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January 22-31, 2015


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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The pork medallion ($22.00):

... at Salt’s Cure:

... was a pleasing pink porcine plank.

Butchery is done on site of this morning mecca blending bespoke bloody bits with sunny side up eggs which we capped with their house made hot sauce.

An avocado and citrus salad ($12.00):

... was a fine foil for the solid swine slab in a lovely lettuce lump with onion and a zippy vinaigrette.

Salt’s Cure goes with our grain. We will come back to see what’s shaking again over more of their muscle mastication.

Salt’s Cure
7494 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA




Friday, January 30, 2015

The Beverly Hilton was tasked with a tangle of tables.

Servers somehow managed to swerve between stations with a decent butternut squash soup and surf and turf:

...but a (mostly left behind) refrigerator-flavored streusel-topped pear tart with cinnamon ice cream finished off by a nightcap at the predictable Trader Viks downstairs.

Beverly Hilton Hotel
9876 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA




Thursday, January 29, 2015

We scampered to SQIRL and wound through their queue.

Our wait was rewarded with a gluten futon of ricotta-laden, bronzed brioche ($7.00):

... topped with house made jam. This angel food-reminiscent, cheese cloud was precipitated with a pool of preserves.

We attacked of this saturated shingle before some punchy black-eyed peas ($10.00):

This collision of lucky legumes, braised celery, onions and greens rested in a reservoir of perfectly balanced pot liquor with a vinegary verve enriched by poached egg yolks and aioli.

Griddled polenta ($12.00):

... corn-tented us with baby Brussels, spuds and a fried egg in a pool of whey. These impressive dishes were bolstered by a side of bacon ($3.75):

... which were outstanding, required rashers cured in house.

Coffee ($3.50 each):

... is dispensed with a side carafe which was a perfect perky portion that allows for a refill without an additional wait at their crowded counter.

We are nuts for SQIRL and will return for more of their excellent savory and sweets including their salt-capped, espresso chocolate chip cookie ($2.00):

... that was a buttery, chocolaty, crisply-fringed, soft-centered biscuit of bliss.

720 N. Virgil Ave.
Los Angeles, CA




Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sadly, there is an actual need to post a sign to get off your cell phone when you order at Espresso Profeta.

However, their coffee also rules in a clear reception of roasty reviver that called for a scone:

... to balance our breakfast with this biscuit baked by Short Cake. We will redial this refreshing Westwood warren (with coffee that is superior to our nearby hotel’s).

Espresso Profeta
1129 Glendon Ave.
Los Angeles, CA




Tuesday, January 27, 2015

As part of a panel, we ranked a line up of hot chocolates and wound up discovering that stick-based sips:

... were not our thing.

In the powdered:

... pageant, the Amano:

... proved to be our preferred potion. This cocao-cocktion had a rich, balanced flavor that conversed with our cocao ‘clinations clearer than the competition.





Monday, January 26, 2015

The Bollito Misto ($19.00):

... at Poggio:

... is an annual aromatic event that qualifies as required eating. Brisket, veal breast, lengua, oxtail, carrot, cippolini onion, potato and sausage was pooled with tonnato, kumquat mostarda, marrow butter, salsa verde and horseradish:

This exemplary assembly has gotten minor modifications over the years - the cotechino circumference, mostarda mix, types of tongue (always good but today’s was veal instead of the cow), but the price has held the same tiny tariff since they rev’ed up this cart:

... years ago.

Egg placement provided a pristine portion on the mushroom pizza ($16.00):

... which was a cheery, cheesy chomp that sopped some supplementary salsa verde.

This red wine-drenched dinner reminded us that we need to make more Poggio prandial plans soon.


777 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA




Sunday, January 25, 2015

Balti ghost ($14.00):

... was a bucket of bleaty bits. This lamb and bell pepper pail was slow cooked with spices in an oniony brigade that we shoveled over rice:

... at Prabh Indian Kitchen.

Seafood korma ($15.00):

... was a cashew-sauced combo of shrimp and fish chunks nuttily sopped with slices of onion kulcha ($3.00):

We requested the dishes “hot” but they were more towards the mild (but still good) at this friendly Indian eatery.

Prabh Indian Kitchen
24 Sunnyside Ave.
Mill Valley, CA




Saturday, January 24, 2015

The rooftop bar of the hotel stopped serving food at 11, so we strolled down the street to the Honor Bar:

... where we chased our chomps with a Manhattan ($14.00).

Slaw topped the burger ($13.00):

... as well as the chicken sandwich ($13.00):

Pickles perched on the Cheddared chuck while Swiss sank into the battered and fried chicken chunkage of the clucker. Both were sating sandwiches to top off our evening eats and we were glad to have made it in under the midnight kitchen closing of this handy hangout.

Honor Bar
122 South Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA




Friday, January 23, 2015

A breakfast buffet of gluten and carbs:

... attracted a queue in Beverly Hills, who woulda thunk? I guess New Years resolutions don’t count 3 weeks in after all.

This peppy prandial proceeded a panel discussion:

... and then it was off to find some lunch.

Sweet salmon slices ($13.50):

... were served at Chaumont:

... where a bagel was locked up with the usual suspects in a silky circle-surfacing surfing.

Black cod bahn mi ($13.50):

... had pickled ginger, cukes, mint and mayo and while good, we ended up stuffing all the filling into one side to obtain a righteous ratio of cod to carb.

This friendly French pastry-based portal was a swell snack stop.

Chaumont Bakery & Cafe
143 S. Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA




Thursday, January 22, 2015

There was absolutely no wait to pass through security at Oakland today. The TSA guys admitted it was bizarre as was the sad future of in flight shopping due to the declaration of bankruptcy by SkyMall. Shopping for crucially needed (yet previously unknown) items will never be the same.

We were met by the eerie and rare clarity to the Los Angeles skyline.

Where is the smog today? There wasn’t even any smog to be found in our room thanks to an e-cig as part of the minibar - a toke-n of the the hotel’s e-steam.

New experiences mixed with old school ones as we transitioned from Beverly Hills to Burbank with a visit to Smoke House:

There were no reservation issues on at this garlic bread getaway with prime rib ($28.95):

... and broccoli. Tradition trumped finessed flavors at this 1940’s noshateria where a band backdropped our discussion during our entertaining evening.

The Smoke House
4420 West Lakeside Dr.
Burbank, CA









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