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September 21-30, 2015


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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We stood at République:

... as masses stormed the counter during a brunch insurgence.

Puffy French toast, eggs and other enticements paraded by in a show of force as we dug into a slice of peach pie ($5.50):

The structural integrity of this pastry was compromised during evacuation from its native pan, but its flaky, buttery crust, flavorful fruit and subtle sweetness did not suffer in the journey buffeted by billows of creme Chantilly. This pie and the one at Gjusta are our top two Los Angeles fruit folios so far.

A lemon meringue tart ($4.00):

... was a curdish onslaught of citrus with a fog of white whippage to reinforce the tactical tang with a light sweetness.

The oatmeal cookie ($2.50):

... was a twist on the common cereal circle with the oat-teur detour towards a softer, caramely creation.

We pledged to return to try some of the savory servings soon.

624 S La Brea
Los Angeles, CA



Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We cooled off with some suds at Simmzy’s:

... where rotating taps included a pleasing pilsner from Angel City ($6.00) and a Bravery Kobi kolsch ($6.50).

Brussels sprouts ($9.25):

... were browned in butter and covered a caper-carpeted toast. This cabbagey collection was a heady helping followed by an overly mayo’ed ahi wrap ($10.25):

... with pickled grapes.

15 minute wings” ($11.75):

... were not stalked by celery, but had a the standard blue cheese bath and were meaty appendages.

This surf-themed stop was fine for a cold one, but we probably ordered a wave of the wrong items.


3000 W Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA



Monday, September 28, 2015

We sent out a distress signal when we accidentally erased evidence on our digital devices of our previous visit to smoke.oil.salt.

S.O.S.’s fire focused food summoned us back urgently for striped bass ($38.00):

Rosemary, lemon and thyme filled the belly of this sensational seafood tap’ed with ‘nade. Celery and preserved lemon accented an accompanying salad that counterpointed this cravable creation.

First came “matrimoni” ($6.00):

... which was a union of anchovies, almonds and olives that formed a beautiful bond.

Grilled peaches and roasted tomatoes ($12.00):

... got crunch from marcona almonds and a herbaceous halo. Tomato vinaigrette flourished this fine fruit formation.

Iberico hammed up a pintxo ($10.00):

... with cheese that was a pleasing pigtxo

Pea puree perimetered a swell scallop ($9.00):

... finished with filberts to dimensionilize this delectable disc.

Caramelized shallots stalked “street corn” ($10.00):

... allied with aioli in a kernely collaboration of sweet stubs washed down with glasses of cool 2014 Muga Rosado.

smoke.oil.salt delivers deliciously on their moniker mission statement.

7274 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA



Sunday, September 27, 2015

We grabbed a couple cold ones at The Pub at Golden Road right next to rumbling railroad tracks.

The Point the Way IPA was hoppy hydration with a citrusy side that was seconded in the grapefruity Wolf Among Weeds IPA.

This bitter ‘bibes bound our bar bites of fried avocado tacos ($7.50):

... which were kerneled, cabbaged and drizzled with a chipotle cream. These fruit roll ups were cool ‘cado cradles alongside the standard pub grub of onion rings ($5.00):

... and mozzarella sticks ($5.00):

... that were wrapped in wonton wrappers, fried and served with tomatillo and marinara sauces.

The refreshing beer sent us on our way down the tracks from this popular sud station. We may not return to this particular tap turnout, but we would certainly order their beer elsewhere.

The Pub at Golden Road
5410 W San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA



Saturday, September 26, 2015

We marched through the kitchen and through the fridge door:

... of Greenspan’s to emerge at Maré:

... where a rousing round of fuseball followed a fine feast on this petite patio.

Seedy baguette with tapenade, tomatoes, pickled radish, caper berry, spiced figs, garlic olive oil and lemon:

... primed our palates as we sipped an icy, figgy whisky ($11.00) with oregano and a lambrusco ($9.00).

Stellar snapper ($17.00):

... was served with saffron hummus in a cravable crudo peppered with piperade and garbed in ‘banzos. These flaps of fish flesh were fantastic.

A cradle of crudite ($10.00):

... dipped in dishes of almond romesco and ranch while roasted broccolini ($7.00):

... was goosed with garlic.

Branzino ($19.00):

... is offered whole or boned. We decided to dissect our dinner digitally and dug into this fig-glazed fish polka’ed with pomegranate. This zingy ‘zino was required ordering.

We will find our way through the fridge door again for more Maré-velous morsels.


Entrance through Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese
7461 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA



Friday, September 25, 2015

On Friday nights Bob’s Big Boy:

... attracts motor maniacs to their lot for a look at vintage vehicles.

We steered into a couple counter seats for pie ($3.69 per slice) in apple:

... and cherry:

Both were doughy deliveries that were reminiscent of freezer case in points.

This 24/7, retro diner is a roadside fueling station with predicable portions.

Bob’s Big Boy

4211 W Riverside Dr.
Burbank, CA



Thursday, September 24, 2015

The “Parisian omelette” ($10.50):

... at Pitchoun!

...did not display the same sensibilities of those at Petit Trois or Dudley Market. It had a stiffness that seems to be standard among most specimens.

The “soft” boiled eggs ($8.10):

... also suffered from over radiation that left the accompanying soldiers with little to sop of the firm yolkage.

The quiche with mushrooms ($9.15):

... and a chocolate chip muffin ($2.60):

... weren’t our thing either.

Pitchoun! seems like a handy place for neighborhood caffeination, but it doesn’t summon us back for more.


545 S Olive St.
Los Angeles, CA



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Caliente cinnamon chocolate capped our cones ($5.00 each):

... at Neveux.

These balanced blobs of cranked up cream impressed with velvety voluptuousness over the equally alluring espresso caramel ice crema.

Blueberry chevre and roasted banana may warrant wandering back for future frosty forays.

7407 1/2 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA



Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A dumpling man greeted guests:

... at Din Tai Fung, where noodle noshers:

...negotiated by an enclosure of pasta packers:

... before dipping xiao long bao ($11.00):

... into a vinegar, shoyu and ginger. We liked the delicate, thin, dough pocketing pork and crab, but thought that the crustacean-less version might be preferable to side step the dryish nature of the seafood in the swine sacks.

Mustard greens ($9.00):

... were jolted with ginger to brighten these likable leaves while seaweed waved in tendrils of tofu ($4.30):

... in a tasty tangle of vinegary vegetation.

Spicy wonton ($9.50):

... were shrimp-saturated, pork packets that were good, but not a reorder.

We liked this dumpling dominion, but not as a detour destination.

Din Tai Fung

177 Caruso Ave.
Glendale, CA



Monday, September 21, 2015

It was prime potable time and crowds turned us away from other options so we went with the solid standby of Idle Hour.

The peaceful patio was too dark to view the smoke puffing out of the puppy’s pipe, but we did enjoy the sight of our adult beverages.

We slithered back to the bourbon-bit Copperhead and went off the menu with a squared off Vieux Carre:

... while nibbling a pretzel ($8.00):

... which we dunked in the mustard and cheese sauces (while avoiding the chocolate).

Pulled pork lettuce cups ($9.00):

... were capped with crisp chicharrones.

These were okay, but not a reorder like the reliable Idle burger ($15.00):

... with aioli and melty white Cheddar.

This relaxing retreat refreshed us before we rolled out of this barrel-shaped business.

Idle Hour
4824 Vineland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA








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