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February 11-20, 2016


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Saturday, February 20, 2016

We enriched ourselves with whiskies in a Vieux Carre ($11.00) and a “The Famous” ($12.00):

... at The Famous.

The namesaked bourbon, Averna Amaro, dry vermouthed ‘lixir was okay augmented with a pretzle ($5.00) from Rockenwagner Bakery and wings ($10.00).

Nothing lures us back into The Famous, but it was a handy hideout today.

The Famous
154 S Brand St.
Glendale, CA



Friday, February 19, 2016

We cannonballed into Hard Water:

... with friends for some whisky in its various forms. The library of liquor lubricated us with a notable Sazerac and Vieux Carre as well as frothy fluids and straight up sips.

Boiled peanuts ($6.00) were lovable legumes munched down with pickled deviled eggs ($5.00):

... and some top notch crab toast ($16.00).

We gasteropodded down oysters ($48.00):

... and repurposed the mignonette sauce as a wading pool for cravable pork cracklins ($10.00).

Alligator rillettes ($12.00) repped on tiles of house made crackers with pickled okra and whole seed mustard were dialed in crockage.

The flaky biscuits and fried green tomatoes ($7.00):

... threw nightshade on Parker Houses ($4.00):

... which were parched (a shared predicament with the spicy chicken ($17.00). The Hard Water style chicken ($15.00):

... was more our thing with marvelously moist meat.

We would calcify this place as a return for cocktails, peanuts, crab toast and cracklins.

Hard Water
Pier 3
San Francisco, CA



Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lots has changed since our last visit home, but Drivers Market remains constantly stocked with pantry pleasantries.

Before we hit the shelves, we fortified ourselves with Equator coffee and a bagel with wild lox ($15.00):

... arranged in a bowl with tomato, cukes, capers and cream cheese.

They extended coagulations to the melty cheese on our turkey and avocado-ornamented croissant ($8.00):

... while they waited for sliced onions for the bagel, but both were serviceable sustenance before plucking chocolates, chubs and other chompables from their cheery array of eats.

Dosa chips:

...with their sweetly sour tang and crunch make them a mandatory market merch along with boxes of Poco Dolce tiles for Angelenos upon our return.

Drivers Market
200 Caledonia St.
Sausalito, CA



Wednesday, February 17, 2016

An otherwise good Old Fashioned ($9.00) was marred by pitted little ice cubes at Patxi’s Pizza.

The accelerated rate of dilution diminished this drink while the “Lion’s Tail” ($9.00) was a tarter tide of bourbon and lime.

We were curious about their thin crust pizzas and found the funghi ($17.00):

... to be a crackery crust of prosciutto cotto, fontina and white sauce strewn with ‘shrooms. An acidic element would have been welcome on this flatbread.

This pizza chain isn’t one for our rotation, but the neighbors seem to be wedging in for their wares.

Patxi’s Pizza
340 Bon Air Center
Greenbrae, CA



Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Disco lights illuminated a sashimi selection ($26.95):


... at Oyama Sushi.

This slicing station is a recent breath of Bon Air into Greenbrae’s shrinking shopping center services.

The sushi and sashimi selection ($24.95):

... contained the same hamachi, maguro, and sake as the non-nigiri nosh in addition to ricey rations of serviceable sushi.

Miso and salad:

... rounded out the fish flesh and although this may not be on our rotation, it’s good to see that storefronts are not all being vacated in this slowing center of commerce.

Oyama Sushi
282 Bon Air Center
Greenbrae, CA



Monday, February 15, 2016

A ready-made Croque Monsieur may not sound enticing, but Proof’s:

... broiche-based ham and cheese was asparagus-striped splendor:

... along with a cauliflower sandwich with arugula, radish coins and tapenade.

We loved the roasted veg accented with olives with vegetal variance of roots and shoots.

A financier topped off our tucker with candied Meyer lemon rind to add a citrus scent to this marvelous marzy mound.

We will continue our comprehensive examination of Proof’s puddings and savory selections, but so far, we have been chuffed with their chow.

Proof Bakery
3156 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA



Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine’s Day dinner reservations are usually wed with mediocre meals, but we planned ahead and secured a spot at Bouchon:

... where a baby bottle of bubbles ($25.00):

... kicked off our saint supper.

Caviar ($85.00):

... with sieved egg, capers, chives, creme fraiche and onion in escargot divots:

... got a lift on light, toasted triangles of brioche:

.. that were refreshed as we roed through our sturgeon.

The Wilshire ($14.00):

... was a re-orderable rye, Cherry Herring, Cynar and Dolin Blanc shake-up that we relished before venturing into vino.

The evening was prix fixe-only ($80.00 per person) which started with our selections of artichoke velouté and tuna tartare.

The soup:

... was sensational with a parmesan pocket in this blissful thistle.

Pristinely prepared big eye tuna:

... got crunch from radish and creaminess from avocado in an eye-biggingly tantalizing tartare.

Loup de mer:

... went swimmingly with lobster, leeks and mushrooms in a beurre blanc-keted selection of seafood while pleasingly pink canard quacked with sunchokes, chard and supremed blood oranges.

Cow sheep and goat cheeses:

... were herded with honeycomb, nuts and fruit in a ripely-relishable curd combo before bouchons with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce with candied cocoa nibs.

They toasted these bottle neck brownies to gild the goods as we devoured this namesake nosh.

Bouchon remains top notch even during dating dining deluges.

Bouchon Bistro

Beverly Hills, CA



Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Vieux Carre ($11.00) at The Thirsty Crow:

... was a potent potable along with a whisky whistle wetter with the name of this nook ($11.00) we enjoyed this effervescent elixir in this this dimly lit, hipster hangout that is part of the 1933 Group’s empire.

We Ae-sopped up our drinks a this foodless, fluid-focussed foundation before forging ahead for fortification requiring flatware.

The Thirsty Crow Bar

2939 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA



Friday, February 12, 2016

The “tonkatsu spicy ramen” ($10.45):

... at Silverlake Ramen:

... is oddly offered in mild, medium or spicy.

We ordered spicy but this porky pool ran more towards the mild. Spinach, scallions and egg ‘sentuated a pleasing plank of porcine in a basin of broth. Mildness aside, this was slurpable soup.

The “Tsukemen dippin noodle” ($12.50):

... was an interactive noodley nosh of pork and fish broth with a plate of spinach, sprouts, nori, chicken and egg. We paddled through this pasta and pool plunkage at this enjoyabe, quick and peppy noodle house.

Silverlake Ramen
2927 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA



Thursday, February 11, 2016

We were curious to see Watts what at Chefs Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi take on fast food.

The concept of competing with the monster meisters in a field with a buckage barrier is a daunting duty but LocoL plasters petite price points in place with a clever carbo carne collaboration.

The burgs ($4.00):

... are are cut with grain to bolster the beefiness of the scallion-relished “Locol Cheesburg”. Tantalizing taste and textural turns of meaty, juicy, tangy, chewy and umami culminated in a jacked-up, cravable cow-wich bookended with bread blessed by Tartine’s Chad Robertson (who is on their advisory committee along with Rene Redzepi.)

This loveable loafage also lifted our breakfast sandwich ($4.00):

... which had a tender tile of ‘bryo bound with cheese in a top-notch take on McD’s dismissible desayuno.

Messy greens ($1.00):

... were required ordering with a nice vinegary kick to contrast with a “messy beef chili bowl” ($6.00):

This big beans and rice ration was serious belly ballast confettied with cracker crushings and Cheddar.

Iced coffee ($1.00 each):

... came in black or “sweet and creamy” (which was not overly sweet.)

We have seen the future of fast food, and we like it. We are anxious to examine the outposts in SF and Oakland as these chefs expand their empire.

1950 E 103rd St.
Los Angeles, CA








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