

House fermented tea leaves were the centerpiece a salad ($11.00): Burmatown. This selection of seeds, legumes, dried shrimp, garlic, jalapeño, tomato and lettuces was cravably crunchy and tea-lectable.

The rainbow salad ($11.95):

... had a trio of noodles, green papaya, dried shrimp, cilantro, potato, garlic, cukes, shallots, carrot and tofu in a tamarind-dressed tumble (that while good, was trumped by the tea salad.)

We washed down tender short ribs ($13.95):

... with ice cold beer. Cubes of cow lesced with onion and tomato masala curry in a spuded serving which we sopped with brown rice ($3.00).

Green beans ($5.00):

... were blanched, blistered and bound with chili and garlic in a legume we will resume on our next visit along with those tea leaf rolls and chicken wings we had during their preview.

This mother and daughter operation is a mellow, Myanmar munchateria focusing on dinner (no lunch yet) and there is take away available as well.

60 Corte Madera Ave.
Corte Madera, CA




Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The SF Beer Week media preview party at Thirsty Bear:

... telegraphed some of the tipple to be tapped during February’s craft beer bonanza.


... swell Saison Dolores, fruit filled Farmer’s Reserve Blueberry and playfully sour Devil’s Advocate:

... are suds worth seeking out.

Dave McLean’s:

... Smokestack Lighting Imperial Stout was a cheery, chocolaty chug from Magnolia:

... while HenHouse Brewing Company:

...focused on fluids that coordinated with culinary counterparts with a subtler ‘sperience.

Cleophus Quealy:

...collaborated with coffee to make a Bicycle brew:

... that pumped our palates with this joe-vial jostle.

Full Swing from Half Moon Bay Brewing:

... was an AOK IPA which washed down a bounty of bar food:

... at this beer-centric business.

We are heading towards an effervescent event which begins with the (sold out) opening gala at Fort Mason but there are plenty of other hoppotunities to check out the goods during this craft draft extravaganza.

SF Beer Week

February 6-15, 2015




Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chocolate and coffee coalesced in a “double shot” cookie:

... at Dandelion where there was no poverty of richness in this marvelously mouth mortaring mound of bean-efficence.

Nutella nudged a nugget of salt-showered, baked batter:

... that belied a belief in butter bolstering.

One day we will have to take the tour at this tempering temple.

Dandelion Chocolate
740 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA




Monday, January 12, 2015

Fallot Mustard:

... was the theme of Chef Michel Cornu’s:

... cooking at DeLoach Winery.

Passed hors d’oeuvres:

... lentil “cappuccino” with foie gras:

... scallops:

... lamb:

... cheese:

... and creme brulée:

... were all engrained with Dijon dotage and washed down with Russian Rivers of DeLoach.

Edmond Fallot’s Marc Désarménien:

... led us through the process of mustard making:

... as Jean-Chales Boisset led the merry making:

... during this seed soiree.


Edmond Fallot la Moutarderie

DeLoach Vineyards
Santa Rosa, CA




Sunday, January 11, 2015

We love finding new items at the Fancy Food Show:

... and this year revealed some excellent eats like Saint Benoit Creamery’s Ice Milk:

We loved the vibrant variations of this organic, Jersey juice.

Stock & Pantry’s:

... marmalades, mustard, and saucing agents:

... got our attention with their dialed in destinations of spices, fruits and flourishes.

Genuine Grub Co.’s:

... pickled cabbage:

... brine and vinegar free pickles were living proof of tasty tucker.

Crown Maple’s tapable tree tonic:

... was top notch as was Acetomodena’s D.O.P. vinegar.

Yakami Orchard:

... always wields wonderful wares and this year’s ponzus and kosho were exemplary. The aloe marmalade:

... calls out for a cheese plate with its melon and honied flavor. I wonder if it would work on a burnt tongue…


... brought their Iberico bacon along with Wagshal’s dry aged prime, smoked beef brisket:

... which sent us into the swine stratosphere.

We rebooted with McEvoy Ranch’s 2013 Rosebud Rosé which bloomed with a nifty acidity and minerality in this glorious grapefruit glug. Their 2012 The Evening Standard Pinot Noir was a cherried chug of typewriter tipple that made us hit our space bar.

Water from coconuts, hemp, quinoa and artichokes were all flowing along with mucho matcha.

Grated goods, foreign foods and a predominance of popcorn swirled around the vegan, gluten free, kosher, non-gmo, fair trading grounds. There were old faves:

... and nice newcomers all vying for eat-tention:

... at the annual Moscone morsel nosh pit.

2015 Winter Fancy Food Show
January 11-13
Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA









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