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May 1-10, 2016


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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tacos Villa Corona:

... gained fame through Bourdain and the Beastie Boys but this burrito business maintains mass appeal with their breakfast bundles.

We went with the papas bacon ($5.00):

... and papas spinach ($4.00):

... that fortified us with flavorful fetal folios to enjoy al fresco (since they sell from a window).

The sidewalk waiting area allowed us to admire the plumage on the parrot-populated pet shop next door:

... before we flew away with our delectable desayuno.

Tacos Villa Corona

3185 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA



Monday, May 9, 2016


... cheesburger ($9.99):

... had a good grind the divine bovine delivered medium rare.

The ratio of cow to bun tipped to the bready side (but perhaps that’s due to catering the carbs to the double patty option.)

Peanut oil-immersed fries ($2.50):

... were good, but not as crisp and we prefer as spuddy backboards to our “Root Cause” ($10.00) with sarsaparilla and whisky was root beer like refreshment while their whisky soda ($10.00) suffered from undelayed dilution.

A five dollar shake:

... sated with chocolatey chillage but the lack of a diner-style side car of shakey surplus was sad.

Caramel apple pie ($7.00):

... was a streusel-sealed slice of tree trimmage. While good, the burgers are the angle at this Angus cattle corner.


3600 W 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA



Sunday, May 8, 2016

The bacon bits were the soy variety, but these fake-on fragments actually lent a pleasant, salty crunch to an avocado, onion and Cheddar sandwich ($9.00):

... at The Trails.

This sprouty, guacy combo seemed like appropriate eats at this Griffith Park food stand.

A house made scone ($4.00):

... with chocolate chips and lavender had a good texture, but their was more flower in the flour than we prefer while the apple pie ($6.50):

... while good, didn’t have the flakiness that forms the foundation of our pastry proclivities.

The Trails was a fine, fresco, snack shack and we could see winding back next time we are in Griffith Park for a coffee and hiking snack.

The Trails
2333 Fern Dell Dr.
Griffith Park
Los Angeles, CA



Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Thanksgiving pot pie:

... at Republic of Pie:

... was layered with mashed potatoes, diced turkey, stuffing and cranberries in a holiday hump that channeled Violet Beauregarde’s gum experience (minus the turning blue and exploding).

The spinach and mushroom quiche:

... was another savory selection that sated with a veg suspended in a creamy custard contained in a flaky foundation.

One downside to our dinner was that they do not trade in toxicolic tonics and do not permit outside potables but it was still a placating pot pie dispensary and we will keep dropping by for their fruity finishers when we happen to be in the valley.

Republic of Pie
11118 Magnolia Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA



Friday, May 6, 2016


Raw prawns were topped with Castlevetrano olives:

... in a sparklingly fresh, floral-finished beginning to the tasting menu ($95.00 with wine pairing) at Kali.

A sea lettuce tuille waved a welcome to the urchinly delectable uni with avocado and almonds.

This sensational spiky sea shell bowled us over with this tidal pool of crunchy and creamy coerced with Leur Dit Sauvignon Blanc.

Wheat berry risotto:

... went with our grain in a nice twist on rice sided with a warm loaf of buttermilk bread with rosemary butter:

... and a glass of Lompoc Wine Company PInot Noir.

Roark Wine Company Syrah-naded beef tenderloin:

... which was sous vided, seared, salted and sided with fingerlings and charred onion.

Egg yolks were preserved in salt and sugar to petrify them into gold nuggets to grate over meringue gelato.

This marshmallowy mingling was luscious lickage along with glasses of sparkling rosé.


... of which chocolate infused with English pea puree and red wine gelées were the finale to this fine ‘fornian fortification.

We plan to return to Kali to check out their a la carte options and appealing cocktail list soon.

5722 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA



Thursday, May 5, 2016

The “mic drop” ($13.00) was a Japanese whiskied glass of cinnamon-scented stirrage at ETA where we also whet our whistles with a “howling forever” ($13.00) which won our hearts with this balanced, bourbon ‘bibe.

This newly opened drinkery plans to offer an adult lunchable and snacks soon, but for now, they are exclusively elixirs.

We will have to arrive at this timely bar again soon.

5630 N Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA



Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Breakfast sandwiches:

... at Broome Street :

...were better than expected (for pre-scrambled, reheated eggs).

They actually worked out fine in this arugula, bacon and cheese panini. Good coffee and a pain au chocolat:

... (that had chocolate distribution that surpassed the usual single strip):

... made for a pleasant morning meal as we watched the runoff from the neighboring yoga business enjoy the chomping and shopping at this bungalow business.

Broome Street General Store
2912 Rowena Ave.
Los Angeles, CA



Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The omakase-only, ($175 per person) reservations required, Sushi Zo:

... was populated primarily with Asian diners during our Saturday night visit where we cooled off with some suds.

We compared all three (Asahi, Orion and Coedo) and found the bright, crisp, wheaty, Coedo to be our fave.

Washington oysters were a perky primer - especially the one with yuzu.

Squid “noodles” were urchinly tossed in uni and sprinkled with truffled salt that melded in a surfy sensation.

Pristine aji, big eye tuna, squid and red snapper sashimi:

... were followed by a progression of nigiri: halibut:

... scallop:

... and skipjack:

... were followed by a strip of seared toro:

The blowtorching melted the belly fat delectably.

Smoked black snapper:

... was delicately camp-firey before monkfish liver:

... golden snapper:

... and sweet shrimp.

Tender braised octopus and daikon:

... were tentacled treatage followed by a cheery chawanmushi:

... before another round of nigiri: sea perch:

... Spanish mackerel:

... seared black cod:

... uni (both Santa Barbara and Hokkaido roes side by side):

... were followed by a little bowl of ikura over rice.


... and sea eel:

... brought a conclusion to the electrical parade of nigiri.

A blue crab handroll:

... and bowl of miso fish soup richly filled our bellies as we topped it all off with a slice of tomago:

... and a little glass of yuzu lemonade.

We had a great time at this sensational sushi stop and will have to return to this or one of their other fish zones for more of their marvelous maritime morsels.

Sushi Zo

334 S Main St.
Los Angeles, CA



Monday, May 2, 2016

We rested our re-tails in the bar at Bourbon Steak:

... for a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned ($8.00 each):

... during happy hour.

These fortifying fluids were followed by ahi tuna poppers ($6.00):

... which were like naked fish mallowmars in appearance. A toast base topped with a scoop of red fish was delivered with a ponzu sauce that while fine, would have popped more with avocado.

The blue burger ($13.00):

... was more our thing with the requisite cheese, caramelized onions and a little pot of tatoes that were crisply laced up.

Our refreshing stop fueled us for more ‘mericana markets.

Bourbon Steak

Americana at Brand
237 S Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA



Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mama Leah’s coconut beef ($15.00):

... was a homey heifer helping at The Park’s Finest BBQ.

This cow-conut concoction was luscious as its stewy, smokiness melded with a mound of rice.

Elote ($5.00):

... was cobbage that while fine, didn’t have our ear like the nifty St. Louis style ribs and riblets:


... cooled us off at this homey hideout where we would return for the coconut beef over rice.

The Park’s Finest

1267 W Temple St.
Los Angeles, CA








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